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Indiana Beach (IB) Discussion Thread

Page 45 - New Coaster for 2021!!!

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They haven't announced it on their facebook as opening and site work hadn't even started as of last month. I seriously doubt it is even close to operational by their last operating day (a month or so from now).

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I feel worse for the community depending on a park owned by incompetent group such as Morgan. You'll probably find it tough to find contractors in this industry who will work for you when you have consistently not paid vendors in the past. That kind of activity is gonna bury this place, and it is an absolute shame. They need to hand it over to someone with a clue.

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Hey guys, I have a few questions for those of you who are locals/frequent Indiana Beach.


A friend and I are going to be in the general area and we're looking to make a stop at the park this weekend, most likely Friday. I know the midwestern-area schools are back in session, so does this alleviate crowds quite a bit?


Another thing that I've read about in this thread, on Screamscape, and in trip reports lately are dismal operations at the park. Are coaster openings staggered or are they pretty good at getting everything open at the same time? I also know that there have been reports about Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain being closed recently, if not the whole 2015 season. Can anyone confirm that it is still closed? Last, are there any *don't miss* rides, attractions, shows, restaurants, etc inside this park?


I checked the weather and, knock on wood, it looks like it's going to be a really nice, warm weekend. We're looking to spend a half day, maybe more at the park, as we're probably going to stay in Indianapolis and go out in the city that night, so we'll probably want to be out of the park by 5 or 6 PM. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Last, are there any *don't miss* rides, attractions, shows, restaurants, etc inside this park?

Do not miss the Doubleshot tower. It is still some of the strongest airtime I've ever experienced!


I enjoyed the paratroopers and swings since they are over the water, making for an interesting ride experience. Den of Lost Thieves is a great dark ride, and they also have flyers (How can you not have fun on a flyer?).


Also, there's a Skyride.

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Indiana Beach Amusement Resort is the Newest Member of Apex Parks Group


Aliso Viejo, CA – September 1, 2015 California-based Apex Parks Group (“Apex Parks”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Indiana Beach Amusement Resort (“Indiana Beach”). This is the second significant addition to the company since its founding less than a year ago.


Indiana Beach is located on the banks of Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana. 2016 will mark the 90th anniversary of the park which has established itself as a true family vacation destination, spanning a total of 376 acres. The amusement park boasts a broad array of family entertainment and thrills; including one of the top wooden roller coasters and steepest drop steel roller coasters in North America. The theme park boasts children’s rides, zip lines, a waterpark, an arcade, miniature golf, traditional amusement park games and much more. Indiana Beach also offers more than 1200 accommodation alternatives, including 42 in-park motel rooms, 114 cabins, cottages & townhomes, over 1180 campsites, and 100 boat docks.


Apex Parks Group CEO, Al Weber, Jr. explains: “Indiana Beach is a fabulous addition for us. We are pleased to work with the park team and local community to grow this jewel of a resort in mid-state Indiana. We look forward to building upon the 90 year heritage of this park and providing families with a life time of great memories.”


The General Manager of Indiana Beach, John Collins, is optimistic about the future of the park. “This is a very big and meaningful step for Indiana Beach. In our 90-year history, Indiana Beach has developed a loyal following of family visitors. We believe the resources that Apex Parks brings to Indiana Beach will provide us opportunity for expansion and improved infrastructure. We're very confident that, as part of Apex Parks Group, we will take this great property and take it to the next level.”


“Over the past 8 seasons we have prided ourselves in keeping the history and nostalgia of Indiana Beach while investing in the future of the resort by upgrading and adding amenities, accommodations and attractions. This is an exciting time for Indiana Beach," said Bob Moser, former owner of Indiana Beach. “With the decades of experience Apex Parks brings, we are certain they are committed to providing a high quality experience for our guests for years to come.”


Al Weber adds, “Our management team and investor group led by Broad Sky Partners and the Edgewater Funds Group are committed to building Apex into a valuable out-of-home entertainment business. The addition of Indiana Beach is a leap toward achieving this goal.”


Indiana Beach will continue to operate the remainder of its regular 2015 schedule and will be open September 4 – 7 for Labor Day weekend, and September 12, 13, and 19. For park information and operating hours, please visit http://www.indianabeach.com.


About Indiana Beach Amusement Resort

Indiana Beach is located in Monticello, Indiana on Lake Shafer. The amusement resort was founded in 1926 and features a Boardwalk Funway, six roller coasters, 41 rides, a one-of-a-kind zipline over Lake Shafer, an aerial ropes course, Kiddyland, the Shafer Queen sightseeing paddlewheel boat, two campgrounds, rental accommodations, and an on-property hotel. Indiana Beach’s current water park, Ideal Beach, includes the original swimming pool with sand beach, water slides, an action river, and kid’s spray area. For more information, please visit http://www.indianabeach.com.


About Apex Parks Group

Apex is a privately held company based in Aliso Viejo, California with 13 Family Entertainment Centers and 2 Water Parks in California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. Apex Parks Group is currently one of the largest owners of Family Entertainment Centers in the United States. Apex Parks was founded in 2014 to acquire and operate best-in-class out-of-home entertainment assets and is committed to excellence, to the communities we serve, and to delivering value that exceeds expectation. For more information, please visit http://www.apexparksgroup.com.


About Broad Sky Partners

Broad Sky Partners is a sector-focused, middle market private equity firm that invests in companies in the Media, Communications & Business Services (MCBS) and Consumer Products & Services sectors. Broad Sky partners with outstanding managers to create sustainable value in companies with strategic importance. With a focus on driving organic growth, Broad Sky leverages a deep bench of Operating Executives and the significant industry-specific experience of its Founding Partners and professionals to help companies realize their maximum potential. Additional information can be found at http://www.broadskypartners.com.


About The Edgewater Funds

The Edgewater Funds is a Chicago-based private equity firm with $1.4 billion in committed capital. Edgewater partners with management to help accelerate growth in their businesses. Edgewater focuses on funding high quality middle market companies to add substantial value through capital and experience. Edgewater leverages the experience of its Partners and the Executive Advisory Board who have distinguished themselves as successful CEOs and business leaders. For more information, please visit http://www.edgewaterfunds.com.

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Cool! Hopefully this will give me a reason to go back after going there for my first visit on Friday. The place was completely dead when we were there from about 2PM-5PM. We walked onto everything.


Probably not going to do a PTR due to my iPhone 6 having weird problems with the camera not focusing and taking blurry pictures, but the park could definitely use re-painting almost everywhere and random attractions and eateries were closed. In addition to that, both Cornball and Hurricane could use re-tracking work in a number of places.


That being said, everyone that we encountered there was extremely friendly. We also experienced a "never-at-Six-Flags" thing when we went to redeem our online tickets for wristbands. The guy in the Guest Relations office noticed that we paid full-price and a half-price special was starting that day. We didn't even notice, but he informed us and told us that he'd put half of our ticket values onto one of their "Cool Cards" to use anywhere in the park. Then, when we went to get lunch at one of the in-park eateries, we found out that the machine that takes the cool cards was down and they sent us back to GR. Instead of the expected "well they're good for the rest of the year" or whatever you usually expect to hear, the guy at GR actually gave us cash for them!


Cornball Express was definitely the stand-out coaster for me, but as it stands, it was too rough to be "rank-worthy", we even rode in the front seat. I really hope that this deal provides this great little park with the financing they need to get everything back up to par and I hope that I have to wait in line next time I'm there, because they really do deserve business.

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I am happy to see this because i dont think anyone can do a worse job than Morgan. With that said most other parks we have seen bought by Venture capital is do the bare minimum in investments, then flip it (like what we are seeing now with CNL). I wouldnt expect anything BIG new, but at this point even paint and some customer relations training would go a LONG way with this park.

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Great news for IB! I really, really enjoyed this little park when I went there back in 2007, but I have heard it's gone downhill since then... I'm just glad that this might mean it'll head back in the other direction, because I'd really like to make it back someday!

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Woah, I never knew IB was larger (acreage wise) than Cedar Point. I've wanted to visit this park but some of the drama has held me back. Hopefully this change will be a positive one for the park.


I believe the acreage include a lot of Lake Shafer

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Their Facebook page has been a plethora of updates so far. The Giant Wheel has been completely taken down to just the standing supports and has been shipped to Chance for a major refurb. Tig'rr is getting a complete paint job with black track and orange supports. The Schafer Queen is also undergoing a refurb as well. And not surprised more re-tracking is also being done, just not sure which coaster this one is. Must be one of the sections that RMC didn't re-track when they were there a couple years ago.


A few pics from the Facebook page.







From the comments I've been reading, sounding like the locals are really impressed with the new owners so far, with lots of comments about season passes being bought as well.


Basically everything the previous owners ignored, the new ones are actually doing. New rides =/= improved park experience as the previous owners thought they could do.

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I would say that the ferris wheel getting a refurb is probably a good thing...I remember this being one of the more terrifying rides that I have ever been on.


The gondola floor. Yikes!


I wouldn't think that this many bare threads would be a good thing?


Random pinched zip tie? What did that used to hold and was it important?

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I would say that the ferris wheel getting a refurb is probably a good thing...I remember this being one of the more terrifying rides that I have ever been on.


Oddly, all of your pics are normal for a Chance Giant Wheel. The floor is probably one of the worst looking but that's just the top layer of plywood and not structural. The threads are just the wheel tension and normal besides the rust. Really you were pretty high on being safe, even for IB standards. That zip tie though, all it holds on is the plastic guard that covers the lights and just looked tacky for them not replacing it so that was probably the most hazardous out of anything if that cover fell off.


It's been YEARS since the ride was last painted (or if it ever was painted after they put it in) so it looked absolutely terrible. I've worked on one of these wheels and it's just the way these age, just this one in particular never had any aesthetic upgrades, y'know, such as paint.

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^ Interesting...thank you for sharing!


I have been on a few similar wheels, but never really noticed these things before. Really glad that it's getting a refurb though as it has some amazing views from the top.


Also glad that the park in general is getting some TLC...I really enjoyed this park and our stay there a couple of years ago. If they beefed it up a bit, I would definitely go back someday. Love the nostalgic feel of this place, but felt it just needed some lovin'.

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