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I went to ASU (Arizona State) and majored in Computer Systems Engineering.


Why did I pick it?


1. The weather was great

2. They had a a good engineering program

3. They had a great honors program

4. Large school

5. IT WAS FREE thanks to the tuition waiver and scholarships that paid my room & board

6. Did I mention the weather?

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I attend the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (haha makes sense why i call my self uwgbdork)


I Will be graduating this december with a Degree in Political Science and Public Administration.


I came here because i have lived here all of my life and i can save some $ by living at home. I am also a graduate of the Disney College Program doing my tour of duty on the Fall advantage program of 2005

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undergrad - University of Missouri (1991)

graduate degree in special ed. - Southwest Missouri State (1993)

graduate degree in social work - Webster University (St.Louis, 1997)

graduate degree in educational administration - Webster University (2002)

currently attending Webster U. for a PhD in Education

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Undergrad: Columbia, '88 studied econ


Grad: '88-'91 Started Ph.D. program in econ at Minnesota, basically failed out


Grad: '91-'99 Started Ph.D. program in business at Pitt


Prof: '99-'01 Took asst. professorship in sport management at Tennessee


Grad: '01 Finished Ph.D. at Pitt


Prof: '01-'03 Took assistant professorship in business at Univ. of Arkansas-Monticello


School's Out: '03 Sold out to the man to come home to NYC to get a soulless job on Wall Street

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-Where do you go to college?

Tennessee Technological University


-What are you studying?

Mechanical Engineering


-What made you go there?

One of the best Engineering programs in Tennessee.

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I'm a freshman at THE Ohio State University. I haven't declared a major yet, but I know it will NOT be law, med, or engineering. Maybe education? I came here because of a scholarship (Evans Scholars, baby!) I received which was good to either OSU or Miami University (that would be the one in Ohio, not The "U"). Can't pass up free money!

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When I go to college here is my plan:


Local community college transferring to Southern Illinois University Carbondale for:

Degree: Business and Administration

Minor: Marketing


Then onto the University of Tennessee:

Masters: Business and Administration

Possibly getting my phd also but not sure yet.

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Second year student at Eberhardt-Karl-Universiät in Tübingen, Germany but starting September, I will be studying and finishing my degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire! I really cannot wait!

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I have 2 schools that I'm really hoping to go to, either would be great.

1. Michigan Tech, in state school, GREAT engineering program. The only downside is the weather... (it is WAY up north).

2. UCF (Central Florida), weather, another GREAT engineering program and I think they have (or used to have) an Internship program with Disney Imagineering .

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I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm an average student when it comes to grades. But I'm an extrodinary student with it comes to school life and envolvment.

-Pastoral Ministry


-Australia Exchange Program

-Mentor Group Captain


I'm looking at Miami University, Wright State, and Northern Kentucky University. I could always go out of state, but the tuition is usually crazy. There's just so much stuff to think about, and I don't know what I'm going to go into. The thought of studying aimlessly for something I'm not going to go into just nausiates me.


And a college close to a theme park is always a bonus...


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I would like to go to UGA and major in music, but my SAT isn't high enough (only 1630)


I had to do a HUGE double take when I saw that, cause for a minute I forgot I had taken the SAT before the writing portion was added, and I was feeling really bad about my score, lol


Hopefully, I will be able to study in a bigger city such as Stuttgart or Heidelberg next semester

I'd do just about anything to go to Stuttgart! I'm a huge fan of the musical Wicked, and the german cast in Stuttgart is absolutely AMAZING!



As for me, I'm FINALLY getting started on school. I kinda ran away and joined the circus instead of going to college, hahaha. I probably should have been going to school at the time, but I wouldn't trade the experience of working with Ringling for anything.


In the fall I'll be headed to Sam Houston State to start on a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology.


And my 21st birthday is on the third day of school on a wednesday... how much does that suck!!!

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^^More and more schools are offering Exploration programs because they are finally beginning to realize a bunch of teens just aren't ready to choose a life path. Word on the street is the average college student will change majors 3 times. I'm in OSU's exploration program, and it's pretty helpful. Miami has a similar option I know, as I was going to go there until I changed my mind in March of my senior year.


And I would just like to say that Wright State (my hometown state school) is one of the most impressive "cheap schools" I have seen. No one thinks of them, but they have a couple programs in the top 20 nationwide (including a top 3 program).

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I'd do just about anything to go to Stuttgart! I'm a huge fan of the musical Wicked, and the german cast in Stuttgart is absolutely AMAZING!


I actually study now in New Hampshire instead! haha... totally different direction than what I had initially planned! But I have heard that Wicked is a incredible production. It's quite popular, and the tickets are not too expensive for a musical (on average 60 Euros). Never did get to see it though!


Studying in Germany is quite possible for you. My university, Uni-Tuebingen (which is about an hour train from Stuttgart... I think Uni-Tueb is a much better school than Stuttgart), has almost 40 percent International students, and half of them come from the United States. Actually, this past fall, I met quite a few blokes from Texas and from Boston. You could apply online under their international program, and who knows? You might get accepted!

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Woot, I am going to the University of Texas at Arlington (Dallas area) to do a 4 + 1 program where in 5 years I graduate with a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in biomedical engineering. After that, I plan to come back to the UT Health Science Center to get my MD. I really want to become an ER doctor as I have always been into anatomy and that type of stuff. However, next year, I am going to try to transfer to the University of Central Florida in Orlando. That was my top choice school, however, my dad said I needed a scholarship that would bring the cost of attendance down to in-state tuition. I got accepted but did not get the necessary 10,000 dollar scholarship, so hopefully next year will be the year! But if I love UTA, then I will end up staying there.



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I currently go to Clemson on an athletic scholarship. I REALLY like the school, but I am so tired of swimming 500's, 1000's, and miles, waking up at 5am every day, and just generally being restricted in my social life. I can't stay at Clemson without my scholarship, so I may transfer somewhere else for the fall. I want to stay in the Southeast, so I've applied to Auburn and Alabama, and the option to go to school in Florida is always there since I would get in state tuition.


Who knows, I might stay at Clemson, it's such a great place when swimming isn't in season.

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^I'm sure a few of us on TPR will go ahead and tell you that Auburn isn't the place to go.


Clemson definitely seems like a pretty awesome place. I really wanted to go there a few years ago. But hey, if you transfer to Alabama, you won't have to root for the losing team in the football season opener at the Georgia Dome.

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^Oh hell no, Bama doesn't know what's up. (that is, unless I go there, in which case that could be a confusing game).


As for schools in the Southeast, I grew up in Gainesville, which means I have a hatred for FSU, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina (ok, I just reeeeaaallllly hate South Carolina). G-Tech would be awesome except for they don't offer my major, so that's out of the picture. Auburn and Alabama both look like schools, and football is definitely a plus for me, but I think if I go to either of them it will come down to the money. I'm just slutty like that.



Our athlete's weight room has a sign over the door that says "Did you train hard enough to beat (insert next football game)", so I used to pass by an Alabama sign every day after working out and I always kind of laughed about it since I recently applied there.


p.s. Alabama got dominated by Clemson in Men's Swimming last year. I know everybody cares a lot about that, haha....

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