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OMG, saddest news ever!

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--Robb "Did you have the dog put down yet? It deserves it." Alvey


I hope you are kidding Robb,

I know you are not a big Dog fan but you can not blame a dog for having natural instincts. It is NOT his fault

I am not a big rodent fan but I would never say something like that geez


I have had many pets that co-existed great together mainly cats and dogs and my bird whom hitches a ride on my dogs back when he is lazy. I do understand that rodents and larger animals are not the best pairing though and people should do more research.


Being a Dog lover I found that remark really unneccassary and Ignorant (if serious)


BTW woah_killa I am sorry for your loss I have lost my cat of 8 years and my dog of the last 15 years in the last 6 months and it is very hard.


JEFF " I love all animals" Tiedemann

You're right. The intial poster should have been put down instead for being such an idiot.


Sorry, but I just have no sympathy for people who bring pets in their house without having done any research at all before getting them. And I have even less sympathy for someone who lets one of his pets kill the other. Sure, it might have been an "accident" but that's just not an excuse, IMO. Those pets shouldn't have been in the same house together to begin with.


I mean, read his fucking description of what happened.


When I got to my room everything was torn up and the guinea pig cage was tipped over and everything in it was torn to shreds. I found the first guinea pig, infront of the cage on his back, dead...my other guinea pig... found him a few feet away....he tried to run but half of his hair and stuff was gone and spread all over the place.


Sounds like something out of a horror movie and obviously those animals died in PAIN!!!! I think it's only fair that Woah_killer feels some of that also. You get NO SYMPATHY from me. In fact, reading that again, I really feel like banning you from the site because I really don't want people here who would treat animals is such a graphic violent manner.


It pisses me off that most people look at rodents as disposable pets like fish. They are REAL animals and not just a "slightly more than flushable" pet just because they are small, cheap, and used as food for other animals.


I mean, why not feed a small puppy or a cute little kitten to a snake rather than a rodent? Is there really a difference? Not in my mind! But to most of the public there is. "OMG, I can't beleive you'd say such a thing! How DARE you feed a dog to a snake!!!" Well, IMO, how dare you feed a rodent?


I said what I said about putting the dog down at make a point. Because if it was a dog that was killed in this case I'm sure the response would have been a lot more sympathetic as there are a lot more "dog lovers" out there in the world than there are "rodent lovers."


I don't care if you're a dog lover, rodent lover, hater, watever but if you're going to have pets, do some research before bringing them in your house.


And I don't understand why people keep challenging what I said about rodents, cats, dogs living together. Sure, you can have them together, and I wasn't arguing that. What I was stating is that it is a PROVEN FACT that rodents living with dogs and cats is NOT a good environement for them. It's *NOT*. Regardless of what some of you might think or experience. Any person who breeds rodents will tell you that. It's *NOT* good for them! PERIOD!!!!! You might have good luck having them together, sure, but I will put MONEY on it that if your rodent was living in an envorinement WITHOUT a dog or cat, it would have a better live. I'm not making this up...it's a proven fact.


Google is your friend and it doesn't take very long to find out at least the basics of ANY animal.


--Robb "This isn't directed at Woah_Killer, this is for people in general to educate themselves." Alvey

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How do you know how whoa_killa thinks of his rodents? Did he make a statement saying that he thought they weren't important to him and his dog is so much better? I fail to see what gives you the impression that he feels that they're "one step up from a flushable". The dog opens the door, knocks the cage over, kills the guineas. I fail to see how whoa_killa himself could have prevented this. They live in seperate rooms, the dog doesn't come into the guineas' room, they're seperated and watched. Just because the dog happened to open the door doesn't make whoa_killa a terrible person or a hater of rodents.


I understand your viewpoint - especially about the being careful and doing research. I hate when people get animals and just assume they know how to take care of them without doing any background. But perhaps whoa_killa did do research, and found that guinea pigs need to be seperated from dogs/cats in different rooms. Not different households. Because that's what most sites say.


And I'm not trying to be an ass or get myself banned or anything like that, so don't take this as a "You're wrong, I'm right, die!" post, because it's not meant to be.

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Did I mention that I kept the guinea pigs and dog in different parts of the house? Oh yea, also, the guinea pigs and dog have been living together for over 4 years. I RESEARCHED and I know that the average guinea pigs lives 3-5 years...I think that's a long life for a guinea pig and if I hadn't been responsible wouldn't they have been killed a long time ago? Another thing, I can't help if I'm an animal lover and like dogs, cats, rodents, birds, all animals. BTW, I wouldn't put my dog to sleep...I'm not that cruel towards animals. The only thing wrong was that the morning it happend I didn't pull the door fully shut.


:edit: AMEN 307! To help you understand how much I cared about my guinea pigs, I cried for a few hours after it happened. OMG, I did do research, when we got them from Petsmart we ASKED them about what we should do. Then I came home and GOOGLED.


another edit: Don't take this as an insult, I'm just trying to show that I really did care about my guinea pigs and I really was careful with them.

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It pisses me off that people look at rodents as a a step up from fish or a "slightly more than flushable" pet just because they are small and cheap.


I completely agree with you on this. I almost wish they'd raise the price of small rodents so people would respect them and take better care of them. Too many times I hear "why should I take my sick rat/hamster/guinea pig to the vet? The vet visit is $35, my rat was $5. I can just get a new one." It doesn't matter how much one spends, they agreed to take care of that animal when they got it.


I know you're not referring to just me here, but I wasn't trying to challenge what you were saying. I do agree with everything you have said in this thread [and I do realize that it's perfectly okay for everyone to have differing opinions, I do respect your opinion and I'm not trying to change your mind or say that you're wrong, I'm just trying to put my experiences out there as well] except for this..


I will put MONEY on it that if your rodent was living in an envorinement WITHOUT a dog or cat, it would have a better live. I'm not making this up...it's a proven fact.


I don't think it's fair to say that our animals are unhappy or insinuate that we're not good pet owners as our pets could have a better life or that we haven't done any research. I know for a fact that my chins could care less about my cat and they wouldn't be happier with or without her. Every time anyone has seen them they comment on how happy and content they look. I did a ton of research before I was able to get them, I completely agree with you that it's important to research and not enough people do it, and what I found said that most of the time they're fine with dogs/cats as long as they're not left alone unsupervised as accidents can happen. Maybe it's different with tiny rodents like hamsters, I have never done research on them since I've never had them. Also, I'm sure different breeders/pet owners have differing opinions.


Again, I'm not trying to argue with you or challenge you, say that you're wrong, try to change your mind or anything like that. I know that everyone has different experiences and opinions, I'm just posting mine.

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Sorry I'm late, but I guess I will throw my opinion into the mix now...


Robb, I think it is fine that you have an opinion the subject, and it is also fine that you said it. However, I think the way you phrased it and some of the things you said were horribly immature. Jacob obviously feels remorse for his mistake on it-not shutting the door completely. Also, a thread posted by someone looking for sympathy on something is not the time to say what he did wrong. No matter how much you scold his actions, it is not going to change the past. You could have easily said your opinion in a civil manner.

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Robb, if they're "one step above flushing" then how is it that I made a coffin for each of them? Why did I go and buy a concrete angel to mark were they are burried? And, why would anybody hug a dead guinea pig? Would that be a "health risk"? When they were alive, why would I spend a weekend building them a play house/jungle gym, AND, and outdoor cage big enough for them to run in the grass. How is it that I ran out of carrots constantly from feeding them vegetables like 4 times a day with their pellets. Did they just give themselves baths and cut their own fingernails? My guinea pigs may have costs only like $20 each, but I spent hundreds on them. Maybe I should just flush all that stuff down the toilet...

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Hey, everybody. This is Jacob's friend, Mandy. I know I'm new to the forum, but Jacob told me about this forum and what people were saying so I decided to reply to this post for my friend. I've known Jacob since before I can remember ; certainly longer than he had those guinea pigs and he's always kept good care of them. He'd never let the dog in the same room with them if he could help it. When Peeps and Schmitty died, he was devasted. He took great care of his pets.



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"Also, if you own a dog or a cat, do not get a rodent. Your rodent will most likely live in fear most of their life and it's not healthy and you'll probably just end up with your stupid dog killing your rodents"


Uhm I have 2 guinea pigs and 4 dogs and the guinea pigs and dogs play with one another...then again my dogs are VERY small not much larger than the guinea pigs.

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I fail to see how whoa_killa himself could have prevented this.



It's totally his fault they were murdered. They shouldn't have been together to begin with and it would have never happened.



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"Also, if you own a dog or a cat, do not get a rodent. Your rodent will most likely live in fear most of their life and it's not healthy and you'll probably just end up with your stupid dog killing your rodents"


Uhm I have 2 guinea pigs and 4 dogs and the guinea pigs and dogs play with one another...then again my dogs are VERY small not much larger than the guinea pigs.


You guys aren't getting what I'm saying. So whatever. You all are right. I'm wrong. I don't know what I'm talking about. It frustrates me, Woah_killer because you claimed to have done "research" yet every point you made was wrong! You don't know the average life expectancy of your rodents, and you ARE responsible for them being killed by your dog. Don't try to pass the blame off on someone else. Take a little bit of responsibility for your pet's actions! Had your dog been a pit bull attacking another dog, it would have been put down and considered "dangerous", but the same just doesn't apply for those poor rodents who just don't get the same respect.


Here's a littile bit of information for you:

How long do guinea pigs live?

The lifespan for guinea pigs is between five and eight years, depending on breed, how well it is look after, exercise etc.


Cats are naturally predatory and are likely to instinctively want to 'hunt' down your guinea pig ! In rare cases, especially if a cat has been introduced to a guinea pig whilst it is a kitten (or if it is a very laid back adult) they can get along fine but I would never trust a cat unsupervised with a guinea pig. The guinea pig will more than likely sense a cats presence and this could result in the guinea pig suffering un-necessary stress.


Dogs would love nothing more than to sniff out and chase little furry squeaking rodents as part of their natural instincts. The good thing about a dog is that it can't jump onto tables and cupboards as a cat would so your guinea pig is that little bit safer !!! It is very dependent on the nature of the dog. I have heard of several instances of people's guinea pigs being killed by their pet dogs (or stray dogs). Do your utmost to prevent temptation (guinea pigs) being in your dogs way - your dog is only following it's instincts! Your dog may behave wonderfully if you have your guinea pig on your lap where it is still - but place the same guinea pig on the floor or unsupervised and any dog is going to find it hard to resist an attack.


It is not a good idea to house cats or dogs with your guinea pig.


So there you go. I guess I'm SOOOOO wrong!


I'm done with this. And so are all of you. I really don't need to be told by people who don't know what they are talking about that I'm incorrect, because this is one subject that I know what the hell I'm talking about.


--Robb "Yes, *I* am the immature one...the one that knows a thing or two about rodents and never MURDERED any of mine!....whatever..." Alvey

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