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Cedar Point Roller Coasters...Please Rank them

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What the heck, I'll give it a go.


Top Thrill Dragster

Steel Vengeance


Millennium Force

Magnum XL-200

Wicked Twister


Blue Streak






Iron Dragon


Overall I think Wicked Twister is underrated. I think the coaster community is coming to light on how good Magnum actually is, but I feel like that ride is fairly underappreciated as well. And yes, I like TTD better than Steel Vengeance.

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It's funny, I actually think Magnum is generally overrated in enthusiast circles, and the GP have a lot more appropriate (in my opinion) evaluation of it: ie. most I've been to CP with can take it or leave it, at least compared to many of the other coasters CP has to offer. I appreciate Magnum's significance in the coaster world, and lived through its anticipation and arrival. Heck, I had dreams about it before it even opened, dreams that ended up being eerily accurate, in spite of having no actual knowledge of what the station, trains, or lift hill looked like at the time! But I do not think time has been been as kind to is as some apparently do, and in spite of any "tricks", or specific rows, it's still hit or miss as to whether I enjoy it when I ride it these days. Sometimes I do, sometimes I get off and wonder why I just went through that. It's a strangely inconsistent coaster.


I do agree that Wicked Twister is often underrated, and overlooked! I wish I could ride it currently, but hopefully by next year I'll be slimmed down enough to get on it again!


Having said all that, here's my rankings currently.


1. Steel Vengeance

2. Maverick

3. Millennium Force

4. GateKeeper

5. Valravn

6. Wicked Twister

7. Blue Streak

8. Raptor

9. Top Thrill Dragster

10. Magnum XL-200

11. Gemini

12. Rougarou

13. Iron Dragon

14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

15. Woodstock's Express

16. Corkscrew

17. Wilderness Run


FWIW, if we're counting Pipe Scream as a coaster, like CP does, I'd place it 13th, in-between Rougarou and Iron Dragon.

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1. Steel Vengeance

2. Maverick

3. GateKeeper

4. Raptor

5. Top Thrill Dragster

6. Millennium Force

7. Valravn

8. Wicked Twister

9. Gemini

10. Iron Dragon

11. Blue Streak

12. Magnum XL-200

13. Corkscrew

14. Rougarou

15. Cedar Creek Mine Ride


I'm not ranking Wilderness Run or Woodstock Express because they're kiddie coasters... How are you even supposed to rank those?

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Having been away from the park for several years until my visit in June of this year, I was able to ride several coasters that were new to me. I honestly thought I would find Steel Vengeance overrated after everything I had read about it but boy was I wrong. Not only is it my new favorite at CP but my new #1 overall. Here is how I would rank the top 10:


1. Steel Vengeance

2. Maverick

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Top Thrill Dragster

6. GateKeeper

7. Valravn

8. Wicked Twister

9. Rougarou

10. Magnum XL-200

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