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On going PTR of a day (and evening) in em0_'s life!


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I have decided to post a PTR of a day in my life.


Tonight I had nothing to do so I went outside to walk around in my socks for about 10 minutes and came back inside to chat on the TPR chat room. So far that is all I have done

Updates in 30 mins!


playin some tight japanese music!


my iPod just chillin


the TPR chat


on the way inside I saw my pops!


Me just chillin. (not the best pic of me)


A tree I saw in some persons yard


me walkin in my socks

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OK so I had nothing to do so I went to the bathroom and go on the chat. Not Exciting. There will be more excitment 2morrow when I return to school. Enjoi!

Update in 30 mins


TPR Chat!


Oh I gorgot i went outside and went to the park. Update later


for you homer!


me doing my hair


Flushin them troubles away!




pytting on my shoes to go in the bathroom (Dont ask)

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Just an FYI for other users: If you're a previously BANNED poster, and you re-register, it's best not to post pictures of yourself, especially if your appearance sticks out like a sore thumb.


Basically, if you've been banned before, there was a reason, and the TOS prohibits re-registering to bypass the ban.


We will find you. And kill you.

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