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Mr. Six back from the dead?

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Great Adventure Insider- New commercial filmed at GAdv. featuring Mr. Six


It's unknown whether or not this ad is going to be locally or nationally, but chances are it would go nationally. Surprised though... Snyder and probably anybody mature realise that he was a pointless mascot and the detheming of Pandamonium at SFNE. I'll admit, the only good he did was boost attendance and rolled in the dough which is why I signed that petition.


Chances are, thousands of tweens really love him...

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I'll admit, the only good he did was boost attendance and rolled in the dough which is why I signed that petition.


If that's all he did...they wouldn't have gotten rid of him. He was more popular than the brand he was trying to sell, so while he probably made them some money in merchandise sales, I don't think people were flocking to any Six Flags park because Mr. Six told them to.


As for the commercial? Maybe you should wait for it to air before you get all excited that Mr. Six is back. For all we know, the rest of that commercial can be Mr. Six getting his ass kicked by the Justice League.

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Queue the vengaboys...


I really hope he is back... I mean honestly I don't care about the freaking oldy moldy superheros they are trying to push on us... Heck the looney tunes haven't had a new show since that stinker that tryed to make them all edgy and crap (TinyToons was their last good outing and that wasn't even about them).


We need an adventures of Mr. Six... That people will care about. How about some real Mr. Six rides?


Journey through the old folks home: a trippy adventure through the kind of place that hands out painkillers strong enough to let an old man dance like he does... Would definitely need some special glasses to pull of the effects that that guy must be feeling.


Journey through senility: a ride that makes riders actually forget why they got on it in the first place... What an idea...


Sorry... I was just having one of those weird days... I really hope Mr.Six is back because he is kinda an endearing character.

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Uh, whats your season pass for SF look like, mine has Mr. Six, so they never really got rid of him any way. I think the fact is most patrons are asking for mr. six merchandise and selling more of it than other SF products and merchandise.


It will be intersting what direction they will take, If it sells thats the name of the game!


I sure am glad they brought him back, At least he was fit, and has more energy than the costumed beer bellied poor of an excuse batman that some parks have, they definately could use a body suit for the gut cover up! What image is that! At least match the costume with the right mask.

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Yea!!!!! I'm so happy! Just the other day, I told my husband..."I wonder where Mr. Six is?" Then I got that song in my head & started singing it. He just rolled his eyes & laughed at me. I just ignored him. He's not a fan of amusement rides. Oh well, too bad for him huh. That's ok though, just more for me.

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I've only seen the Mr. Six commercial once (Seeing as how I live in Orlando)... didn't even watch the full thing, I thought it was stupid.


If they had gotten rid of him then why, when I was at SFoG, was there was a whole wall dedicated to Mr. Six? It had all the Merchandice you could think of, including shot glass, haha!

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