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Finland takes gold and beats the all time points record...

The metal band, Lordi, wins the annual Eurovision, this being great news because in almost 50 years of the contest being held, Finland has never, ever, ever won before! So anyway, Lordi is a heavy metal band and all the other songs that we've ever had at Eurovision are primarily tango and all that kind of stuff... YAY!!!





P.S. ROCK ON!!!! \m/

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I was surprised when I heared a Metal band won. It seems that people have better taste than I thought.


For the ones who don't know the song, here is a link:


^ a few years ago a metal singer won Idols in Belgium. In World Idols he became third, after Kurt Nilson (Norway) and Kelly Clarkson.

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Yes that was a big surprise seeing that preformance and moreover winning.

I was sure this is not a real group and thought it is kind of take off on real rock bands.

Anyway congratulations.


Have you notice how gay it was this year ? The Dutch guy hit with the othetr guy on live tv. Other told the presentors they look like Will and Grace and you could spot the gay flag in the crouwds.

Don't take it wrong , I support and like the gay community and think they are the ones to revive this Eurovision contest.

It is like the euroivision finaly came out of the closet.

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I didnt see the whole contest but I saw rerun of the song and yes it was a very good preformance with lots of fire and stuff. I can understand why people voted for you. This is coll - I bet people were screaming like crazy at home when winning.

Israle won few times and everytine its a big celebration. I don;t take this contest too seriously but still it makes people come together from all countries and this is a good thing.

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Yeah, I never really take the contest seriously but since finland isn't known for anything else practically than ships, mobile phones and good metal music, I thought that it would be very interesting seeing what happens when a metal band is placed in a competition mainly designed for pop/mild music... And we won breaking 2 records in the process.


(Even though IMO Lordi isn't even half as good as Children of Bodom or Nightwish or even HIM. Although I never listen to HIM or Children of Bodom anyway. )

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