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What Rides Scares the Crud Out Of You?

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The last roller coaster that I rode that scared me when I first rode it was the original X at SFMM.


Skycoasters, Skyscrapers, and Sling Shots also scare me but you usually have to pay a seperated admission cost for them so I have never had a problem of being with someone who wanted to go on. Though I do plan on riding them sometime soon, so I can say that I have been on them


200ft plus freefall rides also scare me (particularly Drop Tower at KI), but I still go on all of them, so I guess I'm not that scared of them.

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The first time I rode X at SFMM in 2004. I had no idea what was going on during the ride. I was in the back row, far edge close to the station when going up the lift hill. Going up that slooow lift hill backwards with nothing below me but the lift hill and the ground really built up the anticipation to the first drop. That first ride was so awesome and made the almost 3 hour wait worth it.

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Only two rides have scared the crud out of me.


1. The first time I rode the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere back in 1996. It was also my first S&S tower ride. To be launched even higher than the top of the Stratosphere and looking down on the city it felt like there was nothing below you to catch you on the way down.


2. The first time I tried the Xtreme Skyflyer at Kings Island. It's a skycoaster but for the longest time I had a slight fear of these types of rides but I had a strong desire to try one. Since KI usually runs a good deal on this I decided to face that fear. Those first few seconds of freefall really scared me. Now I'm hooked and try to ride it at parks that have a decent price for it.

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Drop Towers (not the Space Shots) still make me uneasy.....that anticipation of the drop while perched at the top still gets me every time! And one of the best/worst of those for me is Pitt Fall at Kennywood. 2 of the 4 cars look out over the huge ravine, so the 250 feet in the air you are feels like almost 400!!


Also, when I rode X-Scream on the Stratosphere, that scared the hell out of me! There's something in my head that wails in alarm at the notion of flying off the edge of a 900-foot building! Still was tons of fun though!

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