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Photo TR: Entire State of Kentucky

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Hey guys I FINALLY just got home after a long day (re: I departed my house and arrived back home pretty much exactly 24 hrs apart..) and while the photos are uploading, I'll just throw out some brief notes:


- I left too early, I totally fo

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Rumbler was great!.


My legs were too long for the Looping Star.


Wild mouse wrenched my knees, but was great fun!


I agree, T2 is a great Vekoma SLC!!!!


Get to Beech Bend to experience the Rumbler!!!!


Anything for a credit!


Mr Jones, the park owner, soaking in the accolades! Being from South Kentucky I was happy to see a world class a ride come to my neck of the woods.


A very happy Beech Bend PR person. My thanks to Beech Bend for a great day. Family run parks are great!


First run of the day pulling into the station. High fives all around!


I feel safe when a GCI person is riding their creation!


The ribbon cutting. Great to see the RCCGB crew on hand!

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Your reports always entertain. T2 beat the hell out of me on my one and only ride, but maybe they sprayed some WD40 on it or tightened some bolts or something. Thunder Run is a great woodie (and Hurler did run like that at one point, very briefly), and I remember Chang as actually being fun, but perhaps it has not aged well.



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OoOoOo... Chang looks awesome with the "lighter blue" supports! The Medusa scheme is awful and should have never been replicated.


Is this the third different paintscheme this thing's had?


Anyways, cool TR. Never been to Kentucky so this is all new to me.

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"$11 for a large Coke and a slice"


Is Kentucky Algonquin for "rip-off pizza joints"?

Tell 'em to put in Little Caesars - $5 for a large pizza (with the corresponding quality, natch).


A $5 large would turn into a $25 large at a theme park.

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T2 wasn't the SLC prototype. That wonderful honor goes to El Condor, which I rode back in October.


Without a boubt, El Condor was the worst coaster I have been on, and maybe the first that I would never go on if given another chance.



Goliath @ Walibi World, on the other hand......





Anyway, looks like you had a good time (save the flat tire). I hope to visit Beech Bend, SFKK, Holiday World, and PKI on the way to/from our family's lakehouse in Michigan this year, so all of these Beech Bend/Holiday World TRs are getting me pumped up about it.

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^ I knew it wasn't the first, but I am pretty sure it and Condor are identical whereas later models were slightly changed. So, yeah... still kinda crappy in that SLC way. I hope you do make it to Beech Bend this year. Though I don't know if I'd want to drop the $24 on a full day's admission, perhaps you can get the "after 5" deal or whatever time they start selling reduced passes.


Oh, wait. Beech Bend is the greatest park in the world, please spend as much money as you can there.


- Joe

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