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NEW Bubbleworks at Chessington.

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Well I must start by saying I was expecting the worst as I had heard so much about this re-vamp and none of it was good news, lots of people were saying its a 10 minute advert for Imperial Leather!


Which I have to disagree with, apart from every boat having an Imerial Leather sign on it, there was only one part of the ride which I would call an "advert", thats the little room just before the lift hill, I think its ment to be an IL factory as there must at least be a couple of hundered bottles in boxes all plastered in IL signage. One quick question, whay are there ducks everywhere? Where do ducks come in to in a Bubbleworks Factory?


If this was a brand new ride (not a re-vamp) I would probably like it! Well kids love it, I had to go on it about 6 times because of my girlfriends 4 year old brother!


The biggest difference I noticed was when I walked in the station building bit, they had removed that "fizz" smell, if you get what I mean, it smelt like bubblegum but it made my nose tingle because it was such a "fizzy" smell, and it satyed with you through out the whole ride, that to me was the most unique thing about the old Bubbleworks, but now its been replaced with a smell like shampoo, no "fizz" in it at all!!!


The impression that Chessington Website gives is that theres loads of people with clear see-through bubble heads, but no, they're just little people with massive round heads that look very stupid!


There are no jokes anymore and the Cola Coaster has been replaced by the Duck n Dive Revitaliser, WTF is that all about???


I could like this ride, but when I'm on it, I know what it has replaced, the best classic dark ride the UK had!!!!


Theres one thing they could have done to this re-vamp that I would have probably liked, they could have put real bubble machines everywhere, that would be fab, but theres not one, but there is lots of clear plastic bubbles hanging everywhere, which look like they came from a christmas tree!


Only 2 more things to mention:


This ride is situated in the Transilvania are of the park, so they re-paint the outside of the ride bright red yellow & blue, now it really fits in with transilvania!!!


I was given a questionare at the end of day as we left, just about our day in general and what we enjoyed and what could be improved and I've just had a look through it and noticed a very random question, I've virtually just copied and pasteted this section of the questionare:


Section J. Q1. Did you know about: (please tick)


Halloween Hocus Pocus

Return Ticket

Express Pass


Q2. If you are aware of the express pass, please rate:


Value for money

Simple to use

Covers all the rides I want to go on


Q3 What is the name of the company sponsoring the Bubbleworks?




So overall I "could" have liked the new Bubbleworks, but when I'm on it I just miss the old one, come back Prof Burb, please!


And now I'm just trying to imagine what AT, TP & Chessington's rides are going to be like in a few years time, have you seen the Tidal Wave this year? Plastered in Original Source advertising! Anyway this about the Bubbleworks, you been on it? What do you think about it?


That really fits in doesn't it?

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Air was chosen as the best site for the ride, as a few others weren't deemed suitable.


While the theming doesn't really correspond well with what was already there, I don't think it's quite as out of place as Bubbleworks looks.

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At least Bubbleworks sounds like it was less of a travesty than the Willy Wonka redo!!!!


AHHH!!!!! I miss Toyland Tours!!!!


It's only now that I'm really gutted I never made it through Toyland Tours.


I'd love to know which of the dark rides Tussauds has massacred the most!

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I went last saturday for my best friends birthday and i must say i enjoyed it but it doesnt have the classical feel to it anymore like it is all painted white and blue so really bright colours were as the older version was painted slightly darker.its not really a dark ride anymore because it was very bright in there.I loved the bubble machines great idea.And i agree with Martinb the smell was what made the original ride so great and the new soapy smell it just feels to clean.

So i think they ruined a classic ride and if your ever at chessie try to get on hocus pocus hall and Tomb Blaster instead of this but i reccomend going on it to see what they have done to it

here are some pics off the chessie website


Station looks really crappy


Good to see they kept some of the older stuff


Random cow

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No at least wonkers effort has a story, is a kids thing...and a new experinance...even if it's not great.

They took BW humor ripped that out, story rip that out, ripped 80% of the anomatronics out, and ruined the music it's all jumbled and cuts out.

I loved this ride it's what I grew up with and to see them destroy in this way sickens me. Why do kids care about shampoo, shower gel and soap.

It looks like a hospital all clean,sparse and well lit. They slammed ducks in everywhere and plasted IL logos on the boats, crates, walls and ruined the Fountain Finalie by well lit lighting killing the strobes. Out goes the scene by scene music and in comes a remix of various former tracks with quacks all in the wrong order. In fact somtimes thier is no music!

You will see when you ride it, how awfull and a disgrace it really is.

Please take the time to go back and enjoy a classic which was greatly shown by this website witht the review of the classic ride/pics



And below the lastest mistake at Chessington


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After riding the new rethemed bubblesworks back in March on Annual Pass day. I wasn't impress one bit and no idea why they bothered, the onride video I did below shows.


(Bit of mild bad language near the end, Just gets away with an PG-13 rating I think)


http://www.mgprouk.com/may/Bubbleworks2006.wmv (Right Click Save As)


The Only One Bubbles Machine.

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the onride video I did below shows.


Man, you just keep on stealing my thunder


Never seen that bubble machine before?


And why is that person at the top of this page saying that Chessington has bubble machines all over the park?

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