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Cedar Point Roller Coasters...Please Rank them

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1) Maverick- Just pure perfection. Only behind Skyrush in my rankings.

2) Millennium Force- wish it had more airtime, but still solid.

3) Magnum- A little rough but the airtime is great.

4) Raptor- I love how aggressive it is. Still packs a punch.

5) TTD- A one trick pony, albeit a smooth one.

6) Gatekeeper- I think it's a bit underrated; I liked it.

7) Rougarou- Definitely better than Mantis, and very smooth, but not very forceful.

8) Blue Streak- Exceeded my expectations, good ride.

9) Gemini- Some good drops with airtime.

10) Iron Dragon- Unique ride, but it was no Big Bad Wolf.

11) Mean Streak- Pretty rough and forceless, but had good length and a few good moments.

12) Wicked Twister- By no means a bad ride, but not much texture to it or length.

13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride- meh

14) Corkscrew- A very rough clone


I won't rate the kid coasters, as I haven't been on them or they would rank low anyways. I would imagine Valravn will fall around my top 5.

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We went for the first time in June, and didn't get to ride everything, but I will rate what I did ride.


1. Maverick

2.Millennium Force

3. TTD

4. Gatekeeper

5. Raptor

6. Gemini or Rougarou

8. Mean Streak


Didn't get around to Blue Streak, Magnum, Wicked Twister, Draggin' Iron, or Mine Train. Skipped on Corkscrew and the kiddie stuff. It was in the aftermath of the tropical storm this summer that we went for my birthday. We probably would've gotten everything done had the rain not closed everything.

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1) Magnum XL-200

2) Maverick

3) Top Thrill Dragster

4) GateKeeper

5) Rougarou (Everyone needs to stop assuming that because it's floorless, it's the best in the front row. It's rougher up there anyways since there isn't a zero-car like Mantis had. The back right is the BEST seat on the whole train. I've ridden it hundreds of times and THAT is the best seat on the ride hands down and it is intense)

6) Raptor

7) Millennium Force

8) Gemini

9) Blue Streak

10) Wicked Twister

11) Mean Streak

12) Iron Dragon

13) Woodstock Express

14) Mine Ride

15) Wilderness Run

16) Corkscrew

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1) Maverick (omfg)

2) Millennium force (when it's not rattling and it's running fast it is glorious)

3) Magnum XL 200 (second to back magic seat.. perfect airtime)

4) Raptor (batman level intensity and perfect layout)

5) Top thrill dragster (tbars at 120 mph is scary)

6) Rougarou (back right was amazing)

7) Blue streak (airtime was unexpected)

8) Wicked Twister

9) Gatekeeper (tight vests ruin the freedom (rip Valravn airtime))

10) Gemini

11) Corkscrew (that airtime hill tho)

12) Iron dragon

13) Mean Streak


14) cedar Creek mine ride (just terrible)

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  • 2 years later...

June 2018 update:


1) Steel Vengeance - A+

2) Millennium Force - A+

3) Top Thrill Dragster - A+

4) Maverick - A

5) Magnum XL-200 - A

6) Valravn - A-

7) Raptor - B+

8) Gatekeeper - B

9) Gemini - B-

10) Wicked Twister - B-

11) Rougarou - C+

12) Corkscrew - C

13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride - C

14) Iron Dragon - D+

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Okay... I'll play


1) Millennium Force (The GOAT)

2) Maverick (This slightly edges out Steel Vengeance for me, Both are elite rides, but this ride "feels" a tiny bit more out of control for whatever reason).

3) Steel Vengeance (While it's #3, it's still one of my favorite coasters overall. Aside from Maverick and Millennium Force, the only other rides that I might prefer are Fury and El Toro. That's great company...)

4) Raptor (This ride is always great, and it was running INSANE over Memorial Day weekend)

5) Gatekeeper

6) Top Thrill Dragster

7) Valravn

8) Rougarou

9) Magnum

10) Iron Dragon (What's with the hate for this ride? Don't hate, appreciate)

11) Gemini

12) Wicked Twister

13) Blue Streak

14) Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Last place in my heart since Corkscrew is at least pretty while it's bashing people's skulls. Mine Ride is a bad mine train "family coaster" with the same height requirement as the park's giga coaster that sits on prime expansion space. This is a useless attraction)

15) Pipe Scream

16) Getting run over by a dump truck

17) Coaster's Drive In

18) Corkscrew

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Oh man, sure, why not? This is based on only one morning ride on Steel Vengeance: I admit it can definitely change.


1) Magnum

2) Maverick

3) Steel Vengeance

4) Raptor

5) Millennium Force

6) Blue Streak

7) Gatekeeper

8) Rougarou

9) Gemini

10) Valravn

11) Dragster

12) Iron Dragon

13) Wicked Twister

14) Cedar Creek Mine Ride

15) Corkscrew

16) Woodstock Express


I would say that the 11th best coaster at Cedar Point is better than the best coaster at Darien Lake, Morey's, Flamingoland, or Bobbejanland, and better than the 2nd best coaster at Dorney, La Ronde, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Valleyfair, Parc Asterix, or Wiener Prater. That is insane.

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I have yet to ride Steel Vengeance. That's still a ways out.


1a. Millennium Force - SPEEEEEED!!!!!!! RAW UNFETTERED SPEEEEEED!!!!

1b. Maverick - ridiculous intensity. RMC probably modeled the Raptor clones after this

2. Raptor - the inversions are so ridiculously snappy. can't wait to ride more of the custom old-school inverts (either Afterburn or Montu is next)

3. Top Thrill Dragster - good rush, could probably ride all day. the launch never ends

4. Valravn - smooth, graceful, awesome dive drop, and no headaches

5. Blue Streak - this is to ejector air what Screamin Eagle @ SFStL is to floater air. at least for an out and back woodie

6. Rougarou - smooth, fun, rerideable, but right across from Millennium Force. so if you're riding it and Millie's open, you probably got the short end of the stick

7. Magnum XL-200 - clunky but really not that rough. it's like if a mine train had a hyper coaster layout

8. GateKeeper - swoopy and fun, plus a great location, but it's definitely not my favorite wing coaster. not as intense as Thunderbird and doesn't have Wild Eagle's hyper coaster drop.

9. Mean Streak - R I P

10. Wicked Twister - slightly more fun than most other credit stops. I can see how the ones with holding brakes would be terrifying

11. Gemini - it's like small Magnum but with racing

12. Iron Dragon - fun but not memorable. The Bat @ KI ruined it for me by being way better


-good coasters end here-


13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - riding it feels about the same as not riding it. everyone who is alive and breathing basically already has the credit

14. Corkscrew - it's like the default coaster option in a bad RCT ripoff. in fact, the default coaster option in all bad RCT ripoffs probably came from Corkscrew

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Here is the rankings for me:


1. Steel Vengeance- Clear #1 for me.

2. Maverick- Clear #2.

3. Millennium Force-

4. Top Thrill Dragster

5. GateKeeper

6. Magnum XL-200

7. Raptor

8. Valravn

9. Blue Streak

10. Gemini


11. Rougarou

12. Wicked Twister

13. Iron Dragon


14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride


15. Pipe Scream


16. Corkscrew-



Since Six Flags Magic Mountain is my home park, here is how I would do a combine ranking between the two parks:


1. Steel Vengeance

2. Maverick


3. Twsited Colossus


4. Millenium Force

5. X2

6. Tatsu


7. Top Thrill Dragster

8. GateKeeper

9. Magnum XL-200

10. Raptor

11. Full Throttle

12. Batman the Ride

13. Valravn

14. Appcalypse

15. Superman

16. Goliath

17. Blue Streak

18. Scream

19. Gemini

20. Ninja

21. Rougarou

22. Wicked Twister

23. Viper


24. Iron Dragon

25. Riddler's Revenge

26. Revolution

27. Gold Rusher

28. Cedar Creek Mine Train

29. Pipe Scream

30. Corkscrew

31. Green Lantern

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1. Millennium Force

2. Maverick

3. Steel Vengeance

4. Top Thrill Dragster

5. Magnum XL-200

6. Valravn

7. Gatekeeper

8. Raptor

9. Blue Streak

10. Gemini

11. Rougarou

12. Wicked Twister

13. Iron Dragon

14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

15. Corkscrew

16. Woodstock Express

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I'm going to step outside of myself in order to rank rides. (shutter)


Millennium Force



Steel Vengeance (only a couple rides)

Top Thrill


Gate Keeper



-All the rest

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My list would probably go…


1.) Raptor

2.) Millennium Force

3.) Steel Vengeance

4.) Dragster

5.) Gatekeeper

6.) Maverick

7.) Valravn

8.) Rougarou

8.5) Mean Streak (if still around... I actually enjoyed it in the front seat).

9.) Magnum

10.) Blue Streak

11.) Cedar Creek Mine Ride

12.) Iron Dragon

13.) Wicked Twister

14.) Corkscrew

15.) Gemini

16.) Woodstock

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I haven't ridden Steel Vengeance, but this is how I'd rank the other coasters:


1) Millennium Force

2) Maverick


3) Top Thrill Dragster

4) GateKeeper

5) Magnum XL-200


6) Valravn

7) Blue Streak

8) Raptor

9) Rougarou

10) Gemini


11) Wicked Twister

12) Mean Streak

13) Iron Dragon

14) Cedar Creek Mine Ride


15) Corkscrew

16) Woodstock Express

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Haven't been since like 08 but looking forward to updating this later this summer.


1. Maverick

2. Raptor

3. Magnum

4. Dragster

5. Millenum Force

6. Wicked Twister

7. Gemini

8. Blue Streak

9. Iron Dragon

10. Disaster Transport

11. Mean Streak

12. Wildcat

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Corkscrew

15. Woodstock Express


It's been a while since I visited Cedar Point but looking back it's pretty amazing what they've "replaced" some rides with. Rogarou for Mantis, Valravn for Wildcat (kind of), Gatekeeper for Disaster Transport, Steel Vengeance for Mean Streak. They basically took bottom 5 rides and replaced them with top 10 rides.

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Yay! A chance to rank something! (I don't get the hate on rankings... Give me a collection of anything, and I will enjoy the intellectual exercise of ranking the $h*t out of it! )


As for my favorite Amusement Park, here's how my rankings go!


1. Steel Vengeance (Hands down, the best coaster of over 230 I've ever ridden! Simply mind-blowing!)


2a. Millennium Force (My favorite between these two seems to change constantly, so there's really no true one, over the other.)

2b. Maverick (I still LOVE this wild beast! But riding it directly after SV noticeably dampened the perceived insanity of the experience, at least to me...)


4. GateKeeper (I don't get the enthusiast disdain for this coaster... It's beautiful, and gives a fun and unique ride experience I can ride all day!)

5. Valravn (Consider this ranking tenuous... I've enjoyed it less this dear, than in previous years... But it's still a lot of fun!)

6. Blue Streak (Admittedly getting rougher in recent years, I still enjoy the fun airtime on this classic coaster... assuming I'm in the front!)

7. Raptor (I'm a big fan of B&M Inverts, but this one doesn't make my Top 5. Still, it's a heck of a fun coaster, and this ranking reflects that!)

8. Top Thrill Dragster (Still looking for my first ride of the year, in 4 visits, on the thrilling, but unreliable, No Thrill Downtime...)

9. Wicked Twister (Highly underrated CP coaster! Now, I just need to lose weight so I can ride this unreasonably over-restrainted gem.)

10. Magnum XL 200 (Highly overrated CP coaster! Sometimes I still get fun rides, and sometimes I get regrettable ones... Good, but not at all great.)

11. Rougarou (A massive improvement on Mantis, this still ranks as one of my least favorite B&M Floorless coasters, thanks to a rough 2nd half.)


12. Pipe Scream ( ) [seriously, I don't consider it a coaster, but it IS hecka-fun, and CP counts it, so here it is! ]

13. Gemini (The coaster of my birth year is fun, especially when it's racing, but is easily skipped on a trip to The Point.)


14. Iron Dragon (This was once my #1 roller coaster in the world... in 1988! Now, it's the worst of a dying breed of coasters.)

15. Woodstock's Express (One of the better "kiddie coasters" out there, I enjoyed riding it with my 4 year old recently for his first ever coaster!)

16. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Also a former #1 coaster for me... in 1986! Now, it's boring, cramped, and a waste of an amazing footprint for a coaster...)


17. Corkscrew Like coasterbill said, you can throw a ton of unpleasant experiences ahead of this one! )

18. Wilderness Run (I seriously don't understand enthusiasts' obsession with riding this one... I had a chance to ride it with my 4 year old a couple weeks ago for his first ride on it, and passed...)

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We'll see where Steel Vengeance ends up, I hope to get up there this month.


1) Maverick. My favorite overall.

2) Valravn. I love dive machines. This would be way up my overall list if it had the old B&M restraints.

3) Millennium Force. My first big coaster, always love it.

4) Top Thrill Dragster. Dat launch tho..

5) Magnum Xl-200. 2nd to last seat is where it's at.

6) Raptor. I love B&M inverts and Raptor is still smooth and forceful.

7) Gemini. I fell in love with this ride during the Coasting for Kids event. So smooth, and a ton of fun!

8) Gatekeeper. Just a fun coaster, my 3rd favorite wing coaster (out of 3, Thunderbird, Wild Eagle)

9)Wicked Twister. Twisty!

10) Blue Streak. Definitely rougher as of late, but a classic.

11) Rougarou. So much better than Mantis, but nowhere near as good as Dominator.

12) Iron Dragon. Blah

13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride. More blah

14) Corkscrew. Ouch

15) Woodstock's Express. A nice kiddie coaster!

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I haven't ridden Steel Vengeance yet, but here is my list based on my 2017 visit last summer.


1. Maverick

2. Millennium Force

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Magnum XL-200

5. Valravn

6. GateKeeper

7. Raptor

8. Wicked Twister

9. Rougarou

10. Gemini

11. Blue Streak

12. Iron Dragon

13. The rest...

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1. Maverick

2. Steel Vengeance

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Top Thrill Dragster

6. Magnum XL-200

7. Gatekeeper

8. Valravn

9. Blue Streak

10. Gemini

11. Wicked Twister

12. Iron Dragon

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Rougarou

15. Corkscrew

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Since it's been a couple of years since I've been there, I'm anticipating going back, and the coasters I'm thinking about are probably the ones I enjoyed the most.


Millennium Force

Magnum XL-200




Top Thrill Dragster




The rest just aren't on the same level for me. The above list are the ones I really want to ride again.

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Of the ones I’ve ridden:

1. Steel Vengeance

2. Maverick

3. Rougarou

4. Raptor

5. Top Thrill Dragster

6. Magnum XL-200

7. Valravn

8. Gatekeeper

9. Gemini

10. Wicked Twister

11. Iron Dragon

12. Millennium Force

13. Blue Streak

14. Corkscrew

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