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Controversial Coasters!

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I think this thread was dead for 5 years because it is a stupid question.

My mom told me there is no such thing as a stupid question...but there are stupid answers.


Oh yeah and to answer the stupid question, 6 years later beyond a shadow of a doubt...


Intimidator 305!

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I guess you can say its controversial, Great Adventure's Batman and Robin.


Opened....closed.....something happened...took out an element....opened as a much more pleasurable riding experience....closed....dismantled with no new owner.


I think it opened as a much more pleasurable riding experience after the lapbar retrofit. The removal of the zero-g rolls was IMO horrible.


Was Chiller scrapped or is it sitting around somewhere (hopefully not just rusting away)?

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From dictionary.com:


con·tro·ver·sy   /ˈkɒntrəˌvɜrsi; Brit. also kənˈtrɒvərsi/ Show Spelled

[kon-truh-vur-see; Brit. also kuhn-trov-er-see] Show IPA


–noun, plural -sies.

1. a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.

2. contention, strife, or argument.


Why did i immediately associate this word with Prowler and it's ultra-devoted fanboys?


I mean how much mass debate has been going on about that coaster?

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The year PGA opened Stealth and SFMW opened Medusa with both parks claiming to be opening the first flying coaster


How exactly is Medusa a flying coaster?


Besides, neither of them was the first. This was.




I don't know how Medusa is a flying coaster or how it was the first since Medusa had opened at SFGAdv the prior year but that is how they advertised it, they even flew a plane with a banner over PGA on Stealths opening day stating Medusa as the worlds first flying coaster

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Pretty much anything they build at Alton Towers seems to be controversial.


I completely agree with you! The coasters at Alton have height restrictions and even in Nemesis case are dug into the ground. I think the reason that the public complain is that Alton Towers is in the middle of a forest in a country area. So the locals may just be moody people who don't like coasters.

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The commercial for Six Flags I found pretty controversial.

Just watch and you will see why


That is not a Six flags commercial, that is a Six Flags commercial dreadfully sent through a video editor by an amateur.


is the real commercial the video was made from.
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Has anyone ever heard of the "Wild Wind" roller coasters?


I live near Playland Park in Rye, NY. And in 2000 they had this coaster fully constructed. Right when it was about to open, they tore it down. After searching it on RCDB, I found that it was moved to Keansburg Amusement Park and then to Motor World in Virginia Beach. It never opened in ANY of the 3 parks and was most likely scrapped. G forces found in testing were too extreme.


Apparently only four were ever built. One was the one I mentioned above, another went to a park in South Korea who also never opened it and then it was moved to Fill Land (also in South Korea) where it still operates today.


Another went to Tunisia where it still operates, and another is currently operating in Venezuela. I guess the standards are not as high in these countries as they are in the United States (although one South Korean park built it and never opened it).


The real kicker, is that they are still being sold by Interpark.


Here is a link to the brochure which is in Italian but has some great pictures of this sick looking death machine.


And here is the "Wild Wind Strengths" page.


The only operating model that has photos on RCDB is the one in Tunisia (The Middle East).


The Sidewinder is hidden in this shot so this doesn't look so bad.


Look at this death element. lol


Here are some photos from the manufacturers web site.





... and here is a video. It's a short ride, but apparently either the Sidewinder, the Helix or both create extremely unsafe G forces.




Because of the bad press this had at my home park, I've always been interested in the Wild Wind coasters. I can't think of any other model that found itself at 8 different parks and half of them never even saw one rider.


There were some traveling versions as well, but I can't find any information on them.

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Ever since I was a kid, I have always envisioned a junior/kiddie coaster (top height somewhere between 15-30ft) with some sort of inversion in the mix! And what do you know, here's one right in front of me...and it looks mechanically devastating! lol

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