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Blue Streak Challange.

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I will be in the Blue Streak challange at Conneaut Lake Park this year and I need $300 to perticapate. The challange is not the Blue Streak its geting the money. So I was wondering if anyone here would help me and the Blue Streak out.


Checks written out to Conneaut lake Institute Inc.


You can mail the checks to me at


Ken Jones

P.O. box 1221

hermitage, pa 16148


And I need the money before June 12.


I also need your name, Phone number and your address



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what's the blue streak challenge? and with all due respect,s eeing as you only have 16 posts, I see youre not exactly a community veteran, so dont be surprised if people are less than willing to give someone they dont know and have barely spoken to free money, for a cause that my or may not be true.


I belive your intentions are pure, I just think that youre expecting people to trust you a little bit too much.

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No offense, but I would try some other way of getting the money before asking for donations for the Blue Streak Challenge. FLIPDUDE is right, very few, if any people, will be willing to give you money, especially people who don't know you. Try getting a job to get money, it is more rewarding and its what most people do, including me, to get their money instead of bumming off of people. Please take my post as advice, and good luck!

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You must not be real coaster fans, I am just trying to help the bluestreak out and this event helps keep it alive because the park is having trouble paying for repairs these days. And I do have a job at conneaut Lake Park which I am trying to help out with this event.

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The Blue Streak Challenge is indeed a real event. It is a fundraiser to raise money for the Blue Streak roller coaster at Conneault Lake Park. Here is a link for information on the event:




While it is commendable to participate in charitable events, posting something on a public forum to ask for donations may not be the right course of action. It arouses suspicion. Not including a name to your address makes things even more suspect. Perhaps a better course of action would be to e-mail Robb or Elissa about this and obtain their approval to ask for donations. I'm sure if Robb or Elissa posted something like, "Hey guys, this is a good idea. We should support him!" you would get a better response. We have had several charitable events that Elissa has posted and they have had a good response.

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