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Siam Park - Waterpark in the Canary Islands

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Here´s the latests press release of the park that arrived today


Siam Park´s first surf clinic


Clayton Mark Niennaber, South Africa national coach in France, Brasil and USA championships, give surf lessons for 20 surfers.







There was a surf session organised by Billabong and Siam Park on October 20th. Surfers who wanted to test the Clayton surf boards at Siam Beach received two 40 minute surf sessions of both left and right waves and surf lessons from Clayton Mark Niennaber, the 34 year old who helped 20 surfers from Tenerife develop their surf skills.


His innovative technique has influenced teaching methods, showing both basic and intermediate levels. Surfers took full advantage of every shape and form of the waves especially for the surf session.


The most up-to-date teaching techniques were used and the participants communicated constantly with the instructor by using a helmet equipped with speakers. This way the information given to the surfer by Clayton was immediate whilst the surfer is surfing, so they could correct positions and improve on the spot. Clayton believes in doing the basics well; show students how to read the wave and how the board works. He encourages correct body movement at the proper parts of the wave.


Siam Park produces 42 different types of waves, among them the highest man made wave in the world and available 365 days a year. The Wave Palace is also available for private hire by prior arrangement.


He said “I´ve surfed in a wave pool before in SA but this one was bigger and better. They are definitely getting it right. It was overhead and you could seriously smash the lip. As a training tool it is definitely invaluable, When can I go again?”



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Enjoy warm waters during winter at Siam Park



A day full of adventure and fun is possible also in the winter. Loro Parque group keeps working for the improvement of its parks quality and the comfort of their visitors launching Siam Park´s water heating system. At 24 º Celsius visitors will enjoy the newly open attractions despite low temperatures, enjoying sunbathing at Siam's white sand beach and taking pleasure in a tasty meal contemplating the wonderful views of the Wave Palace. Water is heated by the only natural gas plant of the island which keeps the water warm and reaches the company's genuine concern for the protection the environment.


Siam Park shows care for the comfort of the whole family in its exclusive adventurous attractions. Its sunny beach, with exotic views of the wave palace and La Gomera Island, the relaxing sensations to be found in the waters of the lazy river also benefit from the 24 º temperatures that provide a warm feeling to all visitors. Water through out the park is constantly renewed to ensure its purity, as well as the health of the swimmers, making them feel just like fish in the water. Once out of the water, swimmers may indulge themselves by relaxing into the expert hands of Siam Park masseuses (at the floating market).


A great chance to enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures of south Tenerife, surrounded by beauty and adventure, that will make a day at the park one of the most special days of the year.

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I just found this thread today and it took me more than an hour to sift through the whole construction process (the burned slide!) and I can't find any words to describe my attitude towards this.


Maybe "wow", but that seems a little to generic.

This is what waterparks should be like.


Lincow, thank you SO much for all of the updates with construction and operations! Quick question, do you know anything about the two proposed coasters that are supposed to be built in a few years? I wouldn't be surprised if that gets pushed back a year or two.



Thank you!


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WOW, I wold never thought someone would give as much detail about a coaster so soon...

The way he described the 2nd coaster felt more of a flying coaster and not inverted.


Anyways this place is cool and if they do keep expanding, it will me on top of my list to visit

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Dunno if anyones still interested, but I grabbed a few photos whilst I was there on Boxing day just incase...










Cute Seals just inside!






For the 'lazy river', you could float round peacefully or take a detour to the lift hill, which took you down the 'Crazy River', and joined back onto the lazy river.





^ Top of lift.



^ The top section before the Crazy bit.





And the crazy bit itsself. I think this is badly designed for the large inflatable rings that travel down it (even the 2 person ones are allowed!). I bashed my heels a few times on the rocks. Meh, It's good fun I guess!





Your typical slides. At least these have the decency to use rings rather than be body slides though. They were actually really fast and intense too.




Family slide using those boat things that resemble small paddling pools (with sides and a floor). We had 4 fully grown adults in ours so it was insane!



We then wandered over to the beach, which had a pretty cool wave pool.










^ The beach from 'Tower of Terror', the parks Kamikazi style slide.



Talking of Tower of Terror, here it is!




I don't usually bother with these, due to them being more uncomfortable than enjoyable. However, this one had a cool underwater bit, where the tube turned to a fully enclosed one before shooting through an aquarium!





Does anyone else thing this is a safety issue? The hole is tiny... what would happen if you sat up? I know they tell you not to, but surely some idiot is going to do it... I'm expecting an accident on this tbh.



Meh, it's cool though!


There is a large tube under the Tower of Terror one, which is part of the Lazy River that also travelles through the aquarium.



^ A reflection of me and mother, along with a blurred view of both tubes.




This is unusual, as these slides usually end in a long tube, rather than a pool. It's funny watching people get up from the water, gasping for breath and looking completely rough. haha!




The park also had funnels - two for capacity reasons. These were good as they used rings, rather than being a body slide (i've ridden the body slide variation of this and it's not very fun... you just get sprayed in the face).





Typical racers...






These stepping stones were a nice touch.





Kiddie area...



See thorpe, you don't need EVERYTHING to be teal!



More kiddie stuff...





The back view of my two favourite slides, Dragon and Vulcano. Both of which use the fab 4-people-rings. Vulcano is basically a giant funnel, but enclosed, and with airtime!



Dragon has the better theming, though!




It's actually HUGE.





So. I'll finish this rushed trip report with my favourite picture of the day (well, the 20 minutes that I had the camera out of the locker!).







Happy new year .



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Awesome trip report - it's nice to finally get a 'genuine' report and pics from someone who's actually visited the park as a paying customer, rather than someone who's been following construction. (Although thanks for all the really great construction updates too!) The park looks stunning - will have to check it out one day.


You make a good point about the Tower of Power slide having a narrow tube - what if someone didn't adopt the correct riding position and sat-up? I never really considered that safety aspect before, but now that you mention it, it does seem a little over-looked...

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Great photos of the construction!! It is interesting to follow the progress of the park!!


Jake I'm so jealous! You got some really good shots of the park!! I saw the commercial the other day. It's nice to see what the park looks like!! Not just on TV!!


Glad you had a great time!!

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Great pictures.


Although this waterpark looks extremely cool and well themed, I'm not considering a trip to the Canaries yet. There is just not enough other things to do over there except for hanging out on the beach.

If however they would included coasters over there, I'll be there

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Siam Park reached its hundred days opened on Christmas and celebrates its success





Siam Park celebrated Christmas at the same time that reached its hundred days opened since its inauguration last September, with a very positive balance. The most spectacular theme park with water attractions of Europe closed this first period with the clear objective of offering fun and high quality services, as well as protecting the environment with the latest technology developments, like the first and only Natural Gas plant in the Canary Islands that is used to heat the park´s water. This great achievement means warm water at 24ºC the whole year and minimizes the impact on the environment by the emission of 70% less poisonous gas to the atmosphere.


The park has been visited by thousands of people from all over the planet during this first hundred days, being worth mentioning distinguished visitors like Her Royal highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Princess of Thailand, Begum Inaara, several director of the the most important touroperators of the world; Paul Scholes, Manchester united player among others. There are hundreds of congratulation notes where is showed the liking and satisfaction of the visitors in Siam Park´s web site www.siampark.net and in all the blogs dedicated to the park that come up everyday in internet.


Siam Park has attracted the attention of several national and international mass media, like outstanding news, tv programmes and illustrated reports prestigious publications of England, Germany, Russia, Norway, Cuba, Italy, Scotland, USA, France and Spain among others nationalities. “El Viajero”, supplement of the newspaper “El País”, presented Siam Park with the headline “Human torpedos at the giant slide – Siam Park, a new waterpark in the south of Tenerife thought big” , “The Independent” placed Siam Park among the top 5 Europe´s theme parks, like number 1 and The Times said in one word “Spectacular”.


The most popular attractions have been The Dragon and the Tower of Power, the surprise of finding the whitest beach of Canary islands stands out, plus the Wave Palace are all the most desired attractions for the visitors.


All the visitors have been really taken by Siam Park´s exotic settings and natural landscapes. The park has been selected to host numerous events as the Tenerife Champions Cup, Kick boxing world Championship, surf clinics, Loro Parque-siam Park cycling prize presentation, and a wide variety of successfully culture activities. Siam Park is scheduling its agenda for this year at this moment to be able to offer a new range of emotions to its visitors. The activities programmed for 2009 started last Saturday with Hawaiian Tropic beach party.






Christoph Kiessling, park´s director, has expressed his satisfaction for the number of visits until today, that proves the international interest in Siam Park and its success. With 185.000 m2, 20 millions of litres of water and all the safety measures the park combines the latest technology that has been used behind the attractions with the mystery of the ancient kingdom of Thailand, that transports visitors to far remote lands.




More information at www.siampark.net.

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That slide looks awesome. It's amazing how much the foliage around that park has grown in. Seems like I remember seeing construction pics of that place and it looked like they were building slides on a hill in a sand dune, and now it looks like a jungle! Looks like a great park.

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I think its just to make it appear that its a little more open when you go through the turns. I agree that it does seem pretty pointless and I wonder how much money it adds to the cost of the ride to provide supports and slide pieces for the Flying Saucer pieces versus just using a standard curved flume section.


That said, if it adds a bit of a thrill to the turns then it may be worth it.

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