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Photo TR: Tatsu opening day

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Opening Day


Here some pictures. Also Psyclone valleyed today. While I was boarding the first train, I saw Psyclone other train roll back and I was like "Oh great."


Line when the park first opened.


First ride of the day.


First train on the lift.


I took the picture a little too early but here's the train coming around the tower.


A better shot.


Inside the station.


Third train being checked.


Third train being added.


They even had ninjas roaming around.


Nice view of empty train.



Tatsu in the bottom of the pretzel.



Tatsu taking the first drop over the line.


Look how busy.


People still coming in.


Where the line for Tatsu ended.

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Oh...My....God. I am so glad i went media day instead of today after seeing that line. Thats crazy! Well, its nice to see that the public is giving tatsu the attention it deserves. It really is a great ride. Its also exciting to see that sky tower is finally open. I can't wait to get some overhead shots of tatsu .

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jeez was the zig zag thing in the line open or was it just walking by it serriously though I am glad I got my 20-30 rides on media day

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LMAO at roaming ninja. Pretty commendable effort, though.


But geez, that's one long line! How much do you estimate the wait was?


Nice to see Tatsu being a hit already, though. I too am glad I got my easy rides on media day.

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Phew... good thing I've got two hours ERT next Sunday. Should be awesome riding at night! I'm also curious as to how long the wait has been, with the dual loading station and all.

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