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Tiki Island Theme Park

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I am starting a new park called Tiki Island Theme Park. As you might expect of the title, it is Tropical Themed. I have completed the water park for the theme park, and I would you guys to comment on it, it you like it, or don't like it please. It would greatly be appreciated, as then I got improve on things you guys don't like.


Here are some pics of Voodoo Island Water Park. Hope you like it.




The exit of the last 2 water slides.


The last 2 water slides in the park.


2 Master Blasters that wrap around the side of the mountain.


A pic of the back of the mountain.


2 out of 6 Water Slides at the park.


Overview of Voodoo Island.

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Here is a download for the people who just want the wtaerpark because when I have it completed, it will lag their computer down greatly.


Oh, and please ignore the supports going through the waterslides. They are like that, and I cant fix it. I didnt use the custom slide supports because it wouldnt give the park that tropical island feel. I wanted them to blend in with the surrounding scenery.


Anyway, I hope you guys like the waterpark. More updates coming soon.

Voodoo Island Waterpark.zip


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I am really sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been tied down with school work. And tomorrow I am going to Dublin for a hockey tournament from 7am-10pm. And I am just after finishing an Invert with loads of terrain editing and I just lost it because RCT3 keeps on crashing.


I should hopefully get an update up sometime soon because I am off 3 days next week for study leave for my exams.

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Ok, I am really sorry for the lack of updates, but I managed to grab a few hours to myself and work on RCT3. The only thing I have added was a Bobsled style coaster, and an Information building at the front. There isn't much, but it is good.


Overview of the park.


The station of the Bobsled style coaster, and a turn.


The backside of the Information building.


This is the Information building, with decking over the moat surrounding the water park.

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I have finished the Bobsled coaster. I have nearly finished theming the queue, but I was wondering what you guys thought about this coaster. I know it is a bobsled in the middle of the rain forest, but I got thought about making a coaster like the one at Parc Asterix. So, here is the nearly finished coaster, I think. I still haven't got a name for the ride, but I was wondering if you guys could think of one?


This is a burning castle in the queue. Couldn't think of something else to put in. It is quite unique.


Some more pictures.


A view of the station and turn.




Another overview


A souvenir shop in the middle of the ride. (BTW, I know there is a loudspeaker in the middle of the balcony, I just like to listen to music and I built over it.)

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Here is a small update. I have added a new restaurant called "Cafe Brazilia", A Tagada ride and a Souvenir Shop. These pics are night shots, and some are pretty impressive. I hope you like them. The next update with be the opening of the park, and a new ride is being planned.


The Tagada ride during the day.


Cafe Brazilia


Overview of the park at night.


The Tagada ride at night.

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Thats awesome! Where'd you get those colored fountains?!?!


You just make the fountains as you normally do in the mix master. Then you double click on the bar that represents the fountain that you want to color. There is a colour bar somewhere on the option menu and then you double click on it. If you have any problems, just ask, or else I can take step-by-step photos on RCT3 if you want if your having problems.

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At last, the opening day of the park has arrived. The park has been a huge it with over 900 visitors in less than 2 minutes.

The park is not yet complete, there is still more to come. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Also, I have included a .zip file of the park at this stage if any of you people want to download it now because of lagging.


Also, please comment because I want to know what you guys think of it, and what I can improve on. Thanks


The water park was a huge hit.


The opening day!!


A Night shot of a section of the park before the opening day.

Tiki Island Themepark.zip

The park file.


An overview shot of the park. I think it looks very impressive.


The other part of it.


Mini Golf at night.


At night.


The Tagada was very popular.


Mini golf has also been added.


A new ride has been added. It is called Firestarter.


Tiki Twister was very popular as well.

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