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Are These Two Coasters Mirror Clones?

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^Darnit, are you too darn lazy to read your previous topic on the SAME SUBJECT!?




I quote Derek, the loop fetish guy...


Hurricane is no Skull Mountain. Skull Mountain is a custom built Intamin, where Hurricane is a standard Windstorm built by S&MC/Premier. The two rides are nothing alike, share none of the same statistics, layout, or anything other than the fact that they are both roller coasters, have a lift, a drop, no inversions, and a station.
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Do not talk fresh to me! Do you know any little thing about coasters? Skull Mountain is at Six Flags Great Adventure! I was comparing the Hurricane to Runawy Mountain at Six Flags Over Texas. If you are not going to read my topics close enough, don't bother posting anything in them!


Now for people who can read, can you try and answer my question?




P.s. I am not talking about you HCOsurfer90, I am talking about Homer.

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Hello sfgoliath,


The layout of Runaway Mtn. is nearly identical to a SDC Windstorm but the ride was built by Premier.


RCDB says the ride is "inspired" by Windstorm-like designs.



RCDB.com is the complete listing of all non-travelling coasters in the world. It will get you instant answer for questions like these.


Hope this helps!

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sfgoliath... might I suggest that you take a chill pill and realize you are posting about roller coasters on an internet message board. Not ordering the nuclear bombardment of North Korea.


Anyway, while this thread is here, I've got another question related to these Windstorm-type rides.


Premier did Runaway Mtn.


But what's up with the other 3 companies who did Windstorm layout coasters? Is it just a succession of buyouts? I know S&MC was formed by members of SDC, so that explains that. But where does Zamperla fit in the whole ordeal?

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Homer may have quoted the wrong thing in regards to THIS particular question, but I did already answer this question in the other thread before this thread was even started. (Why start a thread when you already know the answer?) Did I randomly make up an answer when I said:

Coincidentally though, originally Great Adventure was supposed to have Skull Mountain be a Windstorm, but with 2 of them already so close by, the park decided to go with a different company and layout (the dissolvement of S&MC may have also been occuring at this time). Six Flags Over Texas did stay with the original Windstorm idea though, and just had Premier make their version a mirror image.

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