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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole Do Canada's Wonderland

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So today was my first visit to Canada's Wonderland, as well as my first visit to any Canada park. I must saythat I was very impressed with things. Operations were kind of slow, but its only the 2nd week of the season for them, and they were doing much better 2 weeks in than PKD was doing 2 weeks in for their season. Pass processing was a breeze, the park opened early, the rides opened early, and despite the crowds I managed to get on everything I wanted in 1 day. Oh yeah, it was also a cheerleading day, but luckily I had great local experts to offer advise and terrific company while I waited in line. Now onto the pictures!


But no one was happy after riding this!


Then we made a dash to Tomb Raider because Nicole wanted to make NGTom happy


It wasn't a bad ride, just not very thrilling, but really fun!


Which we only had a 2 train wait for, and got front seat


First ride of the day, Italian Job!


The Sea of Cheerleaders wasn't nearly as bad as the Animal Kingdom Sea of Humanity, and we actually got let go early!


Canada: where the '80s live on in 2006!


The new Starbucks opened today. ACE was onsite for the ceremonies, but when they found out they didn't get free coffee, they went back to their hotel for the free breakfast


Yeah, I got a season pass, I'm a rock star


Here's the entrance. Instead of a Tower celebrating France, we have a big plaster mountain

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Nice start to your visit in "our" Theme Park, Derek. Lookin' great so far, what you've posted.


And hey - sometimes they have sexy divers dive off that 'plaster mountain' into the pool of water below...


Oh yeah - and sometimes, women dive off there, too. (hah)


~ ~ ~


Nicole! Congrats on your "WIN" in the UK Tour 'Big Mike Contest'! I'll save a Caramel AERO bar for ya in June, lol.


(Yeah, yeah I know, she just advanced a level - bite me, beer boi. )


~ ~ ~


Looking forward to more Canada Action Pix from you gois, mm'k?


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Canada's Wifi isn't that good at this hotel, so I'll do the pictures in increments around 10. Onto the next set:


These Go-carts were "special"


Drop Zone was another great ride, and this shot required some maneuvering


Same layout, more or less


Wild Beast was pretty much a tame Grizzly with no tunnel


Thunder Run was probably one of the best "coasters" in the park!


But I got one credit that is most saught after on TPR! =)


Next we rode the Fly, also bad on capacity


Tom, this one is for you


The Bat offered great signature shot vertical loop goodness


Here some Canucks are fishing for salmon or something


Next up was the Bat, which would have an evil line later

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Last batch for tonight, the rest will have to wait:


Sucks to be Nicole! =)


Oh baby, Skyrider's vertical loop sure turns me on!


Did I mention there were Canadians in the park today!?


And yes, I did get the other highly anticipated VIP rock star credit


And yes, it was busting spines extra good today!


Ohhh goodie, the Spinebuster!


I think Jesus dove off the mountain into the pool at the end of this gospel session or something


Barry, here's a shot of Nicole's hair, just for you


Cliffhanger was cool without the water, Dan would approve, but it had a really short program


I can't understand the Canadian language for the life of me!


Dragon Fire, another coaster Arrow designed in 8 seconds

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Nice TR Derek. It was a blast hanging out with you guys this weekend.


Just got home now myself. Probably post most of my pics tomorow sometime. Too tired to get through it all tonight.


Here's a couple teaser pics though.


No TR is complete without wild boar ass.


My hand stamp of doom. Took 3 wetnaps, 4 napkins, and 5 minutes worth of soap and water to get rid of.

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Great photos!


Thanks for the photos of Nicole's hair. I am blowing it up to poster size and hanging it on the back of my bedroom door.


Is it just me or did Derek get a cheap feel of Nicole's boob in one of those photos? Oh, I wish I was Nicole then...er, I mean, Derek! And I wish Derek would have kissed me...er, aw, heck, there's no way out of this now...


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^Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm okkkkkkk!!!



Derek you are now the envy of all the guys here at TPR!!!!

But great job dude!!


This is just the begining!....and I see a sparkly in Nicoles eye! :p


This means not to step on their Fender Bass's that they have laying around those station houses! Those wacky canadians and their instruments, I tell ya!!

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Damn, someone got 2!!!! credits in one day..lol Oh wait, are we talking 'bout coasters here?


I can't believe how hot many Canadian women are, but come on now, they dress like its the Headbangers ball from the 80's....next thing I'll see in a Canuck PTR here is David Lee Roth jumping out of that Starbucks building and singing "Jump" on the way to Drop Zone.


Weather seemed nice there. Nice photo's (boars ass enhances the view).


Which Top Gun is better? PCW (Canada) or PKI?

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Glad you had a nice time in Canada!


For riding Womb Raider on my behalf, you shall both be receiving some kind of present from me in June! And seeing how Derek also got me a Shockwave car as well, I'll make sure that they are even more awesome!

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We headed to the park again today (third day in a row for me!), and rode pretty much every flat ride, as well as a couple rides on the "better" coasters in the park. My dream of breaking down on a ride was also fulfilled, but I will leave you all hanging in suspense with regards to what occurred until Derek posts his photos.


Overall, I had a REALLY awesome time. However; I finally realized just how crappy the coasters really are. Vortex would be good if it had padded headrests and didn't do that weird lurching thing (anyone who has ridden knows what I'm referring to).

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Wow! This is AWESOME! Look what I've started! Does any other coaster/theme park enthusiast group have hot chick boob grabbing as a running joke? We rock!


There better have been some fucking on that trip or I'm going to be seriously pissed off!



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Here are the only photos I have from the weekend that Derek didn't take or get a better version of.


Heath and Derek looking at some "Student Info". I'm not sure if this means they are looking to become students, or are looking for some hot local students.


"Hello Tom, I am here to ride you." We rode Tom several times this weekend. He was a lot of fun, but we wished he would have lasted longer.


...especially Derek.


Derek and Heath go to great lengths to ensure an awesome photo of Drop Zone...


Here is a lovely photo of me and my #1 ranked steel coaster.

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Wow! This is AWESOME! Look what I've started! Does any other coaster/theme park enthusiast group have hot chick boob grabbing as a running joke? We rock!


There better have been some fudging on that trip or I'm going to be seriously pissed off!




Robb, you can grab my boobs anytime, baby.


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I made it back home safely (and 2 hours early!) so without further ado, here's some more pictures from yesterday.


Our hotel was right next to Labatt's, but we didn't have any of their beer all weekend


And my "both at the same time" credit =)


Speaking of credits, here's our "Picture in front of Wonder Mt." credit


We were lucky enough to meet up with the Team for the last hour in the park


There's a blurry bunch of Pittsborg people (no, Nicole did not take that photo!)


And this Psyclone was much better than the one at SFMM, though not even Jeff could find a way to count this as a credit, I hope!


The Giant Jump was unusual, but fun and pain free


But at least we had entertainment, thanks to every day being Cheerleader Day at Paramount


Yeah, we're bored. Stupid lost article search


Hooray for the final credit. Not hooray for the 90 minute wait to ride


We're all set for the UK!


Vortex was the best coaster in the park


Oh yeah, I'm an ACEr, so next I needed some fresh made BBQ chips


Nicole finally felt sorry for him and gave him the proper change so we could move on with our day


Here is Paul wasting 20 minutes of our day trying to get a stupid drink


And our not so lovely model shows us where to put them


Our lovely model shows us how to hold a donut


And then they poop out onto this conveyer


Tom may be tiny, but he makes cute donuts


Though Paul looked like Godzilla trying to fit in that train!


And Scooby had a really nice queue


Silver Streak wasn't quite as bad as Runaway Reptar at PCWi

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Finally, Nicole and I went back to the park on Sunday.


Today was really empty, thank goodness for mothers needing their own special day, it really kept the crowds away. The weather forecast probably helped, but the weather was actually really good the whole day, though there were occasion gusts of wind and random clouds.


We didn't ride too many coasters again, but we did manage to ride Vortex, Italian Job, and Wild Beast again. They were the most pain free so we enjoyed them. We ride pretty much all the flatrides, and I've come to the conclusion that this park may have a lot of coasters, but they're all pretty basic. However, this park is one of the best for a variety of good flats, even though many of them run really short programs.


Onto the pics:


Despite having average coasters, the park has lots of flats and is really nicely maintained. Lots of people come and just sit around


Jet Scream was old school flatride fun today, though it assaulted Nicole's boobs more than I did!


Vortex really is the best coaster in the park!


That's right! A few years ago I was a silouette model for some extra cash while in college


Who does this look like?


Heehee, hey Ellen, beaver! =)


Are Canadians really that dumb?


TPR exclusive shot!


Whereas Derek has glued hair that won't move at all in 100kph winds!


Nicole has awesome weather vane hair


This is the new super flatride


Sadly, Taxi Jam will have to wait until we're with a kid or midget


We headed right to Scooby Doo's darkride thing before the line got too long. We both stank at shooting stuff though. But since we were together, we weren't sad and pathetic


I wonder if this is where the ACE group picture was taken?


Faggin Dragon says "oh my god, I just loooove your outfit!"


The park used to have really good theming before Paramount took it over


Here's your hot couple in front of the mountain again

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