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West Midland Safari Park UK Pic and Vid TR.

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We visited West Midland Safari Park on a warm and sunny day at the end of april 2006.


This is a very well themed family park with a great mixture of a drive through safari where you get very close to wild animals and some nice rides. You are able to feed some of the animals from your car so progress is sometimes slow as they put their heads through the window looking for food!


The giraffes seemed particularly hungry the day we visited. There are more animals to see in the walk through section of the park with a sea lion show, reptiles,fish and even free flying bats!


The rides are all very close together in a small area which is great if you have a young family as you don’t have to walk far to the next attraction. It was busy on the day of our visit but there were only short queues so re-rides were easy.All in all a very enjoyable day out and 3 more credits for us whores!!


West Midland Safari Park Video


Some Elephants to show it was a safari park


Blackfly this swing had a great pic on the bottom.


Apple Coaster


Crazy Mouse Ride


Rhino Coaster

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Very true I have to admit I Have never had wild animals come so close to us. The park is small but they are getting some sort of drop ride this year, so maybe they are going to upgrade the park a bit.

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I've whored this park out! I did enjoy it quite alot actually. I got to go on a Rollerskater atlast!


The swingy ride.. Erm.. I cant remember the name haha. The one that's called Blackfly (can't remember the make!) was actually really good. Except that the bitch ride-op STAPLED me down SO hard omg. I actually could've hit her for it. It hurt!


The Safari was ok I suppose... The animals did come really close! The Giraffes especially!


Ohh just thought. Did you go on the rapids? They were SO violent. I had to hold on cause as soon as you hit the bottom of thr drop there's a rather sharp corner =\


Haha ok watched the video!! It's ace I love it. I wanna go back there now =\ The Rhino Coaster came pretty close to the cliff lol, and that Spinning Mouse span SO much. My bad almost flew out of the car and i kept getting thrown into the bits where you put the seatbelts in! I shall call them seatbelt holders!

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