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Zorb coming to Pigeon Forge.

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Zorb coming to the US. Main info about the Zorb http://www.zorb.com/main.html . It has info and a video on the media section. And the section for the new ride coming to PG is here http://www.zorb.com/smoky/index.html Click on the people there are construction photos to view, location maps and other stuff.. .

Under priceing it says wet or dry ride so there is going to be water involved.

Check out one of the construction photos of the valley the ride is going in.



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Ride? Ride my OSTR, that thing doesnt require any ocnstruciton! We had that here, in Israel, and we rarely have anything cool! you just roll down a hill.


but if they built some sort of slide for it to go in, Ig uess that owuld be wicked. but you would be spinning aorund too frantically, nay?

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OMG those human "Super Monkey Ball" spheres are fun. (We didn't have the cushioned ball, just a zip up inflatable ball. We climb inside, zip it up and someone takes a leafblower to inflate it.)




I haven't done them downhill but messing around, my friend and I did dueling hamsterballs...Afterwards, he exited his and came by and gave my ball a hard shove. I went flying, bit it, and went tumbling across the grass. I later got my revenge on him...Oh yea, 2 things: They get hot in there and don't fart in them...you'll regret it.

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Anyone else find this bit on their website funny?:


"Where the chance to mutilate yourself and die a terrible death while screaming your lungs out is replaced by the chance to partake in a totally bizarre and fun experience protected by a MASSIVE cushion of air with no chance of mutilation or death while screaming your lungs out."


Seems like a rather fun thing to do, especially the ones they have running through a trough.

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