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Photo TR: The Southern Women's Show

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Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Southern Women's Show here in Nashville. We've gone every year for about the last 6 or 7 years, and we always have a good time! Before I went the first time, I thought it sounded so lame to have a women's show...like it would just be all about fashion, makeup, talking about your feelings and crap like that. But little did I know that they have some very fine "attractions" at this show! This year was no exception, with plenty of enjoyable attractions for everyone...


And finally, I leave you with an awesome piece of merchandise from the show! Thanks for reading!


These were projections on the floor that you could kick around. The whole things sounded like it should end with "brought to you by Cyberdyne Systems!" or "Seize the future with XS!" or something similarly creepy!


I turned out to be an exhibit from Nasa where they told about space exploration and the benefits on earth. If any of you have seen the Terminator 2 preshow at Universal...it was just like it! Only real and from Nasa!!!


Then woah...in the corner, we find a non-food and non-sexy bald guy based attraction!


There was also an attraction where you spun a wheel to win prizes. I got a spikey travel brush with mirror...looks perfectly "Spain sized" to me!


My personal favorite attraction at the show was the "hug a sexy bald guy with white eyebrows who's pretending to be Mr. Clean" attraction!


Wow...mom enjoyed the "iced tea with no ice" attraction so much that she developed a drinking problem!


...and there was also an "iced tea with no ice" attraction.


...there was a "fruity salsa" attraction that we both thought needed to be rehabbed into something tastier...


...there was a "red beans and rice" attraction...


There was a "grab a free miniature carton of chocolate milk" attraction...


Mom also seemed to greatly enjoy the hubcap-cooked sausage with melted cheese.


Moving on, we found the "cook food on a hubcap then serve it" attraction.


Next was the horror portion of the show...the "lady showing hairy buttcrack" attraction!!! Actually, that's not an attraction, that's a repulsion!!!


I greatly enjoyed the "free peanut butter ice cream" attraction. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to experience it a second time!


As you can see, my mom enjoyed the "pimento cheese on a cracker" attraction.


Just beyond that, there was the "pimento cheese on a cracker" attraction.


Next, we found the "pick up a free jar of pasta sauce" attraction.


Just inside the door, I stop at the "Meet Snowbird, the local weather penguin" attraction.


The Southern Women's Show! Be forewarned...if you go, go on an empty stomach!

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?::shock::? ?::shock::? ?::shock::?


Actually, I think the white eyebrows guy will bother me more for awhile here... geez.


What the heck would a guy get paid to do that to his eyebrows? ......eep.




Unless it's a very VERY good makeup job, on somewhat closer inspection....



Never mind.


(Great TR Julie! Lots of yummy-looking stuff there. And NASA too! Who could ask for anything more from a Womens Show? )

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^ Bill, they eyebrows actually looked like clown makeup or something similar.


Which begs the question...doesn't that guy look too young to be Mr. Clean? I thought Mr. Clean was older, hence the naturally white eyebrows. A guy that age wouldn't have *that* much gray hair yet! Shouldn't Mr. Clean be at least be in the 40-50 age range?



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Mr. Clean *was* wearing an earring, you just can't see it very well in the small photo.


And no, you don't have to be female to go to the show. I am very surprised that more men haven't clued in on the free food aspect of this show. Every year, we tell my dad he should go, and every year he's like "Nah, y'all go and enjoy that by yourselves" hahaha As well as the food, I came away with the pasta sauce, a ruler, the spikey brush, some pens, some wood polish cloths and some rust remover! hahaha




There's his earring

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So with the nasa exhibit was it like:




and then like, a robot arm tucks a child in and kids learn the same lesson at the same time in los angeles, miami, new york and seattle? And then the Connors hack into the system and then you say HI KIMBERLY!!!?? Cause that would be awesome.

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