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Photo TR/Video: Animal Kingdom, MGM, and Epcot in one day.

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Hey, Leanne and I were invited to hang out with Derek and Greg today as they visited 3 Walt Disney World Parks (AK, MGM, and Epcot) in one day. We did have a nice time, but we decided to never visit WDW the last weekend in April ever again. It was very, very crowded today. So if you have the urge to visit WDW that last weekend in April please be wise and go to Knoebels instead. Anyways, here are the pictures from Animal Kingdom:


Yes, there are EE coaster patches for sale.


Time to use our Fastpasses for a 2nd ride.


Little Yeti wanted to say, "Hello!"


Greg earned his EE credit today.


We noticed that Tom's mark was still a part of the Sad and Pathetic line.


Check out the new range.


Check out the new AK guide map.


Look Derek, its steam!


This is how AK looked for most of our visit today.


This is a picture of someone taking another picture. Other picture posted soon.


The Yeti stole Derek's beer.


Well that was the end of our jungle trek.


No Derek! We still have Everest to ride.


Oh no, its the Clive Barker Torture Room.


Into the lair of the birds.


I could not figure out why he rather take a picture of a wall instead of the sleeping tiger.


Should we see the bats? The answer will be revealed in one of Derek's pictures.


Let us go on a jungle trek, Derek will be our guide.


We actually only got a little wet today.


Cool, it is the "Slash & Burn Water Raft Ride."


Let us play, "Where is Derek?"


Another picture of "Derek vs the ball of dung."


They already rode the Whirl and Dark Dark Dinosaur, so we decided to go see a movie.


Hello Greg, Derek, and Leanne.


Yeah, lots of people going into AK!


The new paint job on Expedition Everest does help hide the warehouse section of the attraction.


9:00 AM in front of Animal Kingdom's parking booth. It is going to be crowded today.

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Ok onto MGM. MGM turned out to be even more crowded than AK!!!! While Tower of Terror was awesome like always, I had probably one of my worst Disney experiences ever involving Rock n Rollercoaster. Since the fastpass time was already up to 4:00 we decide to wait for the ride so Greg could get the credit. The wait time said 50 minutes, which is a while but we did have the time to burn until our Tower of Terror fastpass time. Anways, after waiting for about 70 minutes we still had a little ways to get into the ride building when the ride decided to break down. They ended up clearing the entire queue in the process. It was just handled very poorly, which is very unusual for Disney. At least Epcot cheered us up. Greg is planning on going back tomorrow morning to MGM so he can try again for the credit. Anyways onto pictures:


It is time for, "Expedition Soren"


We ran into Stefan today, he mentioned that Soren was also working today.


Where is Starship? I want Starship!!


Yeah we are at Epcot! Time for Beer and Test Track!


See, all better now!


Lucky for us two rodents sensed that we were down, so they came over and cheered us up.


MGM just sucked all the fun out of the day by this point.


I like how they said that the recording sessions were, "taking longer than expected." Themed disappointment sucks!


Speaking of crap, The Rock N Rollercoaster queue attraction.


No way we could eat at Mama Melrose's today, so we all settled for crap.

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I can't believe how packed Animal Kingdom looks. Even on days when it doesn't seem that crowded it still seems congested but those crowds looked horrible. I guess that last weekend in April crowdedness is a recent thing because on my class trip 6 years ago I was there for the last weekend in April and first 2 days in May and other than a few exceptions, the crowds were very reasonable (30 minute standby for Splash, 15 minute standby for Peter Pan are the 2 I remember).

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Ok, you may have seen the link which featured the video postcard we sent to Robb. Here is a video which features the "Behind the scenes" footage of all the work that went into making that Mission: Space video postcard. There is also some randomness as well.


The Chronicles of Derek and Greg


Chapter 5: Post Mission Space Randomness


Mission Space Randomness


Mission Space gift shop rocks!

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Ok, onto the final bunch of photos.


So maybe the rumors are true that a Harry Potter ride is coming to Epcot. Each one of these things had a H.P. sticker in them.


The green tea was very hot, so Derek used his ice to cool it down.


The guy on the left was a total moron/jerk/etc.


This guy had a lot of skill.


As always, you get a free volcano with your meal.


Yeah, back to the Japan place!


Derek tries to act like somebody we all know.


Russell Crowe was our captain as we sailed all around the world.

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I can't see the pictures on mobileTPR, but I'm kinda worried when I get home. It was great hanging out with you and Leann, Erik.

Today we had a good day at Magic Kingdom, rode everything we wanted to before leaving for Magical Express back to the airport.


Its true though that the magic is over once you leave Disney. As of 12:50 my flight on Southwest to Philly was on time, or so the text we received from them said. At 1:50 it was suddenly delayed by 2 hours. (but they still tell you to get there at the regularly scheduled departure time, just in case). Well, now its 5:30, my flight is now 2.5 hours late, was supposed to leave 40 minutes ago, they're still telling us to be at the gate just in case. :rolls eyes:


I could have spent that extra time at Disney instead of at a gate with nothing to do. In short, Disney is wonderful, Southwest is a joke and may possibly be sponsoring Rock'n' Roller Coaster, explaining its flup ups yesterday.


I'm done with Southwest, I'll fork out the extra $40 for a reserved seat and a plane that isn't already delayed 4 hours before its departure. I'll be sure to post my photos from the weekend on in this thread either tomorrow, Tuesday, Friday, or October, whenever Southwest finally gets me home.

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