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Trip to Tokyo DR in 3 weeks & using TPR Japan Guide


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Hey Robb & Elissa & TPR, I hardly ever post here, but I thought this merited a thread since I'm pretty much betting my own safety on the Japan Trip Guide found here. I know I'm not known, but I did run into Robb & Elissa & 'Hypotenuse' at Magic Mountain a couple months ago. It was my first time back to SFMM after my jaw surgery.


Anyway, the trip is nearly identical to the first four days listed on the guide found here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/japan2004/japanguide1.htm

Here are the details of the trip myself & a friend from Visions Fantastic will be going on:



Depart Los Angeles at 1:15pm on JAL

Arrive Tokyo Narita at 4:35pm on 5/28


Since we're arriving so late, I'm relying on the back-up plan noted on the guide taking the trains. Is this information up to date & accurate? Do the trains run during the times we'll need them? How exactly do we buy the train tickets?


Assuming we make it to our hotel, we're staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay thanks to the awesome rate they were charging: 17,000JPY/night! Next cheapest was twice that! So thanks TPR for that little tidbit.


We'll be staying there from 5/28 - 6/2. We plan to buy a starlight pass into TDS the night of the 28th to hopefully ride Journey before it goes down. After that we plan to spend 3 days at TDL/TDS. The other day we plan to go shopping and buy an after 5pm entry into Sega Joyopolis since it looked so cool from the pictures. We'll be relying on the information given in the guide as to how to get there via the trains from TDR. So we're looking for any updates to information, tips, tricks, tidbits, etc. I was a little puzzled at their pricing structure. Do you get unlimited use of attractions with the after 5 passport? Maybe I'm just blind but I couldn't really figure it out.


After all that's done, we'll head home:


Depart Tokyo Narita @ 5:20pm on JAL

Arrive LAX @ 11:15am thus completing joke of flying back in time.


So...we think we know what we're doing with this guide, but we have no idea about how much things like food cost. Nor do we really know any tricks about the parks themselves. We're very savvy Disneyland goers & we'd like to know what, if any, insider details are there about the Tokyo Disney Parks.


Thanks very much for any help provided & I'll be seeing you guys at the Tatsu Media Day Campout on Wed night!


-- Peoplemover "If I don't come back, avenge my death!" Matt

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