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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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It looks so barren on the hills behind all this awesomeness. I do not know Idaho that well,

but do the hills get really green at all during spring and/or summer? Just asking, thanks.


Normally the mountains get quite green on north-facing slopes, at higher altitudes up to a point, and near the rivers. They are usually quite pleasant to look at. However, this winter has been the driest I've ever seen. Normally there would be snow covering all those "hills" (It's actually a huge mountain range) at this time of year.

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Nice photo! Now here's the other 2 taken by SuperDude123 from Lagoon is fun. More supports up, they are almost ready to finish this, also it has been confirmed that a type of facade on the entrance to the brake run, as it is now fully enclosed. Only a few more pieces and supports left, and Cannibal will be done! (in terms of track). Anyway, enjoy!



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While I do appreciate sharing the pics around if they're not where I originally posted them please credit the source.


And for the question right above me. The very top section that houses the motors and other jazz that controls the lift has a small crane in there that can reach out the garage door and lower a line all the way to the ground for replacing parts

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The park keeps saying that the ride will have 3 inversions, but shouldn't there be 4?


Has the secret element been released yet?

The secret element is the special helix over the waterfall. It's a inline twist to the left, then it immediately turns to the right. And there's only 3 Inversions. The Immelman loop, diving loop, and special inline twist element.

The switchback double barrel rolls (or whatever it will be called) technically was announced with the ride in the renderings. I believe it most likely would be something else, but we will know soon enough.


Also, it should be considered two inversions, so four all together. Because it does invert you two times on it (as relation to the renderings.)

Inversions in Order are: "Inverted Loop", "Diving Loop", and the Switchback Barrel Roll (Not Rolls) are Each an Individual Inversion. With the Switchback Barrel Roll, you bank beyond 90 Degrees to the Left, then shift to the Right through the Barrel Roll. The Secret Element is the LSM Launch behind the Waterfall.


Probably a dumb question, but what's the deal with the garage door at the very top just above the drop? I hadn't noticed it there before.
The Garage Door is for Access to the Winch Motors for the Elevator and Crane for Inside the Shaft.
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Guess what? It's DONE! (Well, the track is, anyway, except for 1 piece at the very end removed for accesibility into the inner area of the ride), but they still have theming, landscaping, and quite a bit of asphalt to lay for the new pathways to get to the ride, But in terms of the track, only the last piece at the bottom of the brake run needs to be installed. Also, a close-up of the cool features on the back of the waterfall, and a look up the tower from the bottom of the drop. Courtesy of SuperDude123 from LIF. Enjoy!!




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