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ATTN: May 5th is No Pants Day!

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Well, I dunno...it's also my friend Alex's birthday (and he's coming up), and I don't want my you-know-what to accidentally stick through my boxers and scar him for life...


Har har har.


Just remember...


WHen shopping for boxers, look for the button!




One day, it may save you from a VERY painful experience involving a zipper...

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I need some advice; I go to a military school in Oakland and I really want to celebrate "No Pants Day". Do you guys think i should show up in my uniform or with well, no pants?

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^Don't roll your eyes V2-dude, and go for it! That's of course assuming you want to get your Ass Kicked back to "Public" school!


For everyone else, you should be able to get away with dropping your pants on that day, just tell everyone that your celebrating Cinco de Mayo! (That way people will smile and assume that you've overindulged on one to many Margaritas)

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i almost got a referal at school for celebrating it, but when i got in the office i showed them the site and my counceler just started laughing. And said its fine as long as i dont do it again, technicly boxers are like swimtrunks, as far as he thinks.

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