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Photo TR: A Friday Night at Lakeside

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Living in Denver for 5 years and watching my coaster count skyrocket from under 30 in that time, I had never been to Lakeside despite being so close and hearing such great things about it. Last Friday night, I finally decided to head down there, after all it was only $12.25 for an unlimited ride wristband. Now, none of you probably read this and it was the photos that brought you in here so here they come.


It came out backwards so read from the bottom up. Sorry, I'll fix it on my next Photo TR. EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot.


Lakeside truely is a great little park, and if you're ever in Denver, don't miss it.


Unlike other versions of the ride, it actually gave airtime if you got the up and down timing right.


It was one ride that looked really cool at night.


It's right out next to the lake.


Right next to it was the Satellite.


The Rock-o-Plane was a pretty fun ride as well.


Some of the cars were fairly slow, while others were fast, making the number 13 car a very fun car to drive.


They even had some good bumper cars, with a cool sign, of course.


Next to the Roll-o-Plane was the World's Most Exciting Ride!


They had a Roll-o-Plane, which has to be one of the most insane flat rides, ever.


Like pretty much all the rides, the Spider had a cool sign.


After eating, we checked out some of the many flat rides. (Take note Six Flags)


They made it fairly fast, but that was probably because they forgot the crust.


Once we ordered our pizza, they had to make it. Meanwhile, this guy taunted us with what we could not have.


After seeing that, we were stangely compelled to eat. It was definetely not a $12 slice of pizza. (More like $1.75)


Under the sign, SUPER swirls.


Little did I know this ride has SUPER thrills.


The third "coaster" is this double-helix of a beast.


The other larger coaster is the Wild Chipmunk which is like a backyard version of a wild mouse and 10x as fun.


Later at night.


It has a really cool station that looks amazing at night.


The Cyclone was the real reason I went.


When you arrive at Lakeside, your greeted by this beautiful tower.

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Nice Photos!


I'm definitely a Lakeside fan. Its kinda funny, my first Denver visit I went to both Lakeside and SFEG. When I returned to Denver a year or two later, I skipped SFEG but had to do Lakeside again, its a great little park!


Their little train around the lake is a lot of fun too. But I have to admit, the Wild Chipmunk is one of the scariest rides I've been on, it looks like it could fall apart at any given time. Still a fun ride though.

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Nice pictures, Lakeside is really a pretty little park, especially at night.


The funny thing is the Denver mentality though that Lakeside is the "Bad park" and SFEG is the really good park. Nice that you finally made it there.

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I went to Denver in 2004. We went to both SFEG and Lakeside. Lakeside was way more fun and the whole art-deco style with all the neon was cool. The Cyclone, The Skooters, The Hurricane and Wild Chipmunk were all a blast. I'd love to go back sometime.

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Thanks for the comments. As you all said, Lakeside does have that reputation of being the "bad" park and that's why I never visited it. I had always thought, "Why bother?" After going there, however, I realized how wrong that really was. Sure it is in a worse part of town, it's cheaper and less structured, but the rides and the atmosphere are so much better. I'll definetely be headed back there sometime soon.

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WOW, thanks for a great tr of the other Denver park, I hope to visit very soon, but this is a very lean year for coaster trips, we might, and I stress MIGHT make it to the SCBB

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