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New coaster for 2006 "Jarvo"!

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well technically it is a new coaster but its my new coaster model lol. Its been a while since I had done a model so I started brain storming and I figured that I would do this one different than my others. I generally do the coaster on nolimits and then guestamate some of the heights because being that im using flat track, on drops the supports can be lower on nolimits than it would be w/ the then track I use. I also decided to pay more attention to accuracy and did all the supports first then laid the track and I have suscessfully constructed a coaster.


The coaster is a B&M inspired speed coaster standing at the height of 140ft and has a drop of 135ft and a top speed of 62 MPH. The ride features only 3 air time hills standing at the heights of 100, 70, and 57 ft and it also features an 88ft tall turn around (its basically half of a figure "8") that features air on the drop! The coaster also includes a 52ft tall over bank turn angled at 120 degrees and ends w/ a 585 degree uphill helix! The coaster is pretty short w/ a lenth of 2828.28 ft long. Its short because being that I was doing it a new way I didnt wanna cram w/ a huge coaster! But its still a fun coaster and sorry about the darkness of the shots!!


Oh yeah you can also see video commentary of me talking about the coaster and its brighter than the pics lol. And as a bonus I added video of 3 of my defunct coasters! Its a must download!


bonus pic!! I was actually working on a BORG assimilator but it had an "accident"


most of the layout!


a over head view of the coaster


probest the clearest shot again sorry about the darkness lol


another view of the then helix


the hills are alive!


and over view of the whole coaster


the out hill and the in hill!


close up of the end helix


The first drop is 140 ft tall and the actual drop is 135ft


the ending of the coaster


turn around again. You actually do get some air on the drop out of the turn around!


The turn around

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How fun!! I remember making a wooden coaster with balsa wood and hot glue for a school project. I think the theme of the project was to create a "model" of your life. I told the teacher the coaster represented the ups and downs in life. She totally bought it--the silly little thing. I just wanted to make a coaster.

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Sweet! I thought I was the only one here who scratch-built coaster models. I have 5 recreation models, and some secret ones in progress, an dof course my HUGE SFNE recreation which still needs some work. I'll post my photos in a seperate thread...


Stay creative!

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