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Another Sad-and-Pathetic Photo TR: Water Country USA


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Well, being as the weather was nearly perfect on Saturday, I pulled out the ol' Platinum Pass and cruised over the Water Country to do some slidin' and picture takin' all on my lonesome. Why? Three reasons:


1. I don't recall seeing any pics of WC on this site.

2. My local friends wouldn't be caught dead at BGE or WC.

3. My friends who are into water parks live hundreds of miles away.


So, off I went to slide around, get drenched, and sunburn myself like a damn fool--yee haw! 'Twas a fun day, even for the sad and pathetic, with nice weather, a very small crowd, and virtually no waits. Highlights:


1. Aquazoid--This is the park's biggest, and best, slide. Most of it is in the dark with some lighting and sound effects (that is, the roaring of Aquazoid, a Godzilla-esque monster), and those four-person rafts really book and climb high on the flume's banked curves.


2. Hubba Hubba Highway--A fast-moving river with some retro "Route 66" themeing. The best way to enjoy this one is to strap on a life vest and just go with the flow.


3. Malibu Pipeline--Another slide that takes place in mostly pitch-black darkness (one- or two-person tubes).


4. Rampage--A short, steep slide on a tobbaggan, where you skim across the pool like a stone on a pond (scariest thing at WC, other than some of the guests).


Now, a sad-and-pathetic photo tour of Water Country USA.


He orders a cocktail at a roadside lounge.


The sad-and-pathetic one walks the Hubba Hubba, where he sees a small boy berserk and drunk with power over those floating by.


To say this aloud is almost as embarrassing as ordering IHOP's "Rooty-Tooty Good-and-Fruity" breakfast.


Ah, he contemplates the soothing darkness that is the Malibu Pipeline--and wonders why the fellow in the center is sniffing his thumb. Does he know where his thumb has been?


A closer look still fails to answer the question. (This "old-school" slide is pretty fast, though.)


Hmm--Is this poor man's display one of domination or submission?


And why this particular spelling of "pouf"?


The H2O UFO hovers menacingly over carefree children at play.


He is overwhelmed by the size and splendor that is Aquazoid--cutest lifeguard of the day, too.


And, yes, Aquazoid--nothing says "fun" like "Incredible Destruction" and "Certain Cosmic Doom!"


He also wonders about those who bob about in an articficial wave pool when there's a real ocean only an hour away (well, more like two hours in the summer).


He ponders, with great sadness, those who do not know their heads from their feet.


But the sun god mocks him: "No dive show for you today, o sad-and-pathetic one!"


So, he consults a map, hoping to bring order to chaos.


The sad-and-pathetic lone guest is immediately bewildered by the multiplicity of choices at WC.

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And the sad-and-pathetic tour of Water Country USA continues.


And then there's the Wild Thang--but does it really make his "heart sing (sang)"?


. . . but he chooses to go on a "Rampage" instead.


He considers sacrificing a child to the shark god . . .


. . . or the atomic wedgie of the Lemon Drop.


Perhaps by enduring the extreme enema of the Peppermint Twist . . .


Just how does one escape the existential terror that is the Hubba Hubba Highway? How can one cleanse one's soul after such an ordeal?


Have you ever snacked with the devil in the pale moonlight?


The mighty T. Rex, once the terror of the primeval world, is reduced to doing the hula for tourists.


More weird scenes beside the Hubba Hubba Highway. Just what are these rogue alien appendages doing to floaters by?

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I find your ideas intriguing, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


Bravo, sir! Great captions. And an interesting-looking waterpark. Perhaps I shall investigate it the next time I'm in the area.

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Good Pics! Although I am disappointed that you did NOT get a "signature" shot of that female lifeguard you mentioned..lol

I miss WC. I remember when I worked for BG and we used to go to WC (before Busch bought it out from previous owners) and BG used to have softball games against WC employees..of course we beat them (lol), but certainly was a distraction of having WC women wear bathing suits to the games...I think they tried to cheat and 'distract' us.


A-B apparently has done a nice job with the landscaping (as if any suprise). The last time I was there, a couple of rides have been added. I loved Rampage because many of my friends and I used to race down the slide to see who buys lunch/drinks. Looks like another trip to VA. Here in Hawaii we have a fairly good size w/p located on Oahu. Good fun for those hot Hawaiian summers.


One question. Wasn't that land part of Fords Colony (or the development co.)? I heard A-B had bought out the remaining 30+ acres around the WC site now (just curious).

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^I don't think it could've been Ford's Colony because it's on the other side of town (and in another county)--perhaps the same developer?


Busch did do quite a bit to improve Water Country. They also added a fee for parking, but you take the good with the bad (or you buy a season pass). The latest is that some sort of high-end retail development might be built in the area near Water Country (I'm hoping this doesn't pan out).

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I think it was called Ford Dev. Co. (I'll try to research the name or look for the website on county permits). I think the owners were going to develop a split between timeshare and high-end condos along with retail center. If what you said about the retail center is being developed, now I am curious if the land behind or West of WC will also start development. That is assuming if BEC DID buy out the land (behind WC).


I'll be visiting there in next month or so for a 'corporate' job at BGE. I think it was down the road from WC...Where is the G-Wolf Lodge in reference to WC? I haven't been to Williamsburg in about 5 yrs or so. I lived in Williamsburg for about 9yrs, before moving to Hawaii. I miss the snow there (don't ask why..lol).

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The toboggan slides are the scariest ones ever... the whole idea of skidding across the water on a little toboggan really fast is insane, and, in the end, the ride is fun yet bizarre.


Although, upon further thought, Peppermint Twist looks like the scariest one there. It can't be fun or comfortable... Anyone been on it?

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I remember that Peppermint (Patty) Twist was kind of rough on the back acutally. Those slip joints were NOT the best and it scrapped your back some on the way down. Hopefully they have fixed it since then, because it was a fun ride. Rampage still rocks.

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^No problem with it yesterday. The previous owners installed this slide, and it was called "The Vortex," I think. They had this really cheesy commercial with ominous music and some dude saying, "Im not afraid of it!"

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^Good question. Their last new attraction was the Hubba Hubba Highway, and that was three years ago. Not sure when they'll jump on the "tornado/toilet-bowl" band wagon. Personally, I'd like to see one of those slides where you're propelled uphill--those sound pretty cool.

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I absolutely love Water Country. Its been a LONG time since I've been there. It was great getting to see pictures of it again.


Lemon Drop and Peppermint Twist used to scare the crap out of me, but I'd still ride them. I'm foolish.


Did you ride the bobsled slide? I think its pretty fun. I don't recall its name.

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I remember once as a young and very dumb kid I paid for a package at the old waterslides at Salisbury Beach (before it was Pirates Fun Park). It was 30 minutes on the normal twisting slide and 3 rides on the toboggan or speed slide. I finished my time on the standard slide, rode the speed slide and hated it because you caught air and when you landed it hurt. (Not to mention how scary it was.) Then I rode the toboggan water slide. To this day, it was the scariest water ride I have ever been on! I rode the speed slide again, and nearly broke my fingers when I landed because of the position they enforced on that slide.



The lousy and sometimes painful memories of the park I refuse to admit was my first home park.


I claim Canobie Lake!

Down with Pirates Not Very Fun Park!

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Did you ride the bobsled slide? I think its pretty fun. I don't recall its name.


Do you mean the Rampage? If so, yes I did (there's a picture of it in my TR). There's an inflatable, three-person tobaggan slide called Meltdown (hard to get a good picture of it, though), which I also rode. My raft stopped dead for a moment right before the splash pool, until this big wave shoved it the rest of the way. (This happens with single riders all the time, the lifeguard in the pool told me.)


^I didn't bash my head on the Peppermint Twist, but they do advise you to ride with your ankles crossed and your arms crossed over your chest (and not to sit up).

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Oops! I missed your question re. Great Wolf Lodge, Kumba. It's about a ten-minute drive from there to Water Country. The lodge is on E. Rochambeau (not too far from Pierce's Pitt Barbeque, if you're familiar with that joint). Turn right on Rochambeau, pick up I-64 E toward Norfolk, then take the exit for Yorktown (WC is on Rt. 199).

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^No problem with it yesterday. The previous owners installed this slide, and it was called "The Vortex," I think. They had this really cheesy commercial with ominous music and some dude saying, "Im not afraid of it!"


Oh man here we go first Chuck thanks for driving me crazy I knew the original name was not Vortex but I remember it was a kick ass name and I was HIGHLY pissed when they changed it..so after going through my bin of maps and stuff (oh man the stuff I found ) It was originally called "Sonic Whip" and I noticed in your picture that it looks like they took out the third slide on it (figures). I have not been in many years but I love and hate what Busch has done to the place. first the hate, The Amazon (now called Wild thing) was my second favorite slide it was just extremely fast and had these WILD changes of directions with drops, then Busch puts brakes on the ride and KILLS it. (did the same thing on jet scream)

Also taking out the best speed slide on Sonic whip is another F U to guest that already wait in HUGE lines in the summer.


BUT they have added many attractions in the 13 years they have had the place and Aquazoid is a great ride and the theme is spectacular now, I Absolutely love the 50's Beach theme and soundtrack make the park so nice.

The park is definetly more attractive since the take over.


oh yea one more thing, Chuck do you remember when Rampage had the Double sleds? I think they were only there for one year 1994 I believe and people had the Wildest Wipeouts from the force of that huge sled with 2 people hitting the water like that...truly an attraction that was fun to watch. I will have to do more digging to find a pic of the double sleds but I am pretty sure it was in one of the brochures.


OK I am done for now, and thanks for the TR maybe I will go next year in May or Sep. when the crowds are as light as they were when you were there.




third slide on right and original name and paint job

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^^Thanks, Jeff--I seem to have the name "Vortex" on the brain lately. I remember the third slide, too, but from what I recall they didn't use it all the time. I don't remember the Rampage's double sleds, but there is one thing Busch did to improve that slide--you no longer have to carry the sleds up the steps! You're right about Wild Thang, too--not quite the slide it used to be (when it was called "Vortex," er, I mean "The Amazon").


But still a great waterpark.

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^Dunno--it wasn't there last season, though. Seems to me that the Lemon Drop once had three slides in a previous life, but I wouldn't place a bet on that.


I need to check out a Disney water park one of these days.

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