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El Toro Media Day...?

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I was just curious if anyone knew whether TPR members would be invited to the El Toro Media Day? I would assume, since we get invited to so many others. It'd be nice since it's one I could actually attend.


G " Your El Toro Media Day Trip Coordinator" Money

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Awesome! Finally, I might be able to give something back to TPR by covering the media day.








<--------Hey, check it out! Triple 31s! Cool! That only happens like once in a millenia!!!

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Probably be pushed back because of rain and mud.


If I remember right, before a ride can open, it has to run 200 cycles with out any errors/breakdowns before open to the public. Chances are this would be more since it's a brand new ride.

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I heard May 8th and saw it on the website too. Without problems it will be good to go for Memorial Day weekend, just like I thought it should have been open for in the first place. It would be crazy to not have it for such a busy weekend when the season really gets rolling.

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I'll be there on the 18th. I'll get pics. Oh, If you PM'ed me about meeting up that day. Please PM me again. I was an idiot and erased all my messages as well as your phone numbers to get in touch with you.


Craig, if your looking at this. I accidentally deleted yours as well. Please PM me.

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