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Robb and Elissa's Top Coaster List!

Millennium ForceJZ

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^Er, that's the point.

CP has a lot of coasters, but not necessarily the best example of each coaster type. I'm not saying that any one park will ever have a ride collection that rediculously great.


I didn't stick by any one chain, any one designer, or even any one continent. I am not a fanboy. I think you wear your allegiances on your sleeve. Open up your mind a bit!

If you only agreed with the comparisons from other Cedar Fair parks, shame on you.


So, what did you agree with? What didn't you agree with?

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mantis, anything can beat Mean Streak and CCMR! but linear gale over WT?! Wicked Twister is myone of my favorite rides! that ride is insane! It has great floater airtime and and is just so fun! Have you ridden LG and WT?


Yea RR is probabally way better than Mantis


OMFG i hated Iron Dragon so much! it was so slow and had no force through the turns! I would deffinately prefer Vortex, or at least Top Gun at PKI (my home park)


Corscrew was a great ride for me, IMO. It was a short wait and the hill before the loop gave some good airtime!


Dondadopa over Dragster? after reading all the reviews of that ride, how could you say that? yea, the launch is good, but the roughness and all that stuff?! you might want to rethink that one


Gemini was a. ok ride. Good air on the hill, but drags around the turns...so id go with excalabur


Like i said, LOL anything can beat mean streak!


SF looks good, but Magnum is great! it give some high quality air! it is a little rough, a 3/10 in roughness


Disaster Transport was fun. what ever that is is prolly better though


Talon over Raptor? Is it that good? Now, Top Gun:TJC came close to Raptor, but yea talon looks pretty good! It comes pretty close to the ground, helixes, inversions...looks like a top knotch coaster..


and most of IYO coasters are owned by CF so w/e


But those are just my opinions


Millennium"Cear Fair Rules"ForceJZ

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^Why are you telling someone to 'rethink their opinion'?!?!?!


Seriously, this thread needs to calm down very soon.


BTW, as painful as Dodonpa might be, it hands down beats Dragster in my mind as well! Extreme Launch and the most insane moment of airtime EVER.

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HAHAHAHA Robb you are the funniest guy ever! ever thought about stand up? turtle feces! haha


thanks for the suggestions guys i will now start my quest for airtime!


and the funny thing is, the only coaster at CP i didnt go on was Blue Streak! i never even thought about it...sorry BS! hehehe BS


and so you are saying that MF's first hill it TRUE airtime in your dictionary....if so then i understand true airtime..b/c THAT WAS THE BEST FELLING I HAVE EVER HAD! ok the first time i had to hold onto the bars around me b/c it felt so..wierd! the second time i put my hands up, i was in heaven

I love the airtime you get on those B&M dive coasters

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Okay, to be brutally honest, I was a CP fanboy for the LONGEST time. Now, I think that the rides there are top notch and everything, but some of them are just not what they are hyped up to be. Ever sence I started visiting more parks, I realized how CP's coasters are not THE BEST, but still pretty good.


MF for example, a great coaster when I first rode it in 2000. I was only 10 and that was a big ride for me and I loved it! Its just so fast and smooth and graceful. Now, that being said, Im almost 16 now and I have about 80 more credits then I did back then. I have to say I still love MF, but I think other coasters like Goliath, Titan, Raging Bull and SheiKra give better rides and MF is under them in my list.


TTD, I was 13 when I rode it during opening season and i was scared to death. TTD is fun, yes, but to me its more like a ride that you can stay on over and over again and thats it. It's launch is the most intence one Ive been on so far, but that and the view are the only things I really ride it for. So compaired to other launch coasters that Ive been on, I would put it MAYBE in the top 10. Ive only been on about 15, so top ten isn't really saying much.


Now for my overall view of CP is that they focus on rides that EVERYBODY will enjoy, but still break records and draw a big crowd. Its not like they are trying to appeal to coaster enthusiasts ONLY, they want the GP to ride. I mean, how many people that visit CP on a daily basis know that KingdaKa of SROS even exist? Not many, and the fact that these rides are so tall and fast and are a giant rush the first time make guests think that they are the best rides on the planet! I think SFGAm has a better selection of coasters over CP, but CP is still my second favorite park. I hope that makes any sence to all of you!


Colin C

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Anyone want my Opinion? Well to bad! Your getting it anyway!


Dragon Kahn @ Port Aventura

Tonre De Zeus @ Parc Asterix

Stampidia @ Port Aventura

La trace du Hourragh @ Parc Asterix

Scenic Railway @ Luna Park melborne. Its Actually, not too bad.

Tornado @ Parque De Atracciones

Big thunder moutain@ DLP

Tomahawk@ Port Aventura

Spider @ Parque de atracciones

Scooby Doo Ghoster coaster@ Warner Bros Movie World.


Now that i look back on it, it is a kind of sad list.

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Funny how people want to hear top 10 lists then argue about the results. It all boils down to personal preference anyways. It's cool to hear about which coasters people rank high - - it gives me something to look forward to, especially if I agree with others on their list.

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Everyone elses list sucks! There is only one opinion that matters ... mine!


Why do you guys care if Robb ranks MF at 1 or 100. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, then you don't.


Maybe everyone should just let their own opinions reign supreme.


// MF isn't my favorite hyper coaster either ... wanna fight?

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I'm going to have to second/third/fourth/whatever the whole "CP is overrated" thing. CP had amazing rides when I first rode coasters (it was included in my first major coaster trip), but now that I've gained about 90-100 credits since, it really doesn't hold up to parks like SFGAdv, which have a much better and balanced selection in my opinion.


To me, CP's coaster selection is pretty much summed up as such - "The current height and speed record holder and/or a bunch of former height and speed record holders".


The park seriously lacks in inversions, airtime, and basically anything except tall, fast coasters. SFGAdv has much better selection.


I will say though, one thing I disagree with Robb on is Magnum. I found Magnum to have a ton of airtime, and I consider it the best ride in the park, personally. Gemini is a close second.


Anyways, my top 10, out of 137 coasters:



2. Incredible Hulk

3. SheiKra

4. Alpengeist

5. Kingda Ka (I know, it's so cheesy, but I LOVE the launch)

6. Talon

7. Expedition Everest

8. Magnum XL-200

9. Storm Runner

10. Lightning Racer


There are many others in there that I could give very honorable mentions to - particuraly, anything in the BG parks, and the Universal coasters I didn't mention. A few SFGAdv coasters are also in what would be my top 20 list.

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haha, this is kinda funny. the CP fanboy who has been on like 50 coasters is telling Robb he's wrong lol...anyway

heres my top ten

1.Millennium Force (and if its not your number one, YOUR WRONG!!! )


3.Hypersonic XLC


5.Apollo's Chariot


7.Superman: Ride of Steel (SFA)


9.Raging Bull


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wow! its so fun to read the debates on here! but i really cant fathom why anyone would fight over THEIR favorite coaster i mean come on...everyone likes something different. personally,i like dont like allot of pure speed. I like airtime,quick turns, and theming. With my minimal riding list(about 60 coasters) here's my top ten:

1.California Screamin'

2.Texas Giant

3.Viper(now defunct SFAW)



6.Road Runner Express(SFFT)

7.La Vibora(SFOT)


9.Matterhorn Bobsleds



i know it looks pathetic,but everyone likes coasters fo a different element

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See? Robb lists the Dania Beach Hurricane as 5th on his woodie list. That's saying something. But without further ado, here's my list (I've been on 37 coasters):


1. Millennium Force


What can I say? There was intense airtime on two spots and floater airtime through the entire thing. It did a fairly nice job of holding its speed throughout the entire ride and the overbanks were extremely fun.


2. Montu


Probably the most intense coaster I've ever been on. Nice floater air on the drop, the inversions are extremely intense, and it never lets up.


3. Incredible Hulk


The launch feels a LOT faster than 40 miles per hour. I can feel my hair blowing from that launch and it's always a thrill to go through that barell roll.


4. Top Thrill Dragster


I'm a sucker for the launch and the speed.


5. Batman The Ride (SFMM)


This was my first invert, and it's extremely powerful. Having FastLane on a cold January morning helps as well.


6. Dania Beach Hurricane


This is my favorite woodie. The ejector airtime, the slight roughness, the curves, everything. Robb rates it as his #5 woodie and I have to agree that it's extremely fun. I've ridden it 100 times.


7. Raptor


Another first-tier invert. As you can tell, I'm also a sucker for inverts. This is the third on my list. I love everything about it besides the brake run. Extremely intense cobra roll.


8. Sheikra


The vertical drops give great airtime, and the immelman is great. Sure, it's a short ride, but those three elements do it on this short list.


9. Revenge Of The Mummy


I rode 7 times in one day and 2 times on another trip. It's a ride that you can ride over and over again without getting bored, even though the actual coaster part is so short. Whoever said that there was no airtime was COMPLETELY wrong. Unless they were STAPELD into their lapbar, I don't see how you can miss the 3 ejector spots of airtime.


10. Gemini


I agree with Robb, it's much better than Magnum. Airtime, relentless speed, the racing aspect, everything. You want proof that it holds speed? Its fastest speed is on the ending helix.


A few coasters that didn't make it:


Kumba. It's fun but not intense. Probably #11 or #12 on my list


Dueling Dragons. I just don't see what the big fuss is about. It ends way too quickly and is a bit too forceful. Still a second-tier invert for me.


Goliath (SFMM). Again, what's the fuss? The positive G-s and the speed? I was STAPLED into my seat, so maybe that's why, but I do not recall a single spot of airtime.

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I can't believe that some people can't accept that others have opinions. Many people say that my list is stupid, but I just thank them for their opinion and move on.

Sure, I may have only been on the coasters in Florida, and while I am a really big fan of them, I am veryn open to the fact that there is something better out there.

I actually thought about this list for a while, and this is pretty much exactly how they rank for me:


1) Sheikra (The best drop sensation in the world, very scary. Plus, tons of hangtime on the immelmann)

2) Montu (Great combination of inversions. Most vertical loops on inverts are too small to be fun ...too much +G, not enough hangtime)

3) Kraken (The best Zero G Roll ever, and a great first drop)

4) The Incredible Hulk Coaster (Launching into a zero G roll is one of the most ingenious ideas ever)

5) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (My first inverting coaster, and has the best corkscrew of any coaster I've been on.. B&M corkscrews are too tight and the sensation is unpleasant, not fun)

6) Dueling Dragons Fire (Great airtime hill, and two immelmanns, which I love)

7) Kumba (The best vertical loop of any coaster I have been on... tons of hangtime)

8) Revenge of the Mummy (More airtime than I could ever dream of, not to mention the special effects)

9) Dueling Dragons Ice (Zero g roll, and a cool turnaround after the first drop)

10) Space Mountain in Florida(Nothing beats this classic ride. While I hate the rough bounciness of a woodie, I absoluterly love it when a bumpy steel coaster comes along. The bumps actually make this ride kinda fun)


Almost made it on the list:

-Dania Beach Hurricane (simply because it was the only woodie I have ever been on that was even somewhat good)



Notice a pattern?

They are all steel.

I am not a big fan of woodies.

I had Dania Beach Hurricane on there for a while, but when I rode the Mummy, it surpassed it, because it had better airtime.


See? It's my lack of interest in woodies that usually gets people angry with me. But then, it's just because I have been on 3, and two of them were complete CRAP.


Also, I dont think The Dania Beach Hurricane is anything special. And if it's one of the top woodies, then that must be saying something. (And I live about 20 minutes from it, so I would be a big fanboy of it if anyone was).

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You are the reason why I don't fear suffering any permanant paralysis or brain trauma from riding coasters excessively. Least, I think you're ok in the head, aren't you??


I must say that I throughly enjoyed reading this thread end to end. It's fascinating to see how some are so persistant with thinking one thing is the shiznit over another.


I could ride 850 coasters too and would more than likely have a list that totally doesn't resemble Rob or Elissa's. Does that make mine better or worse? Nope. Right now my all time favorite coaster is Nitro at SFGadv. Why? Because it is in my home park, Because it was my first true hyper, and because I've been to that park over one hundred times since in opened and it's NEVER been broke down when I was there.


Now I've rode coasters at many other parks such as Busch Gardens, Dourney, Hershey, All the parks in Orlando plus many others and can name atleast 5-10 coasters that have a better ride experience than my favorite but Nitro will always be special in a way those coasters aren't. At the end of the day am I expecting Nitro to be on the top of anyone's list of favorites or am I ever **SHOCKED/OUTRAGED** if it isn't? Hell no.


I've yet to seek a coaster cause someone said it was good/best thing going. I go by what my perception of the ride appears to be and I don't plan on changing. Why people can't think like that is beyond me. If anything, I want to ride coasters that I think look good yet get harsh criticism.

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