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The Seventh Flag -- an RCT2 Adventure

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    • Wooden Coaster
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    • Intamin Hyper
    • Flat Rides
    • More Themeing

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This will be the start of a park created at the turn of the century -- the 31st century. The story:


In 2009, Six Flags purchased a gigantic plot of land in the Great Plains. However, Six Flags went bankrupt the next day (presumably because of the puerchase.) Its parks were sold off and the huge plot of land, zoned for an amusement park, was left to nature. In 2025, the full-scale mining of asteroids, the discovery of cold fusion, and the invention of a petroleum substitute caused money to become useless. There was finally peace on earth. In 2051, a new form of entertainment called "brain stim" took off and made all other forms of entertainment obsolete. With nobody showing up, over two hundred amusement parks quietly closed their doors forever. The coasters were scrapped, and people forgot about the concept of a physical amusement park. The years flew by, and almost everybody left Earth for other planets. By the 2700's, the only people on Earth were teenagers and children. They wandered the planet, enjoying the unpolluted air and the signs of days when Earth was the only habitable planet. In 2099, one group found, in the middle of what was America, a huge plot of land surrounded by a rusting chain-link fence. Inside, a forest had grown and covered about a quarter of the plot. In the center of the forest, a stainless steel billboard displayed an advertisement. In the center of the billboard was a picture of an old man wearing square glasses. Underneath were two words, "It's Playtime!" To the left of the man was "Coming soon..." and to the right, "Six Flags Great Plains." One teenager used his handheld library to look up "Six Flags." When the search finished, he looked at the various diagrams and told the others. The teenagers decided that the concept of the amusement park should be tried once more. The rest of the year was spent constructing a Boomerang. On December 31, 2099, the finishing touches were put on the coaster and at midnight, the park opened its doors.


In the year 3000, the last amusement park was built. The teenagers named it in honor of the company who, almost a millennium before, had bought the land. The name: "The Seventh Flag."


What will the future hold for this park? We will follow the park for as many years as deemed necessary, and see what takes shape.


(Now how's THAT for an intro?)

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The "ultimate" boomerang had a 25 foot tall helix before the chain, a sidewinder, loop, and corkscrew, and was screwed up. BTW, I took the liberty of reversing the sidewinders on the boomerang. It now looks REALLY screwed up. Vekomaland is Almost done! Oh, and here's...




THe teens got plenty of riders for their boomerang, but decided to branch out... into... a custom SLC. *mass groan* called... wait for it...





Here it is, in all its glory. Based off Jubilee Deathmachine. Thanks go to Son of Beast Trainer for making this rideable.


Here's the Abnormal Boomerang. Is it a Boomerang? Vote here!

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Hey there timetrial3141592, that is one interesting lead in. I instantly thought of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the robot chicken from the future, have you seen it? I am definetly going to follow this park. It looks really good by the way, I esp like the new take on the old boomerang.

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It's that time again... (The first section of the park will not have much themeing, as it is themed to Vekoma coasters.)




With Boomerang and Expedition OW! running smoothly, the kids watched their park grow. In 3002, the park had not changed one bit, but this year the owners decided to add two new coasters. For the kids, there is a Vekoma Roller Skater, and for the thrill seekers, TorNado. TorNado is a Vekoma multi-looper, with: 1 Butterfly, 1 Boomerang, 1 Vertical Loop, a double corkscrew, a sidewinder, and a single corkscrew. Using special trains, the teens got around the roughness: a magnetic field kept the head from banging into the restraints.


And here's all four Vekomas!


As you can see, TorNado's first drop entwines with OW!


For the kids!


Here's the Multi-Looper.

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Outside the wall, a large area of forest was cleared. In its place now stands a monster of a coaster. From the top of the 155-foot lift to the final helix, this ride is about one thing. Airtime. Every hill produces ejector air, and the most sadistic drop is right after the first turnaround, where a 25-foot dip is taken at speeds in excess of 55 mph.


And here's the finish!


Another view of the twisted track.


Here's Werewolf!

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I use both SoB and 8cars.


Son of Beast:

Ride modifications

Peep modifications



Remove height limits

Fast Staff

Always sunny weather


Oh, by the way, there is an immense amount of blue and white B+M track in a field near the park. (Okay, I know B+M is gone, but it is B+M's track style.) I couldn't get any pictures, but there has been a press release:

In 3006, The Seventh Flag, the "amusement park" that recalls the dark ages of the 21st century, will complete a steel coaster that does not loop. It will have almost as much airtime as Werewolf. To complement it, there will be a looping coaster right next to it. The thrills never stop at The Seventh Flag!


Now I read this and thought it was full of BS. But when the two huge station buildings were complete, I was amazed at them.





The blue coaster has become a B+M-style hyper with Intamin-like airtime and 4-across trains. The white coaster was not named, but a "naming contest" ended with the coaster being named "Gorgoldand's Gauntlet" after an article in an ancient magazine called Dragon. Right before opening, the entire track was painted gold. I got into my time machine, went to check this out, and got lots of pictures.


The coaster is named and painted!


The helix after the MCBR.


Here's the looper's finale!


About 1 hour after the lift was completed.


This is what is inside the station.


The looping coaster's lift is done! (They were working very hard. In a few hours, the coaster was complete.)


The out-and-back course, post-dogleg.


Here's the first Helix of Death. It is the turnaround.


Here's the finale again. Yes, it dives through the station.


Here's Delphi's twisted finale.

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Ok, you need to stop adding more coasters to this park, and theme the ones that are in there already. Don't make the queue lines so long, but instead make them to where they will almost fill up, that way the guests aren't walking aimlessly through empty queues. Theming is key. It makes the entire ride a whole lot better. Spend some time adding detail to the existing rides, and your park will be a ton better.

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I will theme Gorgoldand and Delphi. Werewolf's theming is the woods, Vekomaland will NEVER be themed (Vekomas never seem to be themed), and Mt. Terrain Looper (I had to put it in. It's a tradition to put a Schwarzkopf terrain looper in a certain corner of this workbench.) is themed with wooden-coaster supports. Gorgoldand will probably have buildings and fiery things to dive around and through. Any suggestions on Delphi? I could rename it. I am adding flats, and will not get new coasters anytime soon. (I have kinda exhausted my "arms race" to continually top myself in coaster design.) BTW, Gorgoldand's Gauntlet is the name of an adventure in Dungeon magazine. "Gorgoldand" is an anagram of "gold dragon."

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Well, it's been a busy year at The Seventh Flag. Gorgoldand was themed, several flatrides and a go-kart course were added, and two coasters were discovered. (I created them earlier and forgot to post them. Woe is me...)


Anyhoo, on with the pics!


This popped up in my park.


Here is an overview of the park.


Here is the other half of the Go-Karts.


A Round-Up and a Chaos.


Flat Rides! A carousel, a Chance Double Inversion, a Tilt-a-Whirl, and a Hell-Raiser.


Here is the Looper and the go-karts.


Here is the "outside" part.


Escape from Vekomaland is a suspended coaster by Vekoma.


An overview of the (themed) Gorgoldand.


Here is the castle dive.


The helix after the MCBR.


Here, again, are the endless buildings that Gorgoldand dives through.


Here is the Triple Element section: Acid, Fire, and Water.


The corkscrew wall-dodge and the castle dive are very popular.


Here is the themeing on Gorgoldand.

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