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Gullivers, Warrington, Pic and POVs TR..

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Ok this week we did a smaller UK park for a change and went to Gullivers in Warrington. When we arrived there were more staff cars than visitors and it really showed when we entered the park, I only counted just 30 people including us. The Staff were very friendly and pleased to see someone over 30 LOL.


The park is basically set up for the younger thrill seeker, but there are rides for the larger variety.


Ok first ride was Antelope, a woody small but fun to ride, it was pretty smooth too. We were able to re ride as much as we wanted due to the lack of visitors to the park.


Then we headed over to The Wild Mine Train, But when we got there it was shut due to high winds, so no credit was had there. It is A mouse style ride for any geeks out there.



Then we found the newest coaster in the UK it was a week old and it was a kiddie coaster, Mine Train. So of course being the whores we are we rode it Twice.


As for the rest of the park it is very well themed with different areas wild west, pirates and their own 6 foot mouse.....


Overall the park is a good one if you have children, with friendly staff and some good kiddie rides to keep them occupied and a few good rides for the grown ups, it's worth a visit....


Antelope POV


UKs latest coaster Mine Train one week old Backseat POV




Off Board view of Antelopes First Drop


POV View of Antelopes First Drop


Wild Mine Ride was SHUT!!!!!!!!!


Wild Mine Ride Car


UK's Newest Coaster


Mine Train Car


Me and our 6 foot mouse

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It's also very rough for a junior woodie.


It was rough on the backseat but ran quite smooth on the front....


Yeah, the further back you sit the more pain there is! The last drop where the watersplash should have gone is particularly harsh on the back.

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Nice report and pov's. As for Antelope it’s a OK woodie shuffles a tad, but mostly found the cars very uncomfortable and getting a few wacks on the keens due to the low wooden hand rail.


Great! A other credit to tick off at that park again

oh well need to get the hardest credits at Gulliver's Milton Keynes (Need a child to enter)

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