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six flags st. louis

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at st. louis whats your favorite woodie and steel .

mine is mr.freeze and boss.


We have 2 woodies Screaming Eagle and The Boss. Comparing and choosing a favoriite one of the two, You can't ! They are in two different classes all together, and as far as the Steel coasters go, Batman is my winner!


SFSTL is in dire need of a major coaster, two or three, would definately be a mojor improvement. Another Woodie, A Hyper , and a Spinning Coaster! That would make this park a contender with, Holiday World and Chicago's Great America or even SDC and WOF for all that matters. Even with the addition this year of BBNP and the Tower of Power, still to be opened. May 19 is the scheduled date to open. BBNP rides are really to small for older adults even to ride with their children, I just dont't see being cramped in the seat very comfortable, they could of added the spinning ride like at Dells that Robb took a ride in, and would of been a better addition than the mini versions added to the park!

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I just got to ride "The Boss" for the first time last year. It was awesome, though a bit of a headbanger. I have always loved "The Screamin' Eagle" a great John Allen Classic. Mr. Freeze is good, and so is Batman (although it does have the Been-There-Done-That Factor). I really used to like the (removed) side of the silly little River King Mine Train. That was by far the better track, the side they have operating today is kinda lame. SFSL needs a "Hyper" or a "Floorless" and I would imagine by 2008 we will have one of the two on property.

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