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Cedar Point Roller Coasters...Please Rank them

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1. Maverick

2. Top Thrill Dragster

3. Millennium Force

(Assumption - Valravn)

4. Gatekeeper

5. Raptor

6. Wicked Twister

7. Magnum XL 200

8. Rougarou

9. Gemini

10. Blue Streak

11. Iron Dragon

12. Corkscrew

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Mean Streak

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Based on my own opinion(s) (Valravn is not included in the list since it's under construction)


1. Millennium Force

2. Top Thrill Dragster

3. Raptor

4. Maverick

5. Magnum XL-200

6. Gemini

7. Mantis/Rougarou

8. Gatkeeper

9. Corkscrew

10. Wicked Twister

11. Iron Dragon

12. Blue Streak

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Mean Streak

15. Disaster Transport (even though it's gone)

16. Woodstock Express

17. Jr. Gemini/Wilderness Run

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^ You have Corkscrew twice, FYI


1. Maverick

2. Millennium Force

3. Magnum XL-200

4. Raptor

5. Gatekeeper

6. Blue Streak

7. Gemini

8. Top Thrill Dragster

9. Rougarou

10. Wicked Twister

11. Iron Dragon

12. Pipe Scream (posted just to piss you guys off)

12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

13. Corkscrew

14. Mean Streak


Did not ride:

Woodstock Express

Wilderness Run

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1- Millennium Force

2 - Maverick

3 - Raptor

4 - Gatekeeper

5 - Top Thrill Dragster

6 - Magnum XL 200

7 - Rougarou

8 - Wicked Twister

9 - Iron Dragon

10 - Blue Streak

11 - Gemeni

12 - Mean Streak

13 - Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14 - Pipe Scream

15 - Woodstock's Express

16 - Jr. Gemeni / Wilderness Run

17 - Getting hit by a truck

18 - Corkscrew


12. Pipe Scream (posted just to piss you guys off)


Excellent idea... I've edited my list.

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My rankings plus my thoughts

1) Top Thrill Dragster - loved it

2) Gatekeeper - loved it

3) Millennium Force - let me down but it was still fantastic

4) Maverick - very aggressive

5) Magnum XL 200 - insane

6) Raptor - rough, intense, and enjoyable

7) Wicked Twister - really fun

8) Rougarou - rough, but enjoyable

9) Mean Streak - beat my expectations, didn't seem very rough

10) Gemini - pure fun

11) Iron Dragon - meh

12) Corkscrew - meh

13) Blue Streak - very rough

Did not ride: Any kid roller coasters including the mine ride and pipe scream.

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1a) Millennium Force

1b) Maverick

2) GateKeeper

3) Raptor

4) Blue Streak

5) Magnum XL-200

6) Top Thrill Dragster

7) Wicked Twister

8) Rougarou

9) Gemini

10) Iron Dragon

11) Mean Streak

12) Cedar Creek Mine Ride

13) Woodstock Express

14) Corkscrew

15) Wilderness Run

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I've only been once, last spring. It was the perfect day, five 20-minute rain showers interspersed throughout the day kept lines to 0 the rest of the time. We got in over 30 rides without a flash-lane thingy.


Anyway, had a very different take on CP than most:


1. TTD

2. Mean Streak <3

3. Millennium

4. Gatekeeper

5. Raptor

6. Wicked Twister

7. Maverick

8. Iron Dragon

9. Mantis

10. Cedar Creek

11. Gemini

12. Magnum

13. BlueStreak

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Maverick A++

Raptor A




Mant...rougarou B-

Blue Streak C-

Gatekeeper D+

Magnum D+

Corkscrew D

Gemini D

Woodstock D

JR Gemini D

Mean Streak F (F for burn it with fire)


Opps forgot about dragging iron dragon D

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O.K. I'm ranking the Cedar Point coasters (again) that I've actually have ridden!


. Millennium Force A+++

. Raptor A+

. Maverick A

. Magnum XL-200 A

. Gemini B+

. Gatkeeper B-

. Corkscrew C

. Iron Dragon C+

. Blue Streak B

. Cedar Creek Mine Ride D

. Mean Streak F (as in fire to torch the coaster the the fiery depths of H-E-double-hockey sticks!)

. Disaster Transport F (Good riddance to that sorry excuse for a dark ride!)

. Woodstock Express D+

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Although I'd consider Skyrush to be my #1 coaster overall, CP's collection of coasters has some of my all time favorites. And on a side note I'd put i305 tied with MilF. Onto the list:


1. Maverick

2. Millenium Force

3. Magnum XL-200

4. TTD (in front seat)

5.&6. Rou and Raptor (interchangeable)

*I imagine Valravn to fall here*

7. Gatecreeper

8. Gemini

9. Wicked Twister (very front, or very back)

10. Blue Streak

11. Iron Dragon (childhood favorite haha)

12. CCMR

13. Corkscrew

14. blah, don't care to fill out the rest.

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1. Maverick/Millie. Can't decide, both are practically my spirit coaster

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. GateKeeper 2nd. favorite wingrider, behind Thunderbird

5. Magnum XL-200. Also known as "holy crap, I don't think my butt has been in the seat since the lift hill"

6. Raptor

7. Wicked Twister

8. Gemini

9. BanMantiRou I have only ridden it this year

10. Blue Streak

11. Corkscrew

12. Mean Streak. Wasn't as rough as I thought it was going to be... Just boring..... But that's just me

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

14. Iron Dragon

15. Woodstock Express

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I've only gone to Cedar Point once back in 2011 since I live in Long Island. I couldn't ride even half the coasters there because it rained when I went there, but I still got in plenty of good ones.


1.) Millenium Force (11/10)

2.) Magnum XL-200 (10/10)

3.) Mantis (9/10)

4.) Wicked Twister (8.5/10)

5.) Iron Dragon (8/10)

6.) Blue Streak (better than I expected but 7/10)

7.) Corkscrew (6/10)


I'm also kicking myself because I was on line for Disaster Transport when it started raining and never rode it. My sister and mother also rode Wildcat without me and I regret not riding it since it's also gone.

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My first ride on Meanie just happened to be completely magical, thus the strangely high ranking. It was cold, blustery, and rainy. A thick blanket of fog covered the lake. The ride had already shut down twice for weather while we were queued for it earlier. We gave it a third shot and ended up the only riders, taking the front seats. It just started drizzling, and they were on the radios, seemingly ready to deny us once again.


But we went.


It was the most lethargic coaster ride I can remember. But that was totally fine, because the whole experience felt like being on another planet.


With the wind whipping and the rain bullets gaining more momentum by the second, and a with this view into a foggy, alien, infinite oblivion:



My stomach just dropped straight through my butthole.

"What the everloving &@#* have I gotten myself into?"


It was just a wonderful coaster moment that cemented itself as one of the highlights of the visit.


But I totally get why many don't like the ride.

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Here's how I see CP's coasters:


Maverick--a world-class, top-ten ride.

Millennium Force--a world-class, maybe top-ten ride

Top Thrill Dragster--best of the Intamin "one-trick pony" launched coasters

Raptor--a B&M invert that still packs a punch

Blue Streak--surprisingly good, old-school woodie

Magnum XL-2000--clunky, but fun, with some "forceful" airtime

Wicked Twister--a cut above the other Intamin impulse coasters

Gatekeeper--disappointing, kind of dull

Gemini--interesting, if not particularly good, steel-wood "hybrid"

Iron Dragon--"draggin' iron" is an appropriate nickname

Cedar Creek Mine Ride--standard-issue Arrow ride

Woodstock Express--cute for what it is

Corkscrew--head bangy, but better than, say, the late GASM at SF Great Adventure

Mean Streak--looks great, but a lousy ride

Mantis--I haven't ridden Rougarou yet, but this was really bad as a stand-up coaster

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