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Casino Pier (Seaside Heights) Discussion Thread

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This post that The Jersey Shore made on their Facebook page really cleared things up as to where this all took place for me, and I thought some others may like to see it as well.


"Since there has been so much confusion created by the news media such as the boardwalk being being 80% damaged, the historic century old carousel being destroyed, the newly laid boardwalk being destroyed, etc - I have created this map of key landmarks so people can get a better idea of the truth.


1) - the boardwalk was NOT replaced between Stockton Ave and just south of Dupont, NORTH of Dupont Ave is the new boardwalk. Basically only one block of the newly laid boardwalk was destroyed.


2) The carousel that was destroyed was located as the Carousel Arcade by Funtown, while the historic century old carousel is located at Casino Arcade by Casino Pier.


3) The main fire stopped at Dupont Ave, but did jumped to Lincoln Ave and destroyed the buildings south of Lincoln Ave and the NORTHERN side of Beachcomber. The southern side of Beachcomber closest to the main fire along Dupont was untouched and even in aerial photos you can clearly see the outside tables where I ate on Monday untouched along with the ramp.


4) The new boardwalk was ripped up to make the trench at Lincoln Ave to try to prevent the fire from going north beyond that point.


I hope this will show that 80% of the boardwalk is NOT destroyed and the fire - while large - was contained within a rather small section that makes up the ENTIRE Seaside Boardwalk.


BTW - the dotted line indicates the border of Seaside Heights."

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Side note: Can a mod change the topic name? The fire actually was both in Seaside Park (originated) then spread to Seaside Heights. I

No. I'm seriously f**king sick of people telling me this. People that are not from the area have no f**king clue what "Seaside Park" is. They know the area as Seaside Heights. That's like me telling people I live in Dr. Phillips. Do you know what that is? No. Of course you don't. But you're heard of Orlando, right?


We have busted our A$$ bringing you all as up-to-date coverage on this as possible and you're giving us crap over a name? When the fire ACTUALLY WAS IN SEASIDE HEIGHTS!!! I could understand your petty argument if the fire never touched Seaside Heights, but as you just said yourself, 35 businesses were destroyed. Why don't you focus on how to help those people out instead of bitching at us over the title of our thread?


The title will remain Seaside Heights and if you don't like it, don't read our forums.


Thank you.


--Robb "Sick of people bitching over this. Deal with it or go away." Alvey


Wasn't really bitching about it. Was actually just seeing if you could add the "park" to it. You have a valid point that locals really only know the difference; I wasn't thinking about people who read the forums that aren't from the area and know the whole boardwalk as Seaside Heights. Please don't take it personal. Definitely was not trying to piss you off. Sorry if it came out that way.


Anyway, anybody find it really amazing that The Sawmill is still standing? The fire literally started within feet of the establishment and it appears that they only suffered minor damage.

Sorry you got the brunt of my venting, it's just we've had a number of people tell me this and yours was the final straw. Thanks for understanding.

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Went down to check out the damage from the fire today. All I can say is it's a disaster. Everything looks out of place. It is really such a shame.


It was still smoldering pretty damn good when I was there. Pt. Pleasant and Seaside Fire Companies were applying a decent amount of water in the vicinity of Funtown Pier. One of the reporters stated that they had a pretty good flare up there earlier this morning. It is going to take a very long time in my opinion to recover from this.














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Apparently the fire has been ruled accidental, but is still currently unconfirmed by officials. I also read somewhere that the fire was believed to have been started in an electrical box under Kohrs.


One thing I disagree with is how Christie is using relief money from Superstorm Sandy to clean up the debris removal. Why on earth would he use money desiginated for Sandy relief on an unrelated disaster? Parts of the shore, especially Ortley Beach (which is pretty much right next to Seaside Heights) are still devastated and have yet to bounce back. It is totally unfair in my opinion...I mean, they want the fire to be cleaned up and rebuilt by Memorial Day (which is pushing it I believe) but they should not be using money to clean up something that was completely unrelated from Sandy.


SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. - September 16, 2013 (WPVI) -- Law enforcement sources tell Action News the boardwalk fire in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights has been ruled accidental.


Sources also told ABC News the same ruling.


ABC News anchor David Muir tweeted the following Monday night: "#BREAKING Officials: Investigators ruling fire that destroyed major section of Jersey Shore boardwalk 'accidental' Via @ABC's Josh Margolin." New Jersey will use Superstorm Sandy-recovery money to pay for debris removal at the scene of last week's boardwalk fire.


No other details on how the fire started have been released at this time.


New Jersey will use Superstorm Sandy-recovery money to pay for debris removal at the scene of last week's boardwalk fire.


Gov. Chris Christie's administration said it hopes the extra aid will speed the rebuilding. Dozens of businesses were destroyed in the blaze on a boardwalk that had only recently been repaired from damage it sustained in Sandy.


"We're moving as swiftly and aggressively as we can to help these communities and their boardwalk businesses rebuild from this unfortunate stumbling block to our overall Sandy recovery," Christie said.


Christie called the damage to some existing structures a safety hazard that needed to be addressed quickly. He said that covering the cost of debris removal would allow governments and businesses to "get down to work immediately to restore one of the Jersey Shore's most iconic boardwalks."


The funding will be administered by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority through an existing Superstorm Sandy block grant program.


"The extensive damage caused by Thursday's fire has made the Seaside community's recovery from Superstorm Sandy all the more difficult," said Richard Constable, the state community affairs commissioner. He said his staff will work with local officials to determine which fire-damaged buildings are unsafe and need to be torn down.


State officials will be on hand Monday afternoon to offer assistance to businesses and residents affected by Thursday's fire, which destroyed four blocks of boardwalk businesses. Representatives from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and other agencies will provide information at the Seaside Heights Municipal Complex.


Over the weekend Christie also pledged $15 million in state aid to the burned businesses, also using Sandy recovery money.

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^Does it really matter where the money comes from? Taking from Sandy was probably a quick way to get money flowing. If they had to appropriate it, it might takes weeks until cleanup would begin. In the end it all comes out of the pockets of the people of New Jersey.

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If you were a home owner who was affected by Sandy and has yet to receive aid or help from the government and you see this news, what would you think? I mean, granted, it is just for cleanup purposes, but it just bugs me that other people/businesses can use this money seeing that it is designated strictly for Sandy aid.


The official cause of the fire will be announced at a press conference at 2PM. So hopefully we will find out the EXACT cause of the fire then.


EDIT: The cause of the fire was apparently due to Superstorm Sandy. It caused unforeseen electrical issues that shorted out and sparked the fire. Therefore, I'll retract my statement about the money being used from Sandy Aid. Sandy caused this fire in reality, so ya, I don't see any problem using some money for cleanup efforts.

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My only question is where Scandia plans on putting it. They don't exactly have acres to deal with being squished between 80, the motel 6, and the neighborhood.


Sure hope they don't plan on taking out the batting cages.

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Damn, this guy is like Michael Myers and came back a year latter for more shenanigans.


Lavallete man climbs Slingshot ride in Seaside Heights


A Lavallette man was arrested Tuesday evening for climbing to the top of the Slingshot ride at the FunTown Amusement Pier in Seaside Heights, according to a report from the Asbury Park Press.


This is the second time Christopher Angelo, 38, climbed an amusement park ride in Seaside to place an American flag on top. In January, Angelo climbed the JetStar Roller Coaster while it was submerged in the ocean right off the pier after Hurricane Sandy.


Angelo made his way to the top of the Slingshot ride during the Light Up New Jersey commemoration on the one year anniversary of Sandy, the report said.


After Angelo came back to the ground, Seaside Heights police arrested him on a disorderly conduct charge, Police Chief Thomas Boyd told The Press.


While Angelo had the proper equipment to climb safely, Boyd told The Press that “you still can’t do that.”




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His mother says the 38-year-old lives at his grandmother's home in Lavallette.


This is all you need from the article. Oh, and replace 'home' with 'basement'.


Let's be fair, a lot of displaced people are currently living with relatives. I do take exception with anyone calling his antic patriotic.


I stand by my comment...$100 says he was ALREADY living in the basement before the storm!


Given the recent antic... $100 says he is still in that basement or at most graduated to the attic.

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Casino Pier will be adding three new rides this summer including a Musik Express and an Air Race!


Seaside Heights' Casino Pier adds three new rides for summer 2014

March 26, 2014 at 11:10 AM




Owners of the Seaside Heights amusement park that was ripped apart by Hurricane Sandy plans this year to replace a ride lost in the storm: the Musik Express.


The ride will be one of three added to the pier's lower deck in 2014, according to Maria Mastoris, the marketing manager for Casino Pier.


"Everyone loves (the Musik Express)," said Mastoris. "They love the DJ, the sounds, the music. I think a lot of people are thrilled about that just as much as we are."


Mastoris said the pier will also have a new ride called the Air Race, which is designed to give thrill seekers the experience of an acrobatic flight, and a ride geared toward younger children called the Jump Around. That ride allows children — and their parents — to take a spin in one of six different four-seat beach buggies.


There won't be a roller coaster this year though.


"We still have to build our upper deck," said Mastoris, "so that would be the only space to actually have a roller coaster."


Casino Pier's Jet Star roller coaster became an iconic symbol of Sandy after the ride plunged into the ocean.

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I stopped by Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights this week. I didn't even think to go down and check out the other pier. I think I was more shocked driving down from Point Pleasant to Seaside Heights, You could exactly tell where everything went from being rebuilt to various stages of repair to hasn't been touched since Sandy.


But Casino Pier looked pretty good.

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