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How much does it cost to keep the boards running?


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I was wondering how much it cost to keep the boards up on the site. Could someone tell me much it costs. I'd like to add some boards and a chatroom to my own site if its not too expensive!

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How do you guys make money on the site? Other sites have advertisments that pay to advertise, you have none(really appreciate it) so how do you pay for the site?


OK - first off, no site is self-sufficient in terms of advertisements paying for hosting. Ad blockers and stuff have made internet ads pretty darn low in terms of payout. Honestly, at this point, I find them to be useless.


I think a lot of credit and repect should be given to the Alveys for having probably the most expensive-to-run website as far as coaster sites go, yet paying for most of it out of their own pockets. Shirts and DVDs, no matter how many you sell or how high you can get the profit margin (which I would bet is pretty low) they just won't pay for the hosting of this site. Then they go and pay for 200 Tatsu Camp Out shirts and offer food and drinks and again, I doubt that comes close to the $$$ raised by sales of stuff.


But by all means buy as much stuff as you can and help even them, even if its not much every bit helps.


Simply put: I doubt they make money off this site.


- Joe

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I asked Robb once and I was pretty shocked at how much it costs to run this site. It is IMO tied for the Very best site out here (www.rcdb.com being the other) although they are completely different sites.


I have never seen 2 people so dedicated to something they lose soo much money on to provide the community with the very latest media and info and to provide them FOR FREE is beyond the call and I thank them very much.


Also I encourage anybody who has not already to buy video's, shirts, donkeys, whatever to help the Alvey's keep this site the Very best site out there.


Once again Thanks for this great site Robb & Elissa and everybody that helps to keep it the best on the net.



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