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Have you ever been on a coaster in the rain?

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My best riding a coaster in the rain moment would be on Millennium Force at CP back in 2007 when we were the last train out before they closed the ride due to a thunder storm, I will say it was very painful and scary.

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^^Mantis is one of the few rides at Cedar Point that will operate in a light rain shower. Granted, "rain" at Cedar Point almost always refers to complete weather armageddon, so it's still pretty rare to see it up when it's wet out.


I snagged a night ride The Beast in a fairly steady rainstorm at Haunt last year. Never has that ride flown as fast as it did that night. Completely insane experience.

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Red Devil, Ghost Town in the Sky, during a torrential rainstorm. Same day, we embarked upon the chairlift down and as soon as we crossed the third tower, experienced a spiritual moment, as lightning struck at least two trees and rain fell from the sky like a cow pissing on a flat rock. It was the most extreme thrill ride that I have ever experienced.

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I've ridden lots of coasters in the rain, but not so much recently (hmmm... I wonder why?) Most can be fun, if your dressed for it. Way back I rode Vortex at Kings Island just when a pouring/pelting rain started. I was in the front seat alone. It hurt. I rode the Beast in the snow around the same time, too That was strange but awesome!

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Yes, many times. I've been on a majority of the coasters in Southern California that operate in a rain, as well as a few others. I generally try to avoid riding anything that goes faster than about 50 MPH in the rain due to the discomfort, but sometimes I have no other choice.


The best rain ride I've had was Mystery Mine at Dollywood, as the rain really added to the atmosphere of the attraction. Thunderhead at the same park was also significantly improved by the wet tracks.


The coolest rain ride I've had was Superman: Escape from Krypton at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I rode at night, and it was very neat to see the raindrops falling while looking straight down from 400 ft (although reentry was not a pleasant experience).

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I've done several:

Medusa (SFDK, drizzly)

Roar (SFDK, pouring rain)

Invertigo (CGA, pouring rain)

Flight Deck (CGA, steady rain)


Non coasters:

Drop Tower (CGA, pouring rain spraying upward??)

Logger's Run (CGA, pouring rain...yes I did a water ride in the rain...why? YOLO!)

Flying Eagles/Flying Scooters (CGA, pouring rain...was the only rider on the ride, snapping in the rain!)

Delirium (CGA, pouring rain)


Rain really enhances the ride. As much as it stings, it is a unique experience that must be tried on every coaster!

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I haven't done many, here's all the ones I remember in chronological order.


-Big Thunder Mountain, drizzly (Disneyland Paris, Spring Break 2005)

-Giant Dipper, drizzly (SCBB, Superbowl Sunday 2009)

-Alpenexpress, pouring rain (Europa Park, August 2011)


...and the last one, where I basically went YOLO. Thankfully my 2012 visit was much nicer weather-wise!


-Atlantica Supersplash, pouring rain (Europa Park, August 2011)

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Been on quite a few rides in the rain.Wild One at SFA, my very first time riding a roller coaster in the rain, that was a fun experience.

Alpengeist at BGW was probably the second time. I remember waiting in the queue for about 15 minutes where it was just cloudy. Right as soon as we dispatched it started as a small shower. Half a lift hill later, torrential downpour. By far one of the best experinces on any roller coaster. Finally on my trip to Florida a few months ago, we happen to visit SeaWorld when it was raining. Got to ride Manta and Kraken for the first time in the rain, with walk ons for most of the day.

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My first time on Dominator at KD was the last day of the season in mostly rain with some freezing rain/sleet mixed in. Hurt a lot and my face was so red afterwards, but it was great! Also had a ride like Mike514x's but on Griffon (it may have been the same day, who knows? Was it last summer?). A drizzle when I got on was a downpour when I reached the top. Completely soaked by the drop, and it didn't let up the whole ride.

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Picture it! Sandusky 2011.


It was a monsoon in the early after noon. No rides were operating.


At least half of the parks attendance walked out the front gate while I took shelter under the overhang at the coffee shop.


Suddenly, I notice a Blue Streak train crest the lift hill. About 4 minutes later, a Blue Streak train crested with passengers.


"Let's go!" I said to my friend at the time.


We splished and splashed as we made our way to Blue Streak in the downpour. We got several front seat rides.


While in line for the last row, I happened to notice Wicked Twister launching. "Is it me, or did WT just launch?" I said.


Sure enough, Wicked Twister has reopened during the downpour.


So, after the final ride on Blue Streak, we waved goodbye to the sopping wet people standing in the closed line of Raptor, and squished our way over to Wicked Twister.


Incidentally, we got 4 or 5 "laps" on Wicked Twister by the time the rain passed.


Moral of the story: Don't be a wuss!

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