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Stealth roll-back video

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Urgh....Launching backwards can't be nice, well it makes my stomach go funny on an Arrow Shuttle Loop and that launches you backwards at about 30mph, to be launched backwards at 80mph, just think of how much you'd get slammed into the restaints!

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Getting a roll back on stealth was pretty easy at first when its eventually open the 1st train with 20 riders would make it over, 2nd train wouldn’t make it then roll back as the computer couldn’t calculate the average launch speeds and weight. But a way Thorpe have done now so no roll backs happen when its opens is load the train a bit at a time so its can calculate ect. So rollbacks are going to become hard now.


I nearly got one on Bank Holliday Monday (17th April), As I knew the 2nd train wouldn't make it (hence the video), but due to everyone in the queue ahead of me went to the front row line so was forced onto the 1st train of the day


oh sorry did't know it would stream as I did't zip it oppes

Stealth Roll Back.wmv

Taken from start to finish on offload station. (2nd Train Of The Day)

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I was on the front seat of the train in the video Inferno Insane posted. It felt awesome, we were up there for what seemed like ages and the backwards drop was pretty cool too. I'm in 2 minds about Thorpe Park taking these measures, its a shame as you could predict when it would rollback and aim to get on that train, but I'm sure they will still happen occasionally, and besides you don't want it to rollback unless you're on it as it causes a delay!

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Stealth had another rollback yesterday 27 April. Sorry no video. Great video Inferno Insane, that rollback was a great feeling, I was sitting next to Alex may. I actually thought the strangest feeling of rolling back was stopping at the top and then gradually rolling backwards and and Alex said it seemed like we was up there for an eternity. They also seem to be filling the trains in a certain way now so that the 2nd train doest rollback but as soon as they get to full trains around the 8-10th train there is one that goes over really really slow or like it did yesterday rollback.

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