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Indiana Beach (IB) Discussion Thread

Page 45 - New Coaster for 2021!!!

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Regarding the one and only comment about the ride not being a head banger - call me crazy, but some people - espeically coaster engineers - tend to be biased. I am not about to take the one and only comment I've seen from an actual rider, who could be biased as gospel truth - just like I don't take too seriously the opinion of one man wearing a "prison" orange jumpsuit.


Biased towards a product sold by a company that competes with his employer?


And yes, that picture is me. Very swift observation Watson.

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I, for one, am actually looking forward to heading down to the park this weekend to try the 'Hawg' out... Im not expecting it in my top 10 by any means, but it looks better than I originally thought.


I have heard some other reviews that say the ride is very intense and you have to brace for some of the turns, but it's possible to get off without headbanging. As long as it is better than FoF at KI when it had OTSRs...

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^ Yes the handles are there and we all ride differently - fair enough.


For me - When I first go on a ride, especially if I'm the first person in the WORLD to ride a new attraction - I tend to clap at the end, not hold on.

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^ James, enjoy Boston, it's a great town, while I have no clue what Codzilla is. I would recommend the duck boats if you want to do a touristy type thing.


If we were going to meet - I'd prefer to meet in your home state of Ohio at Cedar POint.

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^I've been before. The codzilla is the really fast boat that gets you wet. Its a tourist trap. Steel Hawg will not be as rough as FoF with the OTSR's, because mainly the design of the restraint is far better. Am I not mistaken that they are the ones from the Swat? (Catapult at SFNE?)


-James Dillaman

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^ Oh please.... Coaster Joe works in the industry !!! Do you think for one minute that he would be totally candid if the ride sucked on a PUBLIC board that anyone in the industry or his company could see ?


I don't mean ANY disrespect to coaster Joe. I've never met him. But proffessionalism does dictate that unless you have something good to say, you keep the negatives to yourself and allow everyone to make their own respective conclusion.

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I was talking to an Ex ride op of IB, who I met on the Midwest Tour last year. She had no idea they were building it lol, she also told me shes gonna ride it for me in the comming future and tall me how it is! If i wasn't doing the East Coast Tour this year, Id be right back at IB riding this badboy!

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Defiantely. I'd go back to Holiday World and Indiana beach in a HEARTBEAT. Its to bad that theyre rather far apart, adn theres nothign else around their area!



Nevertheless, if I see the next TPR trip for some reason apsses through IB again I am sure to sign up.

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Steel Hawg would be just a bonus for a visit to IB.


That's the way I've been looking at it, and why I'm not liking all the complaints about this ride. Even if it isn't a good ride, it's not like it's the only thing to do at the park. In the 11 hours (?) we were there I was not bored once, so I don't think one ride is going to make or break it. I do however think this ride looks really fun and I'd love to get back out there to ride it (and rack up some more laps on Cornball).

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Ok, I am as disappointed with the crappy new Indiana Beach as everyone, but new rides always have issues. Everything else at the park this year is completely inexcusable, but problems with Hawg can not be the park's fault .. if you want to blame someone, blame S&S.



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Well, I made an impromptu trip to Indiana this weekend, and while there, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Indiana Beach simply for Steel Hawg. It was closed when I first got to the park (around 3) but opened shortly after.


I must say, I was really surprised by the ride. If I had to describe the ride in one sentence, it would be "A wild mouse on the verge of overdosing on crack." It was much better than I expected. The pacing was so much faster than I initially thought. The brakes heading down the first drop really don't ruin the effect of the drop. Honestly, I thought they were barely noticeable. The same went for the two block brakes throughout the course; they hardly slowed down the car. The two inversions were cool, but the turns are what really made the ride. The extremely reverse banked turn was wild and the uphill, twisting turn following the first drop was extremely intense. It was just a great, fun ride.


On the other hand though, the capacity was horrible. The queue isn't even very long, but I still waited an hour and a half. Granted, I expected to wait a while since it was a Saturday, but I never thought it would take that long given the length of the line. They only had two cars operating and the loading/unloading process was extremely slow. This strikes me as a ride that would operate much more smoothly and efficiently if it had separate load and unload stations. Also, despite the ride experience being very quiet, the lift hill and brake runs are deafening.


So overall, it's a really fun ride that I really enjoy, but S&S definitely has some kinks to work out in the concept.


This is arguably the most intense part of the ride. It is taken with quite a bit of speed, making it very intense.


Such a bizarre ride.


Makes it look really tall, doesn't it?


The downward inline twist was pretty cool and unique.


There is an insane amount of hang time before you dive out of this inversion.


It's amazing how compact the ride is.


It is definitely one of the most bizarre rides I've ever seen. And the support structure made me think of Natalie.

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More bad news from Screamscape...


(8/15/08) I’m not really sure what happened but according to the latest rumors the Hoosier Hurricane has only been running one train lately following an incident that took the other train out of service. According to our source no effort is currently being made to repair it and even worse, the plan may be to just use it for spare parts for the one remaining train for the rest of the season. If this is true, get used to the longer lines.


(8/17/08) One of our readers has confirmed that the Hoosier Hurricane has been running only one train for most if not the entire season. The second train is currently missing from the transfer track and if anyone asks they say that it has been “sent out for service”. As for the other coasters in the park, it was noted that Tig’rr is only running two trains and Lost Coaster has only been running one train lately.


Great. I think this has SOMETHING to do with the new management.


There's more too...


(8/3/08) I don’t know how true this is, but we’ve heard a rumor that the new owners of Indiana Beach may be considering the idea of switching the park over to a more standard form of all day admission, similar to what you would find at any other major park these days. For those who haven’t been before, Indiana Beach has long had a unique form of payment, asking only that each guest to the ground pay a $2.50 Gate Admission fee and then allowing them the choice to purchase either individual ride tickets or a Ride Pass good for one of two daily 7-hour long ride sessions (typically 11am to 6pm or 3pm to 10pm) for $23. Note that admission to the water park requires a separate water park pass or a combo ride/waterpark pass. If the rumors are true, the new owners are said to be looking into a new plan that would just require everyone to pay a flat $30 or so for the day.


In the meantime the park has announced a couple of special events they will add to the new extended season this year. The park will hold an Oktoberfest event during the last two weekends in September as well as something called Monster Beach Party during the weekends in October.


Now onto a touchier subject… which is the first season’s impression of the new management. From the sound of this blog report… things are not going well. Many major attraction were reported as being down or in various states of disrepair along with many references as to how dirty the park is this year compared to previous seasons. We’ve also heard that to help boost the failing attendance this season the park has been offering BOGO offers for all weekday visits, something that traditionally was only done in the slower month of May and never in the peak of summer.


It sounds like IB is going the same way as KBF...OMG...no. Just...no.


Steel Hawg is currently my most sought after coaster to get to, I wasn't able to make it out to IB on my KI and CP trip. If I get there and find it's closed, and I am told it will open by 2pm or later in the day, and it never opens, I'm not going to be happy.

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