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"Rage" Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, Adventure Island

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I know Martin has done a cool Photo Trip Report of the whole park.


I thought I'd just concentrate on Rage.

I also went to Adventure Island yesterday for Rage's opening.

It's a great coaster & very ideal for that park. It's not that intense & very re-rideable. I have no doubt it will be very popular with visitors to the park.


A few pictures below





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And didn't say "hi" because???


I must say though, I thought Rage was quite rickerty, but thats probably due to the sudden changes in direction.


Sorry I did not see you.

As the coaster got faster during the day, I felt it got a little bumpy in the sudden changes in direction, like you said.

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Lovely Pic's esp the 1st one.


This coaster was in the manufactor's HQ being tested when "First Drop" magazine went there for a early test last year.


I have not been on a "Euro", (could of gone on the one at BobbyJanland last year, but decided not to), it's the 1st drop which puts me off.


I want to go on "Speed" this year, may have to try this smaller version 1st.


The roughness should be smoothed out in time. Can't be as bad as Mr 10 Looper at Thorpe Park. The trains will not make it round the Cobra Roll if it is not greased this year

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Most small parks can't afford to spend 10+ million £££ or $$$ on a coaster. "Rage" fits perfectly into it's new home, just like "Cobra" has at Paulton's Park.


It would be very rare for a coaster like "mystery mine" to be installed somewhere in England unless your Alton Towers, Oakwood, Blackpool and Thorpe Park. Theaming is not the UK's strong-point unlike those in the USA.


A 2 or 3 million £££/$$$ coaster can be more fun than a 20 million one.

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^Shame you did'nt come Toby, it was a fun day.


Also a couple of more things to note..


Kudos to Gerstlauer & Adventure Island in getting Rage ready & open on time plus so early in the year.

I went to the park on 16th December 2006 & only the concrete foundations were there.


The space they have put Rage into what was a tiny space compared to what Dollywood have for there Eurofighter.


Adventure Island removed relatively small log flume for the coaster

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I feel it's fairly shabby. The first drops awesome (better at the back) and the loops fairly intense... after that, it starts to rumble a bit and hurt a lot... after the dive out of the inline twist, brace yourself, the transitions are a little painful...

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