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On 10/27/2020 at 7:25 AM, coasterbill said:

If it's anything like it was 2 years ago you can straight-up wheel in a cooler full of beer. I think they've also since built a beer garden. Maybe a local knows more about the specific rules...

PS: God, I love this park. I hate how much I love this park because it's in the middle of nowhere but I love this park.

I'm pretty sure they allow it, I don't drink but I know it was a big topic of discussion on the parks socials and other forums if they would ban outside beer. From my understanding the only new rule is that you can't bring beer into the biergarten and you can't take beer purchased there out. They have security posted to make sure of this (or at least it was that way in 2019). I sat out last season but from everything I heard nothing changed with those rules.

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We decided to take a quick drive (6 hours) from Vegas up to Lagoon, just north of Salt Lake City this past weekend. We had to get a haunt in this year.    Even though the park was busy and mask

People are generally over it and even parks that did a great job with covid protocols last summer are struggling now. The data coming out now is highlighting just how insanely rare outdoor transmissio

^ yes. Yes they did. I wanted to get down there sometime in the winter, but could never quite justify the drive (at least, without being able to ride some coasters as part of the trip).  I've got

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On 3/26/2021 at 2:19 AM, vertigomkie said:

Excited to make there in May, it’ll be my first visit too—has anyone gone to Antelope Island near the park to view the salt lake sunrise/sunset on a trip visit to Lagoon? Worth it for a half day Lagoon/half day Salt Lake or does Lagoon really deserve a whole day?

Antelope Island is great. I usually go there once or twice a year. Just look out for the no-see-ums. They bite. 

In the summer, I can easily spend a whole day at Lagoon -- but this includes the water park, Pioneer Village, getting a funnel cake, doing repeat rides, playing at the arcade, etc., plus I usually have to go on Saturdays due to my schedule. If you get there right at opening, you can do the coasters pretty quickly (Cannibal's line builds up pretty quickly but is fast-moving; Spider, Jet Star, and Wild Mouse get long and slow; Colossus' line is fast-moving). When I'm busier with school and such, like right now, I'm also content to just go for a few hours and hit up the major coasters. Last weekend was surprisingly busy, but I suspect things will start to even out over the next few months until we hit summer. 

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So in the past year I kind of made a rule for myself...no new parks during COVID. I broke that rule on Sunday and immediately wished I didn't. 

First off...for COVID protocols the park kinda talks a big game but doesn't enforce anything at all. In most of the lines they had an employee (usually a younger one) walking around with a sign that said something like "Please Social Distance, Masks Required in Line" but there was 0 personal space at all nevermind social distancing. Id say a good 25% of the people in the lines were just wearing the masks on their chin and some didn't have one at all. Occasionally the employees would say something, but then keep walking and the person would just laugh after they walked away. 

I'm not much of a worry wart about COVID. I've traveled numerous times in the past year on planes, trains, and buses. Been to quite a few parks, ski resorts, casinos, sports games etc. I've felt slightly uncomfortable a couple times (previous top 2 times were the boardwalk in Wildwood on a Sunday and a couple lines at Hershey), but Sunday at Lagoon blew all those away. My wife was trying to get me to leave after an hour or two because she was even more uncomfortable. I know it's Utah and I should've kind of expected it to be not great, especially on a 65 degree day in full sun, but damn. If you're nervous about social distancing and that kind of stuff, I'd say don't bother with Lagoon until this is over unless it's a dead rainy day or something. Anyway, onto the park review...

At arrival I wanted to get the most anticipated ride out of the way first and headed right for Cannibal. The line stretched past the Ferris Wheel, but then I remembered that this park doesn't actually have queue lines for its rides for some reason. So the crazy looking line was only about 20 minutes and I scored the front row. I think I overanticipated this ride as it wasn't quite as great as I was expecting but it's still a really good coaster. It's extremely smooth and flowy, but not the most forceful coaster. The elevator lift and first drop were terrific. 

I wanted to ride Samurai as I've never ridden a a Top Scan before, but I walked by it as the line was very packed in and overflowing (this is one of the few rides that actually has a dedicated line). We walked past a few more rides and coasters and eventually came to the Log Flume. Not sure why, but they didn't allow single riders so I got put with another group. Layout reminded me of the old flume at SFNE with some low to the ground turns and one drop. Not a great flume but there's no such thing as a bad flume.

After visiting the village and checking out a few barns and museums in the quiet back of the park, we headed back towards the madhouse front of the park, past a closed Wicked (which I was looking forward to but knew it was unlikely to be open) and got in line for Colossus. Running two trains and they run Knoebels style dispatches, so it wasn't even 10 minutes from the entrance to sitting down. Good classic Schwarzkopf with pretty forceful loops and good helixes. Wish there were more of these coasters around.

Continued on to Spider which had a line out the entrance path and unfortunately this line crawled. Pretty good ride though with a long layout and decent amount of spinning. Very tight and uncomfortable legroom, and I'm only 5'8". 

Passed up the long line for the standard Wild Mouse, but couldn't pass up a ride on Rock-o-Plane. This thing was a mashup between a Skydiver and a Zipper and thankfully allowed single riders (although it was a tight squeeze for me) as my wife wouldn't go near the thing. I almost made myself hurl before it even started because it's super easy to get flipping and it can flip very fast. If i were still 15 I could've ridden this over and over but after 1 ride I was seeing stars. Loved it though, Knoebels should get one of these.

Headed for Roller Coaster next which was running two trains and also had a very fast crew. Thought I scored by ending up with the back seat but they mandate two riders in the back so I had to switch with a pair in the middle of the train. This place is bizarre. Anyway, for a 100 year old coaster it is super smooth. Not a ton of airtime but a perfectly acceptable family classic.

We stopped at the Biergarten for lunch which was very good, although it had me longing for BGW. Definitely one of the better park lunches I've ever had. 

Headed back in Cannibal's direction, past a broken down Samurai but got distracted when it started testing, so I got out of line to go wait by the entrance. Unfortunately after 15 minutes or so an op came down to tell the growing line that it wouldn't be opening. Big bummer that I missed this and Wicked as they were among the top things I was looking forward to.

Finished up the day with the spinning car Ferris Wheel, which was unique for sure and had some great views. The line was over 20 minutes but they were only loading 8 cars out of 40+ which was kinda lousy.

Had to pass up on the Jet Star as my wife didn't want to wait in any more lines and they don't allow single riders. Ended up passing up the family coasters as well and eventually just made our way out of the park. With the park doing 0 enforcement of their policies, we just didn't want to be there any more. Definitely mad at myself for breaking my own rule and putting a bad taste in my mouth at a park I've never been to before. But a little more enforcement on their behalf would go a long way. Looking forward to going back some day and getting a better experience.

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People are generally over it and even parks that did a great job with covid protocols last summer are struggling now. The data coming out now is highlighting just how insanely rare outdoor transmission is with even incredibly left-leaning publications calling for an end to outdoor mask mandates (and I'm someone who is generally very pro-mask but data is data) but if that doesn't put you at-ease then I would not recommend that you visit a park right now. Most parks don't have enough staff to enforce this and compliance is going to get worse every day from here-on-out.

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^^Thanks for the TR. I really think at this point most of us visiting parks have to assume that there will be very little Covid compliance and we have to make our own choices. We're fully vaccinated, wear our masks, and distance as best we can from others. I'll be pretty comfortable visiting parks this summer but I totally understand people who aren't. 

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I'm vaccinated so I'm not at all worried about myself, just seems like a false sense of security for people who aren't vaccinated to read the FAQ on the website and then have none of it enforced in the park.

Idk, maybe I just enjoyed the year of not having people breathing on me lol. Plus I live in the only state in the country that still thinks amusement parks are still unsafe regardless of Covid rules so I might be kind of jaded by the hysteria around here.

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