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Most Intense B&M!

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As I said, Inferno's layout ain't the best and is even pretty simple but in my opinion it's the more forceful coaster. I'm only comparing the intensity here not the layout or setting.


Not disagreeing with you at all- as I said, I haven't ridden either. I'm intrigued because Iron Wolf is among my favorite coasters... The old Paramount Vortex standups and California's Top Gun top my list of want easily over ispeeds, (meh)ga-lites and blue fires and whatever. I like unpopular opinions, usually they are right.

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Element wise: The B&M pretzel loop. That thing just pins you down.

Full course wise: B:TR and all the clones. From when you hit the bottom of the first drop until you hit the brakes, it never lets up. One of the many reasons that particular model remains one of my favorite coasters of all time

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I've ridden a few of the Batman clones, and maybe I'm just used to them, but they never quite blow me away like Alpengeist at BGW. I just got back from riding that in the front car and after that first drop, the straps of my tank top were blown off my shoulders - I thought I might loose the whole shirt on that ride!

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CGA's Flight Deck, Afterburn, and Dominator are my favorite B&M's, mainly due to their pacing. From the second the train crests the lift to when the train hits the final brakes, there are few dead spots on all these coasters. Aplengiest probably has one of the best first halves of any B&M invert, but it seems to lose all steam after the cobra roll, and ends with what is probably the slowest helix on any B&M. Afterburn, despite the giant airless hill, takes the lead, IMO.

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So far, for me, Raptor. What Raptor trims are you talking about? Are you talking about the MCBR after the cobra roll? Anyways, Raptor has some of the most intense positive G-forces at CP, in my opinion.


Mantis has high positive G's that can push the restraints down a bit after the dive loop- and I cant imagine how it would be operating like this-



Or the opening year, that first section is even more insane-looking-


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I've ridden 3 stand ups (apocalypse, green lantern and mantis) - strangely I'd put apocalypse as the only one which is somewhat rerideable - not sure if the others are just rough and painful or intense.


There are 2 which are forceful throughout - batmans at number 1 intensity, followed by nemesis which does have a few slight "pauses".


some other coasters have their moments - alpengeist, dive machines, raptor (cp), and one or two others (particularly black mamba) have magic seats!


also a +1 for nitro's helix!

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Kumba is nonstop intensity. Blew my expectations out of the water.


Following Kumba would probably be the Batman clones, the first half of Alpengeist, the batwing on Montu, and the pretzel loop on Tatsu. Most B&Ms have their moments, but aren't forceful throughout. Kumba and B:TR are certainly exceptions.

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