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What Rides Scares the Crud Out Of You?

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None now.....about the only thing I won't ride is that SkyCoaster thing or the Thrill Shot at Magic Mountain, and most carnival/fair flat rides. The only coaster that ever had really, really shaken me up pre-ride was Xcelerator at Knott's, to the point that the attendant checking my restraint asked me if I was okay. Oddly enough, I knew the ride was safe, and it looked like more fun than anything else, but I had had a nightmare before the first time I rode it where I had been standing in the station waiting to ride, one of the trains was launched too fast, and derailed-shooting right off the track at the top and landing in the street outside the park. The dream kept playing and replaying as I waited in line.....overpowering my rational thinking, and by the time I got on my face had gone white. When we took off, I think my heart skipped a beat but after that I was fine, I loved it and wanted to go again.


I have had mild butterflies on other rides the first time I rode them, notably Supreme Scream and X, but in the case of both rides the nervousness went away during the climb up to the top and never returned. Supreme Scream I rode the first time with some friends and one of them said something funny and made me laugh as we got near the top, which took the edge off and then I loved the freefall sensation. On X the first time (middle of the train and at night) I had mild butterflies because I didn't know what to expect, but let out a scream about 75 feet up the lift and any anxiety left, I was just excited to ride it. My friend was extremely nervous, though. I got really disoriented and my mouth had gone dry when we hit the brakes, but I immediately wanted to ride again. Now both my friend who I rode it with the first time and myself can't get enough of X in the front row and even though I don't look straight down on Supreme, I love the view looking out and the drop.


Three coasters I have yet to ride make me nervous: Millenium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, and only because of the height being over 300 feet, but I'm sure that someday when I get to ride them, I will enjoy those too. In my experience, generally, the scarier a ride looks the more fun it ends up being. I feel safer on any coaster at any theme park than I do driving on the LA Freeways!

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Traveling carnival octopus rides, when they're loading and your stuck at the top hanging backwards and it feels like you're going to slide right out of the car... never, ever, ever again.

Strange thing is, I love Monster at VF, which is just a fancier fixed version of the same thing.

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Rides that really scare the crap out of me... I would have to say one... any slingshot, any skycoaster, the zipper, ferris wheels, and X-SCREAM. I rode the slingshot (bungee type) and I was so scared that something was going to snap, but the ride its self was great. The skycoaster scared me because I was falling and felt like I was not attached to the ride, plus the slow ride to the top, where the ground keeps getting smaller and smaller, and you never know when you are going to stop at the top. The zipper because it feels so not safe. I thought the door was going to open and I was about to become midway kill. X-Scream. I was so scared rolling off the edge of a 1,000+ft tower. OH OH OH and the freaking SCAD towers....EVIL. I think those are about all the rides that I am really scared of!! Now its picture time


That would be the SCAD tower. NEVER DO IT. ITS EVIL.


I could have died.




Thats the skycoaster that really FREAKED me out!!


This would be the slingshot ride that I was scared was about to break. (Sorry its so blury)

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Universal Studios Hollywood...that stupid van helsing thing


i just cant handle these things...scares the daylights out of me..


these halloween things that all the parks look like so much fun but i think id have a heart attack before it ended


and i just dont like rides that just spin you round and round...make me feel sick

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I agree 100% with Canobie Man. The first time I went on MF, I was totally creeped by that music that plays every time a train comes into the station and departs. Anyway, as we were climbing the hill, I was thinking I had gone too far. But I got off laughing. I had only 3 words: Best ride ever.

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Red Devil at Ghost Town in the Sky in Maggie Valley, NC...


That thing was scary... the workers running the ride and the park that day were drunk and the whole ride was shaking like mad as we went through the loop and around the curves that hung out over the side of the mountain. The train had duct tape all over it and as we went up the lift back into the station I noticed the second train had been cannabilized for parts for the one I was riding that felt like it was shaking apart.


I've never been so scared in all my life, so of course I had to ride it 2 more times! Hahahhaha

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The only rides that scare me a little are 1st Gen. Intamin freefalls. I don't know what it is about them, i guess just because they are so old and...old...

Well, I guess my first S&S Space Shot scared me the first time, but not now at all.


Deja Vu didn't scare me (Though that footchopper on the first tower is killer), nor did Goliath or Acrophobia.

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...i hadnt thought of this as a ride, but someone mentioned it.....


i dont know if there is any way i would ever bungie jump....maybe if there was a LOT of money down there, but probably not for anything else!


Rachel didnt like the Sun Wheel either when we rode on the cars that move. the funny thing is that im not fond of when the stationary cars rock, so i did like that coz it was constantly moving...does that make any sense?

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Stealth is the same height and speed of Xcellerator I believe. The thing with that was that I was nervous up until the launch began. I don't know why I get so nervous about launch rides when I know I'm going ot love them.

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Hades was rather terrifying. Roaring through a pitch black tunnel, being thrown violently from side to side.


Dragster, which I've only been on once, scared the piss out of me (the launch anticipation).


Also the Power Tower drop side and going up the first hill on Millenium Force.


All this from a person who is terrified of heights, but loves roller coasters...nutty.

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