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Casino Pier (Seaside Heights) Discussion Thread

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Well I guess everything that has happened to Seaside this past year is all karma for the episodes of Jersey Shore...


This fire wouldn't of been as bad as it is right now, if the first truck on scene started to put water on the fire instead of trying to get into the Khor's building.

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According to that live news report link, the fire just got to the Funtown sign.

Any new photos from local news to post? Take a picture of your TV screen and post it if they show anything interesting!

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This is heartbreaking. This is where my band and I played every month, where my family would go to for a night at the shore, where I met my fiance. Here's hoping they can contain this beast as soon as possible and no one gets seriously hurt in the process.


Man, when life hands you lemons, it shoves them up your ass as well.

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Reporting 80% of the boardwalk is destroyed.


Untrue! The fire departments just cut a 20 foot section of the boardwalk out at the midway point of the boardwalk (just south of the Midway Steak Stand) The NJ governor is saying that anything south of that cut will be destroyed and the fire department is confident they can prevent the fire from jumping to the northern part of the boardwalk (where Casino Pier is)

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