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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Polar Plunge Photos & Videos!

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Hey everyone,


We have quite an "interesting" update for you.....



Today was the "Polar Plunge" at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor where "Team Theme Park Review" raised money for our local Special Olympics chapter by jumping into freezing cold water. Needless to say our group fit in JUST FINE at this event!


Several members donated money via our "plungers" as they went into the cold water early this morning.


Guy also "sold his body parts" to TPR members and we have all that insanity on video!


To say today was "crazy" is an understatement. And to prove as such, we have created *THREE* videos along with today's photo update.


To give you an idea of what you're in for if you click the above link......


Um, Robb seems to be enjoying this WAY too much!


Team Theme Park Review!!!


Um, yeah...it was "cold"


Tatsu is now "Soylent Green." And we have proof!!!


Anyway, you NEED to see this update! It's pretty insane!



Have fun!



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That was great guys!


Excellent represent, yo!


The plunge looks like something I could probably do, knowing how c-c-c-cold it tis up thisaways, har har.


And GREAT on the $$$ raised too! And Guy's Body Parts shall be forever immortalized... and never forgotten...


...no matter how hard we all try.



Good goin' everybody.


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I noted somewhere last week that Tatsu's station was starting to look like a McDonald's.


Revolution's track has been repainted? Well, I can see that some of it is, but if you look at that one picture, way in the back, Revolution has not been repainted. Just the parts of it that are close to walkways have been.


Otherwise, the new area is taking shape and looking nice!



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^ What "blue crap"??? It was all GREEN! Really GREEN! That's why made the "Soylent" video. Because it was "Soylent GREEN" not "Soylent BLUE!"


This looks pretty green to me!


--Robb "Australians must be color blind!" Alvey

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Sorry about that Mark!


If it makes you feel any better, it actually tasted more like what I imagine a Home Depot tastes like.



Well guys...today I had a...butt-load of fun! I am definitely looking forward to next years event, for sure! Guy in a speedo, Wallmart donuts, water-slides on fire, and succesfully balancing a tight lunch budget....it all spells one hell of a day!



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Wow, that was awesome. I think Guy is my new hero. Haha. And way to go guys for the special olympics thing. I think that is awesome. Oh and the videos are a perfect touch to the whole report. Two thumbs way up!


---Nick C.

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Oh, my, GAWD.

Forget the "jahan knowing what robb tastes like" thing. This picture is FAR more disturbing.


(not the cute little kid, look to the right!)


You b@$tArd!


I had succesfully negotiated the entire photo update without seeing that!


Heebie jeebies!




We need a yuk taiko smiley!


Tomorrow I'll be able to see the videos. Do I want to?



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Oh my god, I am dying here! That first video with Robb & Guy was meatnormously funny! And Guy is THE MAN! I'm officially putting in a bid now for a message across his back for next year (I just have to think of something really odd to put there).


And I remember Viper lines like that the first year the ride was open. I'm amazed it gets a line at all now. That was shocking.


All the videos and photos were great. Looks like everyone had a good time. And how cold was the water, anyway?



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