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Game - Guess this coaster...

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Before this, the first person to guess would be correct, which seems too easy to me. I think "guess the coaster" should be difficult, so I experimented with that picture, and looks like I made it too difficult. For that, I apologize *bows head*. Now I know what NOT to do.


Anyway, here is the full picture. It's something I took, so you can't find the exact one online. It's still pretty difficult, but I'm sure some may recognize the features of the station house.


And just incase, here's another hint: It's a "sweet" ride.


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We aren't angry, (at least I'm not) it's just that there's a point where guessing is just that, guessing! Random picking of a coaster isn't what the game is about. I mean, we are all coaster nerds, it's hard to stump us, but give us some sort of clue

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^ I was kinda hoping there would be that one person that would be like


"Hmmm, it's definitely a wooden coaster... it's not part of the train, so it must be a transfer track. Well then let's see here, let me go through my hundreds upon hundreds of rollercoaster pictures here... dut duh dut duh hmm, I have transfer tracks pictures of this one, this one, this o-- AH HA! *raises finger to the ceiling* It's Wildcat!"


Looking back on the first picture I posted, I honestly don't know why I thought someone would get that. Sorry again.

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That was weird... did a post just get deleted?

Dinn... hmmm... This

IT WAS at Tivoli Gardens as Slangen(so it is defunct), but is currently at Dippie Doe family park. That was actually pretty damn hard!




Mines obviously picture 2! Have fun... y'all know the rules!


I WIN!!!!!


Heres mine! Play!

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