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SFNE,SFNE, and LC photo TR

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Ok.. So over the weekend I was going to go to PCW.. but because of rain and thunder storms I back'd out and went to SFNE and Lake Compounce.

If you want to see other photos just go to sfne2005's topic - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25216


Yeah so photos and such


Day 1 at SFNE

As you can see... At 9.45am the parking lot was PACK'D!


....someone made SROS stop on the lifthill...


::O! Swat was open! (just for a bit)


Mr. Yankee is all "Heyz"


Mr Yankee and Mr. Guy ''help'd''




I guess this is how people eat in CA...


Mr. Yankee is still all "Heyz"


lolz.. 'art' photo!!


On ride photo...photo.


::O Nightwing was open!


The cool kids were out...


SROS is all "im sooooo cool"


After that we all went down to Tacobell for some food.. woo


Day 2 at SFNE





I was soooo the first rider on SROS...


Hmm... someone is POVing....


They replaced out wipeout with this crap?


Oh.. and the park has a new sign.


After we all got our SROS fix we went down to Lake Compounce

Photo of a photo...of a photo.


Raven, Beast, What? Dash still ownz them..


:-\ Wildcat still sucks.


The new swing is open.. Its better then the one I rode at Dorney.. But its not that great.


Woo.. Zoomerang


Woo dashy-goodness






Mr. Yankee is all "Oh god im cold and wet"


Still the most "Oh Crap!" ride in the park




New for 2007


And then as it was Mr.Yankees 21st birthday day he was all 'i want t6h b66rz"


And now for the 'exclusive shot'

Stop and Shop from floor two ::O

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Nightwing is a HUSS Flyeaway.

SFNE had the worlds first one. Its also the only one in the US (There are 3 or 4 others in europe)

All it is.. Is an enterprise that you laydown on.


And then the Skilift is at Lake Compounce and its just a fun ride that takes you up the hill side then you come back down (just a ride to take in the view)

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