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Most Intense B&M!

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Batman, especially Le Vampire. Nitro's helix is crazy too. I have to do deep breathing on that to not black out. I've only been on around 10 Beemers though.



Good point. Nitro's helix actually makes me hold on. The last few times I have ridden it only ... I felt kinda eh after. I wouldn't call it a grey out, but definitely would have been if we had to go around another turn!

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I rode Mantis this year without the trims and that one gets my vote...so forceful it was painful.


I'll second that. Trimless Mantis was almost unrideable for me an the last row because of the forces in the dive loop. I regularly blacked out there, which was not fun.

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Sorry to bring back a dead thread.


I think overall Kumba has my vote. Afterburn has some fairly forceful spots like the bottom of the loop.


Most forceless would have to be Sheikra or Intimidator (unless in the back left of ether ride.

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It would have to be between the Batman clones and Iron Wolf for me. I also think that Vortex (East and West) would ride pretty similarly to Iron Wolf and CGA's Top Gun would ride pretty similarly to Batman. Those coasters would probably at the top of my most-wanted list.

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I think Mantis is pretty intense, seeing as they block brake on the drop was off the first time I rode it. I didn't like it.


Alpengeist is pretty intense too. The whole cobra roll I was plastered into my seat just bracing for the time when I could breathe again.


I don't really like forceful rides, can you tell??

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