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How do you ride?

How do you ride?  

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  1. 1. How do you ride?

    • Hands up
    • White Knuckling (Holding on tight)
    • Arms down but not holding on
    • hands up through wussy parts (lift) but holding on during loop or airtime
    • holding on with one hand while the other is in the air

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searched and could not find anything on this.


I used to always put my hands up, but I do not do it anymore (just occasionally on woodies).

Now I usually just keep my hands down but I do not hold on.


What do you do?

(hopefully nobody picks either of the last 2 )



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Yeah, I do the arms down but not really holding on, unless it's a rough ride.


Same here, I can't be bothered to have my arms up, mine just rest on my legs, unless its a Vekoma where I hold on for dear life and grit my teeth so they bleed



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I concur with the others--depends on the ride. For example, hands up on Apollo's Chariot (a smooth ride with no OSRs), but I try to brace myself a bit on Anaconda (a rougher ride with OSRs).

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It all depends on the kind of ride, like many have said. I like to keep my hands down on floorless coasters and inverts and just have them casually on my lap. Rides with a good amount of air I like to have my hands up. Rough wooden coasters and SLC's I hold on for dear life. The same thing with Arrow loopers.

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I haven't been on many coasters. On Apollo's Chariot I put my hands up all the way but on the 2 Arrows I've been on (Big Bad Qolf and Loch Ness Monster), I held on because when I tried to put my hands up, my arm nearly got stuck. But both of them, I did find them smooth (I know, I'm crazy).

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I just recently discovered, that I love riding the coaster here like a bucking bronco. Mucho fun over the small bunny hop airtimes.... yes!


Am definitely going to try this new 'style' out on the UK-TPR Tour in June.


Ride'em, Hippie!


(That means I voted: one hand down, holding on for dear life -hee- one hand high and waving like it's the meanest brute on the woodie 'range'...)

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Unless I'm riding Flashback, My hands are ALWAYS up. The only thing ever hold onto on a ride whiote knuckled is my camcorder! Holding on is for sissys!

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