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Steel Dragon 2000


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So I was going about RCDB and I had seen that Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land is still SBNO? The ride has actually been closed longer then flashback at SFMM. I know they had an accident a LONG time ago but is that what is still keeping the ride closed?



Matt - Thought you guys might know the answer to this, its killing me.

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Yes...the Japanese are very careful and an accident like that will close that ride for a very long time. They also had an incident on their kiddie coaster last summer and that was closed for sometime as well.


Elissa "I wouldn't be surprised if it never reopened" Alvey

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^^^thanks for responding, It amazes me how long its been closed, I mean here we have a guy fly out on superman ride of steel and yet the ride opens that same season after a few light modifications.



Matt - very interesting to see what they do in the future.

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see not that I care but that just amazes me. :shock: August 23rd 2003 is a very long time. If that was the case for a coaster like that in the states we would Freak.


Is it the government that is keeping it closed or the actual amusement park itself?



Matt - Boogels my mind still.

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Neither, its the safety people. Would a park spends millions of dollars on a coaster that runs only 3 years and throw it away? No. It will probably open once people forget about it. Probably some time in the next decade.


ADMIN EDIT: Had to re-format, fix spelling errors, fix grammar errors and re-write this post to make it legible. Last warning! Don't let it happen again! - Robb

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